My nemesis, Eczema: Part One + Poem

I have Eczema; a maddening, angry, relentless itch that tortures you while awake or asleep. Scratch until the skin is raw, the bumps converse and cluster together like gossiping anthill colonies flowering into erupting volcanoes of pus. The skin dries into bark-like craters, my puffed up hand looks like Freddy Krueger’s burned scar face, like a rough patch of boulders on Mars, edged with a fried egg frill of shining marmalade crystals, golden orange and red pain tears. I scrape off the scars, heart racing bleed, scab squeeze, press and absorb onto a tissue like a psychological ink-blot test. Recover from the medical horror, do it all again tomorrow, I feel like Prometheus with his forever wounds! What is eczema, this mysterious disease that has no cure? I think it’s definitely a man-made malady caused by pharmaceutical accident or intention. Making or keeping people sick equals endless profit, but actually curing people kills the pharmaceutical golden goose. They don’t want us healthy because it doesn’t benefit them.

The Cures that don’t work:

I’ve tried various steroidal prescriptions which were insanely expensive and ineffective, ($100 for a mini-travel-sized tube!) some initially worked but then made the rash much worse later. My advice is don’t use topical steroids, they’re addictive, research TSW—the rash will return a thousand worse after you stop applying the steroids.

Natural cures/products that help topically:

  • apple cider vinegar (diluted)
  • tea tree oil
  • aloe vera
  • coconut oil

It makes sense that both topical and internal methods are needed to completely detox, that’s the method I’m using to heal myself. Everyone will respond differently; eczema itself is very strange, (a product might help the eczema on your hands but not on your face), it’s an unpredictable and maddening disease.

The flare up I’m experiencing is the worst it’s ever been since I first got this condition. I have to change my entire diet again? the thought of that makes me feel depressed. I love all the foods that typically trigger eczema. ☹️

Foods to avoid:

  • wheat/gluten (why is it in everything?!)
  • dairy/eggs/cheese
  • sugar/alcohol
  • deadly nightshades (eggplant, peppers, tomatoes)
  • fried foods
  • soy? (not sure about this one)
  • seafood? (I get an instant reaction from eating especially shellfish but experts recommend eating fatty fish like salmon to heal eczema. I love salmon but am afraid of a rash forming. So confusing. 😫!

Everyone’s symptoms are different, so doing an elimination diet can help you to see what foods you’re sensitive to. I haven’t done this yet, it’s so hard for me to completely avoid all of these lovely foods!

Foods that probably help:

  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Avocado
  • Berries (especially blueberries)
  • Bone broth (but I’m a vegetarian/technically a pescatarian! Just plug my nose and drink up) 😩!
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (internally/externally)
  • Coconut oil (internally/externally)
  • Omega 3 oils from wild-caught: salmon, trout, anchovies, mackerel

Supplements that repair “leaky gut”

  • L-glutamine
  • Collagen peptides
  • Omega 3 oils
  • Aloe vera

Even doctors now admit that antibiotics are dangerously over-prescribed, I believe that many digestive diseases are caused by them, (leaky gut) autoimmune diseases are the end result.

For all of my early life I had a relatively healthy body. I had sinus allergies to pollen and dust but no food allergies. I had clear skin, thick long hair, bright white teeth; I could eat like a lumberjack (a vegetarian one) and never gain any significant weight thanks to my hyper-speed metabolism. I wasn’t ever the anorexic model-sized 0 skinny, but I was thin, strong and my body was resilient for most of my life until I hit middle age and motherhood.

My midwife (I still moderately hate her for this) had me on an antibiotic for my entire pregnancy to treat a UTI, (I could’ve cured it naturally with coconut oil!), but anyway the antibiotics gave me an ulcer, and the cure for the ulcer gave me various skin and digestive diseases which eventually caused this severe form of eczema. My son also had it when he was a toddler, I blame the vaccines and the antibiotics that he was exposed to in utero. I think eczema is the body signaling that it’s fighting a toxic overload.

All the stress soaks into me
I breathe it through my face sponge mask
I eat and drink to be
rebelliously merry and block it
But that only feeds it’s batteries
Sugar more!
Diabetes’s predictively on its way-
Bad batch bacteria says hooray!
Then the army of lumpity bumpity,
clumps advance, dance forwards
as a dooming legion to end me!
Tiny rivers of meandering molehills
Miniature Vesuvio’s plastered ooze disaster
Cataclysmic body molded into sculpture
Reject the perfectly al dente semolina!
Reject the yummy fish tacos!
Reject the spicy coconut prawns!
Forever’s a cruel word
when it’s connected to NO!
Ouch the liquid booze seeps
like stop-motion Clearasil lava
Released from its wall of blistered skin
Nurse the scar that reforms
like a Terminator
“I’ll Be Back!” It grins
bent crooked monstrous edge
or crinkled polished smooth
flesh in distress
Friendly fire internal revolt
Hell hath no fury like eczema
medieval torture spa everyday
a fortune of crystallized tears.

