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Our nation marks Memorial Day to honor and pay tribute to brave Americans who gave their life for this country. Many generations have sacrificed in …


So many people enjoy Memorial Day as a holiday break from work but it’s meant to be a day to commemorate and honor the sacrifices that soldiers made for the sake of others. As I get older I appreciate more and more what the previous generations accomplished.

When I was in my twenties and thirties, I focused on my mental anguishes, my dysfunctional childhood and broken relationships; I still do linger in my past with sadness frequently, but it’s a tiny bit less than I used to. My excuse, I was part of Generation X, the most passive and depressed generation, the comic book tribe of eternally young adults that were stunted emotionally as adolescent children. I’m awake but still taking baby steps towards maturity, I’ll get there eventually.

I believe that part of becoming a functionally healthy adult is shifting beyond personal tragedies and refocusing altruistically to helping society without seeking reward or acknowledgment. Selflessness is an ultimate goodness.

I think when soldiers go into battle they willingly sacrifice themselves because they believe it’s the morally right thing to do. It’s very Christ-like, very heroic; they volunteer their lives for our sake. The least we can do is say: Thank you for keeping us safe. Thank you for risking your life. Thank you for doing the hard work that we are too weak or afraid to do.

Here’s what VP Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden wrote to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend:

“Enjoy the long weekend” is how clueless and indifferent she is to the soldiers that died for our country
What a shallow narcissist, his focus is on ice-cream vs fallen soldiers

The Biden administration has let the entire world know that they have very little respect for our military, whether it’s forcing them to sleep on concrete floors in unheated garages or serving them rotten food, the least they could do is say, “Thank you” with sincerity.


  1. Great post. As a fellow Gen Xer, you described our generation very well. The only thing I would add would be overlooked, but that’s pretty much a given.

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    1. Thank you. True we have been overlooked. I think we were set up to be passive, grew up during nuclear war threat the beginning of MTV/reality shows and AIDS, no wonder we were depressed.

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  2. What an airhead Kamala Harris is.

    “Enjoy the long weekend.”

    No doubt one of her advisors alerted her to what Memorial Day represents and she puts out another tweet.

    But “too little, too late.”

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    1. Yes I think she’s as dumb as AOC, that’s quite a feat. I think her advisors have tons of work to clean up after her and Joe’s blunders. Did you see when Biden muttered “Salute the marines” and then ignored them? What a potato head.

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      1. Oh brother.

        No, I didn’t hear about that.

        I did hear he was addressing some military families at a base last week and he called out and complimented some young girl on the way she had her legs crossed.

        All adding more fuel to the fire of his epithet Creepy Joe.

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      2. Yes I was going to post on that, he said a child that appeared to be 6-8yrs old looked like a “19 yr old” with her barrettes and her legs crossed. He seriously has a pedophilic tendency, keeps massaging and smelling children at every opportunity.

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    1. Thank you GP. I’ve learned a lot about the bravery of soldiers through your blog. I hope future generations will honor and remember history, instead of revising it to suit an agenda.

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