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This information is very disturbing, I haven’t watched all of it yet, I’m 7 minutes in and grossed out thoroughly. Don’t wear disposable masks. Don’t let them stick anything up your nose or inside you. I’m sorry to share this gross crap, sorry our world is like this. I have little doubt that these nano worms or parasites are lab-created.




      1. It’s been the same with my posts lately. I think most people are too afraid to stand up. Either that or they’re just too controlled by the narrative.

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      2. This is NOT the time to be silent. On the contrary, I like fellow blogger Joyce Bowen’s suggestion to contact The Hague about the current crimes against humanity. She’s included the Nuremberg Code and Hague contact info at the very end of her post: https://joyce-bowen.blog/2021/04/12/brave-new-world-wheres-the-scientists-theyre-there-and-you-wont-like-what-theyre-doing/

        I like the idea as well as her encouragement: “The more of us who do this; the more they can’t ignore us.” Speak up and speak out. There is unity in numbers.

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      3. We definitely all have to wake up and speak out but I honestly don’t believe that there’s enough of us to make a difference. I’d say that 70-80% of people are totally asleep and will never realize what’s happening until they’re enslaved or dead.

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      4. Yes, presumably the parents of the “woke” and “sheeple” are woke and sheeple themselves and the cycle continues. Still, I come from the standpoint that I could not live with myself if I did not try or speak out. No voice, no choice.

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      5. The saddest aspect of wokeism is that they think they’re heroes fighting against injustice. My son who is still a child understands what they don’t, racism isn’t cured with more racism. I’m also annoyed with the trend of butchering grammar, as if using correct grammar is racist. Math is also considered racist. Clown world!

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      6. I don’t know if that’s the saddest part, but definitely one of them. Presumably, your son gets it because he has a parent teaching him the truth and probably love. Before we know it, love will be racist too.

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      7. Thank you. My son also has his own wisdom that impresses me, but his friends and peers are caught up in the social and political propaganda already. I’m afraid you’re right. People fought to desegregate but BLM constantly segregates, they have “white allies” stand in the front lines as shields. The true racists are liberals that judge and cripple “POC” by labeling them as permanent victims setting the bar low only creates incompetence. I could go on and on. Liberals want to keep people stupid so they can be further manipulated.

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      8. Totally agreed. And with the help of Big Tech and MM programming them with propaganda I suppose it’s game over. Thank God you son has his own wisdom. Hopefully he will also have the courage and strong voice of his Mom too. 🙂

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  1. Yes, all of these nano-worms and parasites are definitely lab-created.

    Whatever it is that is attacking and killing some people in the most dreadful manner possible (but nowhere in the high numbers that WHO and its global affiliates across the world are telling us) is not acting in the manner that any previous virus in history acted (at least according to pre-2019 Science textbooks- the Science as in “Believe the Science” that today’s “woke” zombies and globalist oligarchy paid whore/prostitute mainstream media are always yapping about – the “experts” in that field generally have no idea what they’re talking but expect you to follow their dictates anyways).

    Thus if Sherlock Holmes were a non-fictional character and was alive in the world today, he, along with most intelligent people capable of thinking for themselves, would conclude that this “virus” was actually a lab-created nano-worm and parasite.

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    1. Sheeple will probably not acknowledge truth no matter how obvious. They’ll make every excuse and will ignore any evidence. No wonder unopened test swabs came back from labs as covid positive, they were already pre-loaded with nano junk. The woke assholes always say “believe the science” because they twisted natural science to suit their demented agendas. No wonder Fauci wants double masks, can’t stand that rat-faced liar.

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      1. Yes, I never understood why Donald Trump who fired so many people on The Apprentice never fired that twit Fauci.

        Fauci never showed any real competence in anything and most of the time he lied.

        Just like I never understood why Trump never pardoned both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden before leaving office.

        That would have been the final kick in the balls to the “woke” Democratic Party establishment who quite literally stole the election from him.

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      2. I agree, they stole the election from him. Maybe he was afraid to fire him? Fauci reminds me of a Joe Pesci mafia guy, Biden refers to him as “Tony”. Trump’s exit from the WH was a low point, not pardoning Assange especially makes me think he’s in on their overall agenda. I feel so sorry for Julian Assange, he looks like he’s been through hell, turned into Rip Wan Winkle! poor guy. Snowden seems fine, he’s probably working for the Russians by now.

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  2. Oh I am feeling terrible now. This frightens me more as the masks are in close contact with the mouth and if these are sticking to them then we will definitely catch a worse disease. They the disposable ones which the doctors use right?

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      1. What should a human exactly do? How should an individual save himself. This is a matter of concern. And I am sure the authorities related would be knowing about it well.

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      2. I agree with you, I think we can only try to stay as healthy as we can, (some people think the air is sprayed with toxins too they think the black moving things result from that), the authorities definitely know what’s going on.

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      3. I wonder about that too, if toxic things are added to our environment, I bet the elites have an antidote or some way to avoid getting sick. They don’t do their own shopping, they don’t ever have to leave their palaces, they can barricade inside. For example President Bush didn’t even know what a grocery store scanner was, he never had to shop for himself, that’s how dumb and out of touch they are.

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  3. Hi Judy,

    Just a thought occurring to me regarding masks.

    It made me think of the film Halloween III: Season of The Witch.

    Which in my opinion was the best of the Halloween films.

    And actually stood alone.

    Whereas the other films all followed a similar storyline- involving killer Michael Myers.

    And I noticed Halloween III: Season of The Witch is the Halloween film they definitely show the least of on TV compared to other Halloween films.

    I always wondered why.

    But then I remember the first and only time I saw Halloween III: Season of The Witch – something struck me about the film.

    That its premise was somehow plausible.

    In the movie, it was Halloween masks that people wore that killed them and turned them into monsters.

    But if you wanted a greater range of people succumbing to the effects, you want something bigger than Halloween as not everyone wears masks at Halloween.

    But if you say, there’s a plague in the air and that everybody needs to wear face masks, then you can kill a far more vast quantity of them and turn them into living dead monsters.

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    1. Interesting. I’ve only seen the first Halloween but the one you mentioned sounds like it has symbolic meaning too. Masks make people faceless, anonymous, dehumanized and with just the right toxin—psychotic zombie?

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  4. From around 22:28, in the video, to 22:56, this fibre has a clear head and tail, almost like a serpents head. In this, and in other videos, you can clearly see the jaw, nose and head of a serpent (Nachash) Serpent symbology is rife, especially in the medical profession. You only have to look at the Caduceus.

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    1. I agree the things are snake-like, I’ve seen images of them with the clear head which some say is a “payload” of whatever toxin they put in it. They also writhe like serpents, so evil. It’s ironic that the medical profession uses the serpent image and their oath hypocritically says, “do no harm”. I think they are genocidal puppets of a eugenics agenda.

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