1. He’s been a fraud from the beginning. It’s quite impressive that so many people manage to not only have their heads buried in the sand but up their asses at the same time. That’s some Olympic level gymnastics.

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  2. Trump actually ordered the US involvement with Wuhan to cease just a short time before the breakout. The thing to keep in mind with Fauci is he is a career government bureaucrat. He doesn’t actually know much and doesn’t get involved in the real work. He relies completely on information from carefully vetted yesmen. He is misleading out of ignorance and he is fed by subordinate staffers and WHO staff with very few real qualifications but a strong desire for a free jobs program on somebody else’s dime. This isn’t to say that field workers who are dedicated to their missions aren’t doing amazing things for humanity. But, they aren’t leaders and decision makers or bean counters on the take. It’s that middle and top layer doing the crimes against humanity. Billzebub Gates is financially powerful enough to shape government policy and drive outcomes to suit his personal ideology. Nobody says no to a guy with $135B to spend. That more money than most country’s GDP. I’m sure when the singularity gets going, Billzebub will be the wizard of oz behind the curtain.

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    1. I respectfully disagree, I think Fauci isn’t as dumb as he seems. He flip flops on issues because he tries to coverup his lies but it’s not because he doesn’t know what’s going on. At the hearing he kept denying that his institution didn’t pay the Wuhan lab but it was a technical statement, he indirectly paid them and was formally credited by the Wuhan scientist on this. He is a career stooge but that doesn’t mean he’s innocent ignorant. For over a year Asians have been scapegoated and murdered for the lie that Corona came from Chinese eating “Bat soup” when they knew all along it was created in a lab. Fauci is a criminal.

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      1. I don’t know if you read that blog post of mine that I wrote back in late October or early November, Judy.

        I can’t remember the exact date.

        It was shortly before the U.S. election.

        I had read on-line back in mid-October that the entire CCP membership list was on-line in Chinese.

        The article had mentioned in passing that there were a few non-Chinese who were CCP members.

        On a lark, I decided to ask two Chinese acquaintances of mine a woman who ran a store in a shopping centre in my old neighbourhood and a man who ran a Chinese food take out and delivery service in the same shopping centre to see if they could find that CCP membership list online and see if by chance Dr. Anthony Fauci’s name was on it.

        Both had checked separately of one another and sure enough Dr. Fauci’s name was on the list.

        No one it seems had ever thought of going to the CCP membership list in Chinese and seeing whose name was on the list.

        I did publish a blog post before the election warning that Dr. Fauci was a CCP member but nobody paid much attention to it.

        Not that it made much difference anyways as the Democrats cheated their way to power in that election.

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      2. Thank you Judy, I did not mean to imply innocence by reason of bureaucracy. Fauci will serve a good start point. He’s old and made a lot of money. Time for a change. Does anybody know who Fauci’s boss is? I bet you’ll find a real scoundrel there.

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    1. I agree WG, he is a diabolical fiend. They intentionally created covid, it was not from “bat soup”, how racist of them to blame Chinese people when they (the scientists), created it.

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