Poem: A Peaceful Moment video + haiku

Artists and poets
are naturally married
to what’s beautiful.

Walking by the lake yesterday I saw a school of mesmerizing fish. Local musicians played lovely acoustic African music that uplifted everything within hearing distance, soothing music is so powerful. I felt a moment of peace, no worries, no riots, no fear of illness.

We have so much grace around us, I wish conservation of nature and the creation of beauty via art was the focus of living. Science, math can also be art as long as it’s done with love.

I adjusted the colors to bring out the hidden blue and green in the lake and to contrast with the fish. I think it’s fascinating how fish, birds, animals swim/fly/run together for camouflage, protection and communication.


  1. Judy this is lyrical and lovely and a perfect poem for a Sunday and holiday weekend. I love that poets rank with artists when it comes to being married to what is beautiful.

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    1. Thank you for the compliment, Pat. I’m glad you like the poem, it was a pleasant end to my workday to walk by a see/hear beauty. I wish it was an everyday occurrence, I think it would put therapists out of business if the world was always like this :).

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  2. Very beautiful and profound haiku, Judy. ❤

    I love that line “Artists and poets are naturally married to what’s beautiful”.

    So true.

    And so eloquently expressed.

    I love that segment of music you recorded as well.

    Very peaceful, tranquil and uplifting.

    I love that line “Science, math can also be art as long as it’s done with love.”

    You’ve hit the nail on the head with what’s wrong with contemporary science.

    It’s not done with love.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. Your comment is lovely. Musicians happened to be playing when I started taping the fish and even the geese came into frame, a synchronous moment. I used to like science, thought it was beautiful to study nature but the modern scientists seem psychotic, very disconnected from nature, no love in Fauci’s heart.

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  3. I really enjoyed how the music and nature seemed in sync. This post has the feel that I usually live in. I drag my consciousness into controversy as a habit of my past but always return to this beautiful synchronicity of natural rhythms.

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  4. Those are moments to treasure, when nature, music and mood come together and all seems so peaceful enough that it clears out that extra weight we carry in our daily routine. Wonderful, Judy 💖

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      1. The state of Illinois is opening up completely on the 11th. We’ll see how things go from there, but like you said, sunshine and fresh air do much good 😊

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      2. I feel noticeably happier when I’m gardening on my balcony 😊. California is opening on the 15th. It’s funny how they just arbitrarily decide on a date. I’m hoping for logic and common sense to return, what an ordeal they’ve put us through 🤪.


      3. I can imagine that lifting your spirit, being able to do something normal outside the chaos. I thought about that too, how they pick a date..🤪 hopefully the ordeal will be behind us soon 😁

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