Poem: They Call It Luciferase

Very informative video about the Covid vaccines:


Lucifer seems to be a strange obsession among elites:


The Vatican named their telescope, Lucifer and now an enzyme named, Luciferase (pronounced as Lucifer-race) is in the covid vaccine? There’s an alternative injection method of the vaccine in the form of a patch, which has tiny snake-like fangs that pierce the skin like a permanent tattoo which afterwards can be scanned, (a 666 pattern is already structured within barcodes). I didn’t read the entire link below which was from a biblical perspective but I find it to be an amazingly frightening synchronicity. When factual coincidences keep piling up, it’s time to open our eyes to the pattern of truth.

“Could it also be that the barcode containing the number 666 will ultimately be merged with the Mark of the Beast and that the final mark will be a UPC/EAN type of barcode placed on all the followers of the Antichrist”

https ://endtimestruth.com/666-2/barcode-technology-666/

Predictive Programming in Jupiter Ascending (thumbprint scan and digital tattoo 1:48), they like to condition the public to accept the concept of being a scannable product:

Worldwide vaccine fails in Africa and India (watch until the end for what creepy Bill Gates says):

Secret Experimentation on Humans in the US and Guatemala via vaccines:

Why does the black community distrust vaccines? It’s not because they don’t know how to use the internet, Joe Biden

The 1940s wasn’t that long ago, They did this to innocent people then and will try to do it again.

They Call It Luciferase

Shouting at a television wall
Debating with zombies
Mind-numbing patience
here in the asylum
Double mask anal swab

Luciferase is what it’s called
They’re laughing at us
and we’re laughing along
understanding nothing.
Luciferase is a light emitting
bio-illuminating enzyme
in the mind-control infection
DNA RNA altering injection

I could shout this all day
that the “cure” is worse
than the fear-mongering
or especially Covid itself
aka the common cold/flu
Ask Newsom and Pelosi in private
That’s why their lives Never Closed
While our cities were burned beaten looted
We still haven’t opened in California.

Masks are here to stay
if They get their way
Informed consent
is about transparency
we threw our rights away
in the name of public safety
But if the public were truly informed
that the side effects of the prick
are sometimes paralysis and death
Oops too bad you can’t sue us!

Check the Vaers site
Vaccinated elderly dying
left and right
murdered again
Last time it was
Cuomo, Whitmer, Newsom
the usual demonics
who sent covid patients
to spread the pox
to most vulnerable among us
nursing homes as death camps
to inflate the phony
fear-churning tally
is pre-meditated evil.

No one dies of the flu anymore
since hospitals killed their patients
through malpractice and hatred
profited from Covid deaths
left patients to die in “the Pit”
or suffocate on forgotten ventilators
They even burned them
in body bags alive
in genocidal China.

Truthers have said this months ago
while ridiculed
labeled and censored as
“Conspiracy Theorists”
But who were the ones
who were fooled?
We Told You So!
but you laughed at and ignored us.

Wait a few years later to hear
about the side effects of:
Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson
I feel like Noah
before the flood
old and stubbornly right.
I’ll probably tell you again
what I always tell you
because I suffer no fools.

Refuse to be a lab experiment
Don’t go down without a fight.
Look up “Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment”
They’ve done this scam over and over
especially to people of color
History too often repeats.

We’re All Disposable
lab rats to them.
They call us Consumers
because They see us as cattle
sheep to trick and traffick
They think we’re a product
for Them to own
Plantation prison time again
is the NWO.

QAnon sabotaged the Truth Movement
or maybe he didn’t
discredit us all as fools
grouped with the nerdy naive
that believe in the celestial dome
The heavenly firmament—-
the goofy Flat-earthers and bigfooters.

Not all who stray from the norm are idiots.
Truth and lies can exist within the same frame
it’s a camouflaged way to disguise
to commingle lies with truth.
We have to figure out
What’s real and what’s projection
The mirror lies
backwards reflections.

Giving up the ability to discern
makes us voluntary victims.
Truth is a liberating power
not measuring intentions
that’s personal perception—-
They call it Lucifer-race
Is anybody listening?

Breaking cognitive dissonance:

Ways to refuse the vaccine:


  1. That’s very interesting about the ingredient in the vaccine called Luciferase.

    And your poem was an excellent summing up of the past year of the Covid lockdown and media propaganda.

    So true.

