Fight Against Genocide

MSM trying to do damage control while pretending to be journalists.
What MSM won’t tell you, They want us to think that all medical professionals are getting the vaccine, classic propaganda.

The various side effects sometimes occur hours after vaccination but others have experienced the side effects even a month following the stab. Some of the side effects are: paralysis, seizures, Bell’s Palsy, painful, month long menstruation bleeding (which I think points to infertility issues down the line) and finally death, just to name a few. You can’t sue the vaccine companies even though the sheeple who volunteered to be guinea pigs didn’t have true informed consent before being “tagged”. Most naively assumed that these vaccines were FDA approved (they’re not) and even with FDA approval (it doesn’t mean much). But the propaganda news, CNN says the deaths are unrelated. Ha! They list heart attacks and terminally ill cancer deaths as Covid deaths for profit $$$, but when people are injured or actually die from the vaccine, it’s “coincidental”. We see through your lies corporate media. People are fighting back worldwide. We will not go down quietly.

Paralysis: Imagine if this was you or your loved ones. How angry would you be? You think risking your health to possibly avoid a flu virus that you have a 99% survival rate against, is worth permanent paralysis, infertility or death? Then go ahead, get the shot, it was made for you.’s-Palsy-After-Taking-Covid-19–Vaccine-:d


Menstruation issues, is this vaccine sterilizing women?

Women aren’t the only ones at risk of infertility due to the vaccines, men are also vulnerable. Eugenics is Genocide


WOW! Indians are BADASS. This needs to happen everywhere before mandatory vaccines go into effect. My intuition say It’s coming unless we push back and regain our freedom.–Apr-20-2021:5

Vaccine Passports/Digital Tatoos:

The light emitting micro-particles aka “Luciferese”which is pronounced as Lucifer-race, just a coincidence of course.
The dissolvable micro needles were modeled after snake’s fangs and can be detected by a scanner. This is a permanent tattoo (mark of the beast)?!

Logic only works when you’re not brainwashed: Sheeple won’t understand this clear logic.

Mandatory vaccines for children:

Children should Not be vaccinated! This is Genocide.,-vaccine-passports-are-fascism:e

They” have a lot to fear from us, we outnumber them.

These heroes give me HOPE! People all around the world are awake to what’s going on, AWAKE, Not WOKE! Using proper grammar is not racist.


      1. That’s the worst aspect, they feel superior (intelligent) and think of vaccine refusers as backwards idiots. Maybe it’s a form of genocide, only the people who can think for themselves will survive, unless we’re interned in covid camps. I fear the worst, I hope I’m wrong.

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      1. That’s the sad truth! They have us fighting each other on so many levels! They trained the sheeple to do their dirty work for them just like the Nazis did, citizens reported on each other. 😣

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  1. What I see is the hard drive for tax revenue and profits in a politicalized environment founded on blatant hypocrisy. It will only take two variables working in synergistic amplification to end it all. Loss of tax base and loss of profit. Our weapon to end all wars of inequity is currency we hold in our hands and decide how it will be spent. It’s a difficult challenge that only collaboration can win. Stop funding evil and it will peel away like last week’s sunburn.

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    1. I think it’s gone past the point of logic or decency. I honestly believe there are aristocratic “rulers” who pull the strings of government and they have a eugenics mission, depopulation of all of us consumers. They have luxurious underground bunkers with swimming pools, they’ve been planning this for awhile. I agree with a George Carlin, I think he said, “they’re all in a club and We ain’t in it!”. AI technology is more advanced then what they show us, they really don’t need us peasants anymore.

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      1. It was always the peasant revolts that unseated the kings and queens of antiquity. The self appointed aristocracy should know better than poke the people that pay their bills. Pitchfork in the plump bottom is a useful reminder, but I prefer Sherrielock Holmes, the sister of Sherlock Holmes, and immortal Dominatrix, who spanks those naughty behinds until they see the light. You know the old saying, spare the rod and spoil the aristocrat. Sherrielock is excellent at breaking their predatory habits.

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  2. It’s very interesting that Bill and Melinda Gates are so obsessed with knowing who’s vaccinated and who isn’t.

    And who elected this obnoxious pair First Couple of the World anyways?

    Those pictures of children being vaccinated shows the ultimate in genocide is going on.

    I remember most of my life, people were always asking the question, “Why didn’t the German people of the 1930s stand up against Hitler and the Nazis and what they were doing?”.

    And now in the year 2021, I know the answer.

    Because the majority of the German people of the 1930s were as stupid as the majority of people today believing everything the government and big business and the media tell them.

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    1. Totally! The Gates are criminals, they already caused mass vaccine deaths in India and Africa decades ago, now the the world are their guinea pigs. I think they’re shocked that we’ve survived so long with all the poisons in our environment. Elites have already bought water rights, the evil Bush family especially. How can water rights be owned? Soon they’ll own the air we breathe. Idiot Gates plans to block out the sun! to combat “global warming”. I’m not saying our climate isn’t polluted but it’s Them that are polluting it on purpose. They profit from making us sick. Gates and Fauci and corporate media deserve a firing squad for what they’re doing. I wondered about why certain people are so blindly trusting of authority and I realized that they’ve accepted the conditioning that they’re followers. I think they feel safe being led, they gave up responsibility for self-awareness, wisdom and researching what’s being sold to them. It’s so ridiculous how the corporations and mainstream media pretends to be “the resistance”, when they work for the Controllers. Upside down world. I have to continue to hope that the true Resistance will wake up the sheeple in time to avoid NWO. It’s not by accident that the government wants to disarm its citizens. I’ve always been a pacifist, but I no longer am.

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    1. Thank you, Crandew. I agree, this was always their plan. They got away with all their previous false flags, why is 911 still not being questioned? They do what we let them. Sad.

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