Poem: Kid from the 90s (haiku)

Totally unrelated to anything dystopian but here’s a haiku:

Who is this dance god?
Sunglasses at night badass
Confidence lures fame.

I was such a shy kid, I could barely dance in public as an adult! This video is great and awful at the same time. What’s this baby boy doing at an adult club? I bet his single dad took him there as a mini-wing man. Why did the video refer to him as a gypsy? Can he see anything behind those decals and shades?

Life has changed so much, it feels unrecognizable. The 90s is several lifetimes ago in my mind. I miss the cheesy, corny past.


    1. Thank you, Christopher. I guess everything in retrospect looks better, the older I get, the more I miss the past. I thought I was so smart but I didn’t know very much. Ignorance is bliss.

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  1. Love the Haiku. He is a little badass. I bet the Kid’s dad owns the place. The crowd gets a 2 ruble discount to keep an eye on him while pops drinks vodka and counts his receipts in the back room. 😉

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