    And I’ve heard of the Tuskegee Experiment before.

    Very shocking and disturbing.

    And I notice Bill Gates always does his vaccine experiments over in Africa and India before he does them in the Western world.

    As if he has something against Africans and Indians.

    I think Gates is a racist eugenicist but because he goes along with the globalist agenda, his racist eugenicism is forgiven.

    Just like because Andrew Cuomo is a Democrat and not a Republican, his sexual harrassment of women is forgiven and even downright ignored by the mainstream media.

    Then there are Cuomo, Newsom and Whitmer and the governors of Pennsylvania and New Jersey who seem to hate elderly people by sending Covid patients into nursing homes.

    I recently came across an editorial for ABC News written by Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel (brother of Barack Obama advisor Rahm “We must never let a crisis go to waste” Emanuel) back in 2014 saying nobody should be allowed to live past 75 in America because they become too much of a financial burden to society and especially to systems like Medicare.

    I wonder how much of Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel’s ideas have influenced the thinking of people like Cuumo, Whitmer and Newsom.

    It’s an extremely dystopian future with people like these in charge.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I think you’re right, it seems like the eugenics program has been in place via vaccine experiments in third world countries, given to the most “disposable people”, they were treated like human lab rats. What was done to poor, black people in the US in Tuskegee and to the Guatemalans was pure evil. Generations were infected with Syphilis (their children got it too) but the mad scientists left it untreated for decades to study the effects, it’s beyond cruel! Governments aren’t trustworthy, there’s no accountability, (an apology from HRC decades later means absolutely nothing). Margaret Sanger was a racist who promoted eugenics via sterilization/abortion which I think inspired Planned Parenthood, she was HRC’s role model. Gates is always villainously smiling about the next pandemic, he gave a lecture to military about a new vaccine that could eliminate “religious fanaticism”, Islamic radicals were the targets but I think his ultimate goal might be mass atheism, humanity without a sense of spirituality…new zombie world order.

      I really hope Cuomo and Whitmer get impeached, seems like they were the worst. It seems like Whitmer paid people to keep quiet/not snitch on her. Unfortunately I think they’ll all remain in office, they’ll blame Trump as usual, get away with their crimes and even get re-elected for killing grandparents for profit.

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  2. Such a shame humans are to humans themselves. What society have we build that human is craving for control of the other humans. Oh such a chaotic world we live in.
    This post is an eye opener. Hope people understand the true value of self.

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  3. Hey there, friend! ♥ How have you been? I pray that you have been well.

    Your post is certainly troubling to say the least. As a devout Christian woman (relationship with Jesus instead of religious), I find the times we’re living in to be eerily similar to what the Bible describes as the last days. Obviously, no one knows when the return of Christ will be, but He did give us some things to be on the watch for. The key is not to live in fear. When we become afraid, we don’t trust as much in the loving care of our Father who holds us in the palm of His hands. Peace truly is priceless!

    It is just my belief but I think we are about to witness some incredible outpouring of Holy Spirit across this globe. What an amazing time that will be to see! People being set free, healed, delivered — truly joyful for the first time in a long time — if ever. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

    This whole vaccine situation is a mess. It’s hard to know what to believe sometimes. Personally, I’ve not had peace about it, but am not entirely sure why. Each person has to decide for themselves how they feel so I try to respect that. It’s just all so odd…

    Sending lots and lots of love your way. You’re a blessing! 🤗

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I hope you’re right that people will be healed and freed, the world has gotten very nihilistic and lost. I believe that good (God) is stronger than evil (devil) and will eventually win but I get weighed down with worry often, but you’re right we shouldn’t live in fear. 💖

      I’ve experienced medical negligence/misdiagnosis; the side effects of pharmaceuticals is often worse than what it cures. I’m worried that the vaccines will become mandatory for travel or work. The temperature check stations and masks seem to be here to stay, regardless of vaccination status. I miss our right to privacy.

      I think it’s very suspicious how the pandemic has been handled, and the statistics don’t add up logically, if so many were dying in over-crowded hospitals why were the nurses constantly dancing? It seems like a show, like they create crisis as a distraction.

      I respect people’s decisions about vaccines, I’m sure they believe that they’re doing the socially responsible thing. I hope the vaccines are harmless for everyone’s sake.🙏

      Sending love and hugs to you my friend💖🤗🌷You’re a blessing too🙏

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