Poem: Knowledge is Empowerment: Refuse legally (haiku + videos)

Speak Truth to Power
Knowledge is empowerment
Refuse the vaccine
He’s so badass 💖🙏

Refuse the vaccine: download the forms from pandemic.solari.com fill in your name and address, sign and date the letter and send it by certified mail to you employer, school, or wherever you’re being forced or coerced to be vaccinated. Save the receipt and a copy of the letter you mailed. I feel relieved to know this information.

In case of YouTube censorship:

They’re so desperate:

de Blasio danced like a jerk in an empty Times Square on NYE wearing a fireworks/covid mask and his wife wore a mask with the pedophilic spiral triangles, absolute comedy.


Both he and Cuomo are such clowns.

For once I agree with Elon Musk, “Free America Now!” we should never have been in perpetual lock down. Now everything’s arbitrarily going to open up again, such nonsense. Why don’t they offer healthy incentives for getting the stab instead of shoving Krispy Kreme donuts and fast food junk on the sheep? Because sheep can’t resist trash, like flies can’t resist shit.

Musk was clear-headed, the aggressive NPR interviewer was the one that was triggered.

“See things as they are” Tony Robbins. I love Project Veritas🙏


  1. I always admire your bravery and your stamina, as well as your kind support of fellow bloggers. There’s a lot going on here, as with most of your posts (which is why I don’t always “like” them, even if I agree with some fundamental aspects of them), and I don’t know the people named and pictured here personally, so can’t agree with defaming their characters nor implying things by the colours or patterns they wear (eventually we could all be put in jail without knowing why, if people decide to base our innocence guilt on what we wear, which is sometimes totally random based on availability, what colours suit our own colouring, or even just what we get given to us for free). But even hardly ever tapping into the news (neither “real” nor “fake”) unless absolutely necessary, since about five years ago, I agree (and have since the beginning of all this, or perhaps even before, really) that there is obviously much more behind the reaction to Covid than most people seem to comprehend. And though I am pro-vaccine for some diseases, and feel “to each their own” regarding flu shots (including Covid) I don’t think vaccinations should be mandatory. I have written a lot on this topic, much of it not published in the end, out of personal exhaustion (from perceived though indirect, behind-the-scenes reactions) and general life reasons… Like I said, I admire your persistence and courage in pushing light through bullshit. I feel your heart’s in the right place as usual Judy. Much love xoxo

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    1. Hi Lia, I appreciate your opinion. I think people can unknowingly wear pedophilic and/or occultic symbols but if you’ll research this topic further the pattern is obvious. I’ve posted a lot about this topic because I can’t ignore the circumstantial evidence with a clear conscience. I used to admire celebrities and politicians, I was a liberal for most of my life until I realized what was going on. Our news is not about providing information, it’s about indoctrination. I could write volumes on this but I can’t convince you of a truth that only you can decide to research or not. My heart is in the right place as I sense yours is too. I wish you well.


  2. Thanks for publishing my comment, and for taking the time to reply, Judy. While recognizing the existence of all sides and possibilities is necessary, as is stopping evil (most of all, perhaps, within ourselves, for the sake of others), positive thoughts and focussing on the goodness in things, circumstances and people etc. can also go a long way. I need to continue to work on that. I wish you well also!


    1. Your welcome, Lia. Positive thoughts will not help most dangerous situations. If someone’s coming at you with a knife the best thing to do is get away, not wish the problem will go away. Please unfollow my blog with my posts offend or upset you. Take care.


  3. This is a good post to help those who feel stuck in a situation they don’t support. Putting employers or other parties on notice can be effective but be prepared to contact the whistleblowers hotline because legal or not, retribution is usually not far behind.

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    1. Yes, more legal assistance would probably be necessary but at least this is a starting point of leverage. Few people know that these vaccines are not FDA approved, and you can’t Sue the vaccine companies either so act least we should be able to sue our employers if they try to mandate it.

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      1. I agree. I can see no legal basis in an employer forcing an unproven experimental drug on employees as a condition of employment. If they do, then the employee should have every right to hold the employer accountable just as if they purposely allowed unsafe conditions that harm employees. Why should the worker be the only risk taker? Just my opinion. Nobody gets brain shamed by me if they disagree.

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      2. You’re nicer than I am, I “brain shame” the sheeple. Political correctness means inauthenticity and forced ideology, I’m as rude as I want to be to people that deserve it. I used to be a people pleaser, but I’m middle aged now and don’t suffer any fools.

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  4. Definitely a vast array of clowns in these photos and videos you show here, Judy.

    I remember a couple of months ago, the mainstream media were saying that people who claim mRNA vaccines change people’s DNA were “tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists”.

    Then last night Global News Canada (one of Canada’s largest news networks) were interviewing the CEO of a Vancouver based company that makes mRNA vaccines and they asked him, “How do mRNA vaccines work?”.

    And he answered, “Basically, they change people’s DNA.”

    And the interviewer didn’t even blink or pursue the question.

    A couple of months ago the mainstream media were saying that people who believe mRNA vaccines change people’s DNA were “conspiracy theorists”.

    Now the CEO of an mRNA vaccine making company says mRNA vaccines change people’s DNA and the mainstream media interviewer doesn’t even blink.

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    1. The clips were from Tony Robbins talking about Project Veritas’ secret taping of CNN technical director saying “Fear sells” and the next big news agenda after covid is climate change. They profit from fear and don’t report the news. Thank you for the confirmation about the vaccines altering DNA. Problem is the sheep never notice the difference when they tell the truth.

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