Moral of this gorey story, if you have to take antibiotics (which are over-prescribed! there are natural cures that work just as well without side effects) take probiotics immediately after finishing the antibiotics or you will end up like me. At least I had a relatively healthy body for about the first 40 yrs, I am grateful for that, I can’t imagine having to battle this for an entire lifetime. Some people that suffer from this are pushed to the edge and contemplate suicide, the pain is so overwhelming that I intimately understand why they’d feel so desperate.

But I’m determined to not remain Big Pharma’s victim, I’m going to change my diet to reverse what western medicine/big pharma has done to my beautiful, miraculous body. I’m going to win my health back, stuff my guts with collagen supplements, bone broth (gag yuck!) until I’m healed of this medieval torture chamber cruelty! I’ll keep you posted.

Please note that I’m not a medical professional, my advice is based on my personal experience using health advice that I’ve researched. Essentially I’m a guinea pig victim of Big pharma but I’m fighter that’s been through a hellish childhood, fuck you eczema—I’ve survived much worse! Please consult a medical professional, don’t rely on my experience only.


  1. I’m so sorry for what you’re going through, Judy.

    I didn’t know there was no cure for eczema.

    Although I have heard antibiotics are over-prescribed.

    I remember as a kid having a severe reaction to some antibiotic I was given.

    Although I never got a skin condition.

    I just became sicker than I was before I got the antibiotic.

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    1. Thanks, Christopher. I think the worst is over, I’m slowly healing. Eczema and so many diseases are brought in my western medicine, they just treat us like lab rats and profit from it. Antibiotics work but create new problems often. Once something breaks it’s hard to repair. I’m glad you’re ok, health is truly wealth.

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  2. I’ve seen commercials about eczema but they are promoting some type of drug/pharmaceutical/medicine and only touch on the symptoms. Reading first hand what you have to go through daily, wow. I hope and pray that this episode passes very soon for you.🙏🏽💖

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    1. The pharmaceutical companies care about profit even if their products don’t work or cause harm, natural cures can’t be patented so no profit for them. I was ok one day then got knocked out by it in just a day or so. It began at the beginning of March and is just now finally calmed down. I’m thankful it’s stopped. Thank you for your kindness and support❣️🙏💖


      1. Yes, the big pharmaceutical companies and their profit at all costs. I’m glad to hear that it is calming down for you. Support and kindness always, Judy 💯 ❣️🙏🏽💖

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  3. Whew! I’m glad that by the time I reached the end of the comments, you’ve gotten some relief. I wonder how much stress brings it on, if only weakening your immune system.

    I’ve had severe itching for a few years and no one can accurately diagnose it. Oregano Oil is a natural antibiotic and works wonders. I’ve also found dandelion and other detox teas, and menthol and eczema lotions temporarily relieved the itching. I am soon beginning allergy shots. Recently, my DO (who uses natural and western medicine) gave me HIST-EEZ which alleviated all symptoms. You can find it online. And, I’m in the midst of an awesome book that you may also find helpful: “Mind Over Medicine – Scientific Proof that You Can Heal Yourself” by Lissa Rankin, MD.

    With warm wishes and concern for your well-being —

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    1. Thanks for the tips! I’ll try Hist-eez. You might have eczema, there’s many different types. The kind I have is a severe form of it, (of course I’d get the rare, excruciating kind)! I’ve tried oil of oregano but wow it’s intense. I love dandelion tea, ACV, coconut oil. I’ve been trying to change my diet to cut out gluten/dairy/deadly nightshades and taking collagen, probiotics, eating cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli. I miss eating regular food, but hopefully I’ll lose weight in the process? Ha. I think disease is greatly affected by stress/diet and the awful side effect of medications :(.

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      1. Yes, my dr. originally thought the itching was eczema but thank God I did not have rare excruciating kind — just constant itching everywhere that would make you go nuts. There was also a tiny bottle of a natural substance that helped. When I find it again I’ll let you know. Hope the diet helps. I am sure reducing the stress will. 🙂

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      2. No, I don’t think so but thanks for offering up a possibility. I found the tiny bottle by the way. It’s called Eczema Control by Forces of Nature and made in Sonoma, CA. It definitely helped the itching. Hope it will help you too.💖

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  4. My husband has eczema. He uses the very basic E45 cream. It keeps the redness down and takes away the dryness. He doesn’t suffer from itching too much. Stress is his biggest trigger. So sorry you are suffering from this. I hope it improves soon.

