Disgusted: Part Three: Eugenics, Test swabs/Vaccine Parasites, DARPA, Covid Camps and Agenda 21

Test Swab and Vaccine parasites:
More disturbing but informative videos of various parasites found in covid test swabs and recent microscopic video footage of parasites allegedly found in the Pfizer vaccine. The similarities between covid symptoms and parasitic infections are troubling. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (drugs used to treat the effects of parasites) were both demonized and banned from treating covid but that’s just a coincidence, right? No conspiracies here.



“Ivermectin is a medication used to treat many types of parasite infestations.”


“Hydroxychloroquine is a quinoline medicine used to treat or prevent malaria, a disease caused by parasites that enter the body through the bite of a mosquito.”




Freudian slips: Humans can’t help but leak the truth, lies are such a burden for these fools to hold onto.


Concentration Camps for Covid: In incremental steps they take away our freedoms. North Americans are so spoiled, we think terrible injustices only happen in third world countries as if we’re immune to tyranny, but I think unless we fight back now, we’re next.


Agenda 21: Is 2030 their goal? The creator of this channel is a flat earth believer, I’m not but that doesn’t make me discount the research he’s uncovered. He also seems a bit ant-Semite in his labeling of Jews, I hope I’m misunderstanding him about that. I think Zionists are the problematic Elite group, they aren’t originally Jewish anyway. The Jewish people have suffered and been scapegoated unjustly, I’m not for bashing/blaming them. My issue has always been with the hidden leaders of governments, what choices do the people really have? I don’t blame the people of any country, all of us are relative slaves caught in a corrupt system.

I’m not a conservative or liberal. I’m spiritual but not religious. I’m on the side of truth, not division or enslavement or hierarchical power structures. I’ll always champion the underdog, I myself am one. It’s not about winning, to me it’s about the fight for the right of existence and freedom. I think a cowardly existence is unlivable, not worthwhile. I don’t want to simply survive, especially not at the expense of others, for me the guilt would be torturous, to thrive on other’s suffering.

I think it’s better to lose your life than live as a slave. We need a Revolution but I’m not promoting violence for its own sake, I’m promoting self-defense and the protection of innocent lives and our planet. They want to turn us into mind-controlled zombies (more than we already are), they want us to drink their spiked kool-aide and sadly so many have already signed up for it. How many times will my health insurance remind me to get the shot? They want to shoot me up so desperately. How long will it take for them to appear at my door? Time to pull out my Race card…Whenever scammers would harass my parents they’d say, “Me no speak English” and they’d continue speaking in Korean until the scammer hung up ;).


Anti-lockdown Rally in the UK: The police were outnumbered and visibly afraid, karma’s a bitch eh? Some police turned their backs and were running away and the rest, some with bloody faces had to be protected by the peaceful protestors. I’m not pro BLM/Antifa but I’m definitely not pro-police when they act like petty bullies, beating up elderly protestors, they’re sick robots.

When we unite, we are unstoppable. Our problem is division, lack of cohesion. If we joined together against our common enemies we’d win against the dark elite agenda just like that, an effortless win. The elites have to face criminal charges for their planned eugenics. Agenda 21 is the selective genocide of humanity. If we the people had the backing of the military and police, we would have all the power to change our world.


Kick the devils out:



  1. Another highly informative post, Judy.

    I’m glad to see the police in the UK finally got a taste of their own medicine at the hands of anti-lockdown protestors.

    I noticed on the news today that the EU Commission’s Antichrist President Ursula von der Leyen announced that Americans and Canadians won’t be allowed to visit the EU unless they have a vaccine passport.

    There was always a debate in Bible Prophecy circles as to where the Antichrist would arise.

    Some said Europe and others said Iraq or Syria.

    I guess the odds are tilting in favour of Europe these days.

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    1. Than you, Christopher. I couldn’t help but smirk when the police got a taste of fear. I was a bit annoyed with the peaceful protestors who stood as a barricade for them but I suppose they prevented more violence. The vaccine passport only confirms the apocalyptic mark of the beast system, they’re determined to make that happen apparently. I feel like we’re on the Titanic but only some of us know that.

