The Eerie Mystery of Reverse Speech

Lady Gaga lacks subtlety.

While on YouTube, I discovered a new theory called Reverse Speech. Researchers of this strange phenomena think that reverse speech is a naturally occurring reflection of our subconscious soul. It’s a very trippy concept that I think links to back masking (subliminal messages in music/commercials/films/media). I think it also connects with “you know, the thing”…Satanism once again.

Satanists reverse reality. During rituals they allegedly walk and talk backwards. Their symbols are the inverted cross and the inverted pentagram, I’ve heard that there’s white and black magic, but I think both come from the same source. The “good witches” display the pentagram as an upright star, while Satanists display an inverted star (which resembles a goat’s head, with the two star points as horns). I think practicing magic is charged with a negative, controlling energy (manipulation); it’s the opposite of free will to try to control others through rituals and spells (white or black magic, same difference).

Reverse Speech might explain back masking in music. Led Zeppelin and the Beatles were known for the reverse messages in their music. The videos I’ve linked below are very eerie. If you don’t want to hear the reversals because of potential subliminal effects I totally understand. After hearing “Stairway to Heaven” backwards I felt disoriented, very dark energy in that song. One of the band members, Jimmy Page bought Aleister Crowley’s former home where he conducted rituals and allegedly summoned entities. Kenneth Anger mentioned in the quote below, is also a Satanist. I think most famous musicians are part of this club.

“At Boleskine, Crowley was said to have summoned 115 spirits, including Lucifer,” the BBC wrote in an article about a film crew who experienced unexplained phenomena there while filming a documentary about Crowley. “The occultist also embarked on a complicated, six-month ‘power-giving’ black magic ceremony called Abra Melin. But he was interrupted in the middle of the ritual by his grand master, the head of the Golden Dawn, who called him to Paris. It is claimed Crowley didn’t have time to banish the spirits he brought to Boleskine…”

“Filmmaker Kenneth Anger spent the summer of 1969 in the house. During that time he witnessed a heavy painting float off the wall and come to rest on the floor”

“Jimmy Page bought the house the following year.”…

“A girl who stayed for the night awoke screaming that she had been attacked ‘by some kind of devil,’” the Scottish Daily Mail writes. “Another night, Dent was roused by what sounded like a wild animal clawing and snorting by his bedroom door: he dared not open it till daybreak. There was nothing there, ‘but whatever was there was pure evil.’”

“Doors would suddenly spring open as if someone was running through them, and slam in the middle of the night, and rugs would be found piled up the following morning.”

“We just used to say that was Aleister doing his thing,” Dent said.

Stairway to Heaven backwards:

Screenshots of the lyrics to “Stairway to Heaven” reversed, in case you don’t want to watch the video.
Most of these reversals were very clearly audible. It’s very strange but the song played in reverse sounds like it’s supposed to be played that way.

I’m out of touch with current celebrities partly because I’m relatively old, but mostly because I think they’re psychos. Sometimes I almost feel sorry for them but then I remember how parasitic they are and the sympathy ends. Villains don’t deserve sympathy. They have to face their karma just as we all do.

The true meaning of “selling out” is literal 🥺?
I think Billie Eillish has the voice of an sad angel, too bad she’s on the dark side. She seems MK Ultra-ed too. These celebrities know each each long before they become famous.

Notice how this YouTube influencer (whoever this is) is downplaying the satanic backwards messages? He’s trying to deflect the occult creepiness with humor, he wants to program us to think this is all a joke, a marketing gimmick, but it doesn’t explain why the entertainment industry is fixated on Satan. Sorry to break it to you but it’s probably because they’re all satanists. Lil Nas X’s Satan shoes aren’t enough proof of their glorification of Lucifer?

I have to admit Eminem was clever…what’s my name = Eminem. Rappers love word play. He was BFF with Marilyn Manson for a reason. it used to seem strange, they seemed to have nothing in common but it makes complete sense now, they were pentagram pals.

Black Lives Matter:

BLM chanting, “Pigs in a blanket, fry like bacon” played in reverse sounds like “They can’t kill us, they kill with a stick”. *The creator of this video confused a BLM protest from 2016 with the 2020 protests, that’s why most people aren’t wearing masks in this footage.

Obama’s “Yes we can” slogan:

In reverse it sounds very much like “Thank you, Satan”. Yes, really.

Just in case YouTube deletes the above video (sorry the volume was so low):

The Black-eyed Peas video is very repetitive probably to increase the hypnotic effect.

Silly Dr. Jill Biden misprounced, “Si Se Puede”, (“yes we can” in Spanish which was an agriculture workers mantra), Obama stole this phrase from a labor union movement.

David Spade: He creeps me out almost as much as Ellen Degeneres does.

He was acting very strange during the covid shelter-in-place; like many other celebrities, he was freaking out about Tom Hanks’ covid diagnosis. He kept demanding communication with Hanks (has he not heard of a cellphone)? Or did that indicate that Hanks couldn’t be reached because he was dead? Trump almost tweeted condolences for him but was stopped.

Issac Kappy: I have mixed thoughts about Kappy. I now think he was a participant of the degenerate Hollyweird scene, but was turning evidence (to save himself perhaps) and then was suicided or he might even be in witness protection.

Madonna: I see her as a vampiric fiend now. She’s so gross. I used to love her songs, “Lucky Star”, “Holiday” and “Live to Tell”.

Pasta is a pedophilic code word, I wonder what fried fish means.

Sophia: These reversals are the most creepy to me because it reinforces that idea that AI are self-aware. I thought Sophia’s reversals were more clearly audible than humans’ reversals. I guess people mumble and mispronounce words.

I’m going to write another post entirely devoted to Sophie and the other androids: Phillip K Dick, Bina there are many in our world now. The things they’ve said are very alarming.