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    1. Yes I think stress is my trigger too. I developed eczema 5 yrs ago while stressed with work and visiting family, I think my immune system was already damaged by pharmaceuticals/antibiotics and eczema was the end result. My skin feels bark/burn victim 😦 but I think the worst part of the flare up is finished. I’m glad your husband’s condition isn’t so bad. The kind I have, I think only 2% percent of the population has it. I’m trying to see it in a positive way—opportunity to change my diet/get healthier, but it’s a challenge to stay hopeful. Thanks for your emotional support. 💖

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      1. Interesting that it occurs on different parts of the body, for different people. Did you say your hands are affected most? With my husband, it’s chest, shoulders and legs.
        I asked his advice, and he said that prevention is key for him. So, for instance, he puts mositurising cream on before symptoms flare or start to show and that really helps and try to find ways to de-stress, if possible. Yes, I think stress is a huge part of it and also a compromised immune system. Please stay hopeful. Glad the worst part is over for you. Things will get better Judy.

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      2. Thank you, Sue. The worse is on my legs/calves, I’m so glad it’s gone away from my face (embarrassing). I agree it’s a compromised immune system root. I’m very stubborn and especially while stressed I rebel through eating comfort foods that trigger it. I miss eating what I like, so I sneaked eating bread + wheat gluten for several weeks straight (yummy Vietnamese sandwiches were the culprits) but the payback was this terrible flare up. It’s so mysterious, my eczema was kind of dormant (with a scarred patch on my hand and leg that never healed for several years). De-stressing is key but I’m generally an anxious person 🙂 clown world is hard for me to cope with. The pain/itch hurt so much I’ve been praying for relief and in a weird way the health crisis is making me more spiritual.

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      3. Thanks Judy. What is it about legs and eczema? Is it something about sitting down, pressure on the legs?
        I think the stress and guilt of having comfort food has an impact on our psychological health! We shouldn’t deny ourselves comfort food, but we should aim to be moderate if we can. Worrying can cause physical problems. I’m a worrier and I’m learning that being grateful and present in the moment is essential to stop that malaise. But I can’t always do it!

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      4. Interesting to think about, the legs carry our weight and carry pressure, tend to have feet/leg issues like sciatica I think the psychological component could be a factor. You’re so right! a counter balance to worrying is gratitude and being present. I think the constant pain/stress is forcing all of us to heal or break apart, but we can’t let it take us down. :)!

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  5. I had this so bad as a kid, but mine went away luckily. But I’ve been battling allergies to almost everything my whole life. And also those meds got me badly about 5 years ago now, and am still trying to recover; think I’ll never be the same. Those reflux meds really ruined me for so many years, couldn’t even eat or drink much for 4 years because of how much they messed me up. If not for ginger I would surely be dead. Wishing I had never taken them, now. And also my problems started after an antibiotics, which led to the reflux meds. I think they are good in the long run (antibiotics and when necessary) but nothing is good over-prescribed. Even read that doing this might cause a future pandemic because our bodies will be to used to too many antibiotics that they won’t work effectively when we need them. Not sure if that’s accurate or not though. Wonderful ending! I hope to see more and more poetry from you!

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    1. Hi Benjamin, thank you! I totally agree about the over prescribing of antibiotics. I love ginger too! Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar combination has rescued me from I don’t want to imagine how bad it could get. The side effects of pharmaceuticals just doesn’t seem worth it unless it’s an emergency situation. It take years to build good bacteria and just days to destroy it. I want to heal through natural cures as much as possible, I think we have all the medicine we need in nature, but our society focuses solely on profit not healing.

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      1. Yeah, I’m mostly thinking human-made meds should be used at last option, whereas now they are used as the first option and the side effects can be worse than even the initial problem. Anyone who wants to take them, that’s their choice. But I can only go by my experience, because my “experience is my expertise” and they really were terrible for me. But if it was the last option I’d be willing to use them. Always still think science should focus more on natural cures, but, of course, that isn’t big business and so we’ll continue with things the way it is, it seems. Yeah, society is about profit sometimes over morals and ethics. Hopefully it’s something that can one day evolve. Have a great end to your week and stay safe and you’re welcome!

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