Poem + video: Strong Women Don’t Play Victim

Truly strong women
Don’t play victim
Truly strong women
Don’t hate and blame men

I’m not saying there aren’t
Machismo assholes
But I think they’re directly responding
To the pussies propped up against them.

Women who expect to be sugar daddied
Are slaves to the oldest profession
They lower everyone’s value.

Twerking in a g-string for money
Empowers nothing honey
Pole dancing is the stupidest fad
Pretend you’re a stripper
to build your self-confidence crap.

Cardi B’s a corporate slave
No one really wants her money shot WAP
Billboard’s stats
are just as rigged
as 2020’s election.

The men that want that trash
Have no respect for her
they just want her fat wobbling ass
They’d love to buck and choke her
I bet the elites do that over and over
MK ultra rituals
*Angela Jolie knows all about that.

Original, true Feminists wanted equality
They burned their cross your heart malady
They banned codependency and bras
Removed the apologetic makeup
Threw away the S & M stilettos.

They fought against objectification
They fought for the right to work
They wanted to be equally represented
Not live as a trophy bride
Serving a chauvinistic jerk.

They wanted self-personhood
Not be ruled by Husbands and Fathers
They wanted freedom to pursue their dreams
Not live sheltered lives
As helpless, second class martyrs.

They starved themselves so they could vote
But the generations that followed
Destroyed all their meaningful work.
Suffragettes would roll in their graves
To see the mess we made of their sacrifices.

Gloria Steinham (what a phony) even went undercover
As a playboy bunny to expose Hugh Hefner’s vileness.
What happened to that movement?
It was hijacked by Radical Wokeness.
Each generation gets dumb and dumber
The human race is in serious trouble.

*Angela Jolie talking about S & M rituals https://youtu.be/XjY3XzTLTH0

I think Cardi B is trash culture, (I added the horns and censored her exposed boob) but her fake hair extensions in the shape of chains were part of her costume. I think they represent her willing bondage and slavery to her corporate owners.
The golden era of male chauvinism.

Candace Owens is not a white supremacist. I’m impressed with her integrity, intelligence and awareness.


I agree with this mother in the video clip below. I love her bravery in speaking the common sense truth to power.


I no longer consider myself a feminist, since the movement was stolen, I’m probably no longer welcome anyway. I think it was my mother that unintentionally inspired me to be a feminist, she herself was one although she didn’t view herself that way. She was competitive, outspoken and brilliant but was trapped in a loveless arranged marriage, within a misogynistic, patriarchal, Confucius-influenced (I think he was an asshole), Korean culture. She sacrificed her happiness and lived her life for her children.

I was the one she pampered the most and I was also the one who abandoned her, by choosing an independent life away from her well-intentioned control. I miss her, I think I’ve always missed her even when we shared the same house. We loved and misunderstood each other. I think of her everyday, more so now than when she was alive. I think pain built a buffer between us and now that she’s gone, I can allow myself to feel the impact of her Being fully and with emotional distance I can remember her more clearly.

I think of my father too, who I can no longer reach. He’s nearly deaf and never hears or answers the phone when I call him. I miss him more than he knows. He played the villain role in our family for a long time but he transformed into a gentle man. I’m afraid I’ll never see him again. My brother is his guardian and that’s the dead end. Parents don’t have to be perfect to be lovable. I loved him then and now and always will. Family is the heartbreak, the center core; sometimes the curse and sometimes the cure. In my life it’s been all of the above and more.


    1. Haha! That’s true, I went on a few tangents (the videos were examples of strong women in my opinion voicing their opinions about current events so I included them in the post, and I thought of my mother towards the end. She greatly influenced me without realizing it. Thanks for reading the post.

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      1. Based upon following your blog for a while, she has been a consistent and major influence on you. I like your postings about her and your obvious pride and love in what she accomplished.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your unfiltered perspective, Judy. I have not been a fan of Cardi B since she came on the scene and her selling her soul is not surprising. I remember the Angelina Jolie/Billy Bob Thornton marriage which was a creep show in itself. I applaud that mom who spoke out about the masks, there has been so much misinformation and contradictory information about corona/covid since it became a full blown media spectacle.
    Most of all thank you for sharing about your family and the dynamic of that environment who had to grow up in.

