Poem: It’s a thousand times worse (haiku in 9 excruciating variations)!

Silenced with dis-ease
skin’s a body suit of boils
witchy bitchy rash

Eczema’s from hell
It poisons you like a spell
Bad voodoo magic.

Skin flap peel torture
Wet and dry wheel of fortune
Peace comes in brief waves

Panic swell blood flood
scrape the fire bouillon skin
fingernail off clumps

Gnarled gargoyle skin
mini-mountain tops of itch
fingernails as rakes

Enemy within
Allergic to everything

caused this disaster
killed the good bugs with the bad
sunken Titanic

Threw the baby out
with the dirty bath water
nose cut out of spite

Tiny angry bumps
weepy creepy stalking hex
enemy within.


    1. It’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone, I never had it until 5 years ago, side effect of antibiotics. Western medicine is toxic :(, I’m going to try to heal it with food, cut out gluten and certain foods (everything I like to eat) :(.

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  1. OH…. I felt those torturous itches.. my thoughts are with you….. Something deep within that irritates!?…. A great poem that describes so well the skin complaint….. If this is your own.. I send you some thoughts of healing balm to soothe…. ❤ 🙏

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    1. Thank you Sue, I’m sorry that you’ve experienced this too. The itch is maddening! Yes I think the trigger was definitely stress, the anniversary of my mom’s death/family disconnect along with eating foods that trigger eczema (gluten/dairy). “Something deep within that irritates” is so very true, thank you for that healing/wise reminder. 💖

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      1. My granddaughter has started to suffer, age 10 and its got worse since Lockdown… So yes Stress is one reason…
        Myself… No rash… But itching of skin with no real cause…. Shows me those irritations in life are getting to me…
        Hope your own symptoms soon heal… and vanish.. ❤

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      2. Thank you, Sue. I’m sorry to hear that your granddaughter got eczema. It’s a pain I’d never wish on anyone. I hope she recovers soon! 💖 if it’s really bad, wet dressing her skin is soothing. My son had it too when he was 2-4yrs but it thankfully healed, but it took awhile. Food sensitivities triggered an immune response, I think it was eggs/dairy that triggered it for him. He can eat them now without a rash reaction. I believe it’s not a coincidence that food allergies and vaccines seem to show up simultaneously, (hardly anyone was allergic to peanuts decades ago before they increased the vaccine dosages).

        I’m trying to heal my flare up as naturally as possible, (avoiding steroidal treatment). I’ve heard that Dead Sea salt baths are helpful, I’ve only started trying that. I’m also using apple cider vinegar diluted with water (drink it internally and use topically on the skin). I’m taking probiotic supplements too. I will post about potential cures soon. I honestly think eczema is caused by man-made issues: antibiotics, vaccines, chemicals and stress is the worst trigger for disease.

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      3. I agree with you about allergic reactions and food additives… I hope you find relief and that the natural remedies help.. I am a great believer in herbal remedies and alternative therapies..
        I am hoping my Granddaughters flare ups too will subside.. She has taken a cushion to school as the plastic seating we think is irritating it, the flare ups come behind her knees…
        My Daughter works in hers and her partners health food store.. And she also recommended a good probiotic too to help clear her system.. I can only suggest these things as a grandmother.. Sigh.. But that was the first thing my daughter suggested for her niece…. My Sons daughter.. Many thanks again for taking time to answer and I truly hope your sea salt baths help…
        Much love

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      4. You’re welcome. My heart goes out to your precious granddaughter💖, in children it will often go away, I really hope that it heals soon! It’s good that your daughter knows about natural health products. I love ACV and coconut oil, they’ve cured all kinds of infections with no side effects. If any of my remedies helps I’ll do a update post. Hugs to you💖

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