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  2. A dystopian novel of the highest calibre. Wait. What? It’s all real? Aaaargh! Woke Sheeple conversation at Starbucks. Actually, this is frightening stuff considering everything in the series, especially the micro organisms found on face masks and test swabs. Sterile manufacturing and following the instructions for the N94-N100 masks help with keeping micro organisms down to frat party level where your immune system can spank that naughty micro-butt micro-organism. This just proves the shortcuts the medical support industry is taking to mass produce those highly profitable bugged masks and swabs. If it’s intentional then we need to steam our masks right out of the wrapper. And wash our hands after handling it. Or, don’t wear a mask and stay away from places and people that are triggered by a maskless person. The sign over the Covid Camo gate reads work will make you Free. In Europe it reads Arbeit Macht Frei. Scary stuff.

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    1. I truly hope this is all innocent paranoia but the footage and intel leaks keep coming. I think the fibers are actually activated by heat, and can’t be burned so the masks can’t be sterilized that way unfortunately the buggers are resilient. I’d stock up on the anti-parasitic meds and head to the underground bunker. I have this sinking feeling of deja vu, it’s not looking good…the camps. History repeats so fast when people are extra stupid. We nice humans are so weak, it must be the fluoride that makes us so sheeple.

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      1. Egads! They thought of everything. It can’t be a bad idea to have a selection of anti-parasitics on hand. We can always wear our own hand made mask if we need one. I get all of mine from Korea. The family sends them to me at great expense but they do fear for me. I’ll be horribly disappointed if I find out the material is sourced from a suspect supplier, otherwise their KN94 works fine for me. I live in a pollen rich environment and allergies bedevil me more than Covid ever could. Those masks work great for keeping the dust, smog, and pollen out of my lungs and nose. Sneeze-farting is a real hazard here. The mask helps with that social malady as well. 🤪💨😷😬


      2. I wear cloth masks because I have to at work, I also pull the mask on while passing people outside (for the benefit or to avoid being attacked by them), crazy Californians will beat up/kill people to prove how virtuous they are. Korean masks look sturdy, but I think the darpa/nano fibers are everywhere, not just in the masks. Sorry to be such a downer, but I’m all about sharing the truth.

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      3. Nano fibers and fluoride are on my list of things not to do now. You are educating me faster than my first grade teacher and she poured her heart and soul into teaching me my ABC’s.

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      4. Remember that show with Leonard Nimoy, “In Search a Of?” my blog has turned into a poetic version of it. Who knew the world was so f’ed up? My mom wanted me to be a teacher so I guess I’m fulfilling her wish :).

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      5. Seriously, you are very informative about things we need to pay attention to. The world is waking up and it’s taken a lot of people sounding the alarm to enable that awakening. We have miles to go yet but we are getting there.

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      6. Ignorance is bliss right up to the point where it gets you transported to the afterworld. The rest of us are cursed with knowledge and have to act in good faith or we feel bad. Definitely not blissful to be aware sometimes.

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      7. I hear you, who was it that predicted calamity and no one believed, anyway I feel like her. I only blog about these things never talk about it with coworkers or even my friends. There’s an ironic connection that I have with online bloggers who are essentially strangers that I’ll never meet, but they know my mind better than my friends do lately. Once you take the Red pill everything changes.

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      8. It’s the same for me. My friends and coworkers keep everything on the down low. There is no pond ripples from stone throwing. I feel much closer to my blogoteer friends as we share more open conversations. If someone gets mad or offended then it’s a simple thing to remedy. They can go find their tribe and hang out. There is real talent and intellect here. There is the other stuff but we get to choose and I like that.

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      9. Yes there’s a comfortable distance to online connections. Introverts love space! Feels much safer, clinging freaks me out :), I get into online brawls (very mild but stern debates) and it’s not really an issue. I think blogging is an intimate exchange with the world, glad to have this outlet with like-minded friends.

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  3. Great article. The MSM reported during the London anti-lockdown protests on Saturday that a few thousand attended when people who were there said there were at least a million people there. The MSM doesn’t want people to get any ideas now do they?

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  4. Great post Judy. Didn’t know about the ivermectin and parasitic link to covid. The Toxoplasma Gondii video was really interesting. I knew about it in cats, but didn’t know it had natural mind controlling properties. I can see how these people would jump onto nature like that and twist it for their own ends.

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    1. Thank you Sue. I found the ban on anti-parasitic drugs to treat covid was suspicious. Sad that people could’ve been successfully treated with them vs being put on ventilators until they died!

      I thought the Toxoplasma Gondii was interesting too, who knew Mother Nature was so sneaky, and the govt is using it to their advantage as usual. Gates have a lecture to military decades ago about a vaccine that would eradicate religious “fanaticism”, sounds like he created it.


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