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    1. Thank you, Sylvester. I thought Cardi B wanted shock style attention but she’s gone too far, and keeps showing her ignorance. Candace Owens is suing her for defamation, Cardi falsely announced that Candace’s brother was having sex with Candace’s husband from a doctored tweet. She’s in big trouble $$$, don’t mess with Candace! I truly think all the celebrities are in a Satanic club to become famous, the way that they act is so formulaic, they have to throw 666 signs and promote radical political agendas. Angelina and Billy Bob were so super creepy, didn’t they carry vials of each other’s blood around their necks? That was a huge clue, but no one understood back then. The mom was so spot on about the current situation but no common sense within the government. They rely on us believing their “science” but not using any logic. Thinking fir yourself is dangerous these days. Thank you again for reading and caring about my family stories. It means a lot to me my friend💖


      1. You’re very welcome, Judy. Cardi B is definitely part of the corporate machine and as long as she’s making millions for them they’ll excuse her ignorance is bliss attitude. Candice Owens is not to be played with and she doesn’t do the whole black agenda/privilege thing. There is a lot of behind the dark door secrets to hollywood and as absurd as some of the things that slip out they are probably true. I do remember the vials of blood from Angelina and Billy Bob, just such a creepy disturbing “what’s next?” relationship. Now they are trying to ease up on the mask wearing to a degree but you have it stuck in people’s heads that the virus is airborne. I don’t think we can go from zero to normal just like that.
        You’re so very welcome and your family stories are appreciated. I’m sure in some way that writing about it has to be healing and giving you some measure of inner peace, my friend 💖

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      2. I agree with you, the celebs are deeply entrenched in the machine. I used to admire many of them. I feel so duped. Sometimes I feel sorry for them but then I think nope, they chose their path and reap some of the rewards. Jolie seems very psychologically damaged, she admitted that she cuts herself on purpose, both she and Johnny Depp admitted to being cutters. The masks are hear to stay I think they’ll roll out more “hybrid strains” and insist that people get vaccinated every year like the flu shot. My work installed plexiglass and temperature monitors, these things aren’t going away. I hope they do though. Writing does give me healing and relief, I’m grateful to have this outlet. Thank you for being so kind, you are a force for good in our world💖


      3. Hollywood is just too Hollywierd for me. Some of the celebrities behavior is just so far out there that you’d think that stuck in character from one of their films. I can totally believe that about Angelina and Johnny Depp lost himself way after doing 21 Jump Street (he seems so eccentric). We are headed for phase 5 here which is the reopening of everything to unlimited capacity (a free for all) still masks, vaccines and lunacy. Again, thank you for all you share and your kind words always 💖

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      4. Yes hollywierd for sure! I think the stars might start out normal but fame and whatever club they belong to messes them up. I wouldn’t want fame, money since the trade off is so costly. It’s funny and odd to me how the government says we’re closed and then suddenly we’re open when really not much has changed, just the illusion of it. Sigh. Clown world! Blessings to you, Sylvester 💖


      5. Yes, that’s they’re secret weapon, the art of illusion = Hollyweird! Magicians used a “Holly wood” stick as wands. Yikes!


    1. Thank you, Christopher. I’m on a ranting roll lately, I can’t seem to stop writing and editing. I’m glad the post wasn’t too everywhere, (editing isn’t my strength) 🙂 glad that you could find the common thread.

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  2. Hey there!!! I’m just checking in to let you know I nominated your for the Golden Bloggerz Award!! You absolutely deserve it! No worries if your site is award free, just wanted to share your beautiful work and how much I appreciate you!!!! Much love, my friend 🖤🤗 -Ace

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    1. Thank you so much, Ace💖. I’m flattered and honored. My site is award free but I really appreciate your good opinion of my site🤗! I love your blog too 🙏 you add much healing, beauty and grace to the world💖😍!

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      1. Thank you again for promoting and linking to my blog, it means a lot me, Ace. Your site attracts emotionally intelligent people it’s truly an honor to be included. 💖🤗😘

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      2. Awwwww you are so kind!!! I am so lucky to know you!!! It’s a pleasure and an honor to share your work, I really can’t express how much I appreciate all that you do for this community!!!!!! Stay amazing and blessed, my dear friend 🖤🤗🤍

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  3. I really appreciate the candor about strong women, the original feminist movement, and your reflection on your family. I love my Korean family and the siblings aged 75 to 50, children, and grand children live entirely different lives than Mom and Dad. They were just starting their family when the Korean War broke out and the typhoon of change tore through their lives and the country. We have preserved the kinder, collective consciousness and tradition. My girls must withstand withering racism and sexist behavior from every direction here in the US. My oldest daughter was arrested when she beat a man to tears for calling her a dog eating Asian whore. I approved of the beating. Sometimes one must teach a hard lesson of respect. Still, our Tiger Mom yields to no one and my daughters are masters at managing her tight fisted control with every sentence uttered a directive to do good, to do right, to stand up and fight in a way that preserves dignity and grace integrated seamlessly with determination. If that doesn’t work, go full Korean on the offender’s dumb ass. The old school with the new age is a delicate balance but as you noted, love and devotion is never in question, only the difference of perspectives. Your writing and art is a rich blend of truth, light, knowledge, and the blessed fire of the strong woman. It is a privilege to know you here on WP and indulge my reflections through your gifted creativity. Keep the fire burning.


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