Poem: We are Loved

I believe we’re loved
I believe that’s why we’re on earth
Life’s not a punishment
the soul’s reward is birth
It’s an opportunity for creation.
God doesn’t hate us
We hate ourselves.
We have all we need
but we kill for greed.
We treat each other like meat
then trash the carcass.
God didn’t force us
to hate and rape and destroy.
We did this without remorse
so stop blaming God
for giving us choice.
I think what keeps us afloat
is the innocence we begin with.
The wisdom we lose when we grow up
children remind us of
because they’re made of Love.


  1. I had written a much longer comment on the video and poem but WP wouldn’t let me post it.

    So I posted a shorter comment above and it showed up.

    But both your poem and this video are very inspirational.

    However I guess the gremlins at WP don’t like inspired comments.

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  2. I loved the reaction of the little girl experiencing rain for the first time.

    And how she didn’t want to go back in the house but remain in the rain.

    And the little dog who came running to see her.

    Children are indeed made of Love and innocence.

    Beautiful poem, Judy.

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