Poem: Semantics and Stone Tablets (haiku in 14 variations)

Mark Rasmuson, Unsplash.com
Good to dance again
Laughter releases poison
Transmutes it to gold.

Not a gaudy gold
but a transcendent brilliance
Love is knowingness.

I was feeling lost
Caught in raw tendrils of pain
God kept me alive.

My life drifts in waves
cool sands that rotate beneath
Breathing, returning.

I am what I love
I am part and particle
Sent from high above.

Beyond what I can
imagine to understand
is my creator.

Good is beautiful
Evil’s all about the fake
Good is natural.

Good is eternal
Good can never be destroyed
Good is Love is God.

I don’t need to claim
beyond my comprehension
my soul remembers.

No need to pretend
we’re experts of salvation
When we’re still guessing.

We lost our way in
archaic superstitions
forced circumcisions.

Humans kill over
semantics, stone tablets,
bones of lunatics

We’re missing the point.
We all came from Love—-to love,
not destroy ourselves.


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