Poem: Character not Color

Identity Politics divide and conquer.
What happened to judging by character?
Merit and self-respect are obsolete relics
ancient dinosaurs of a lost world.

Charity is a pretend solution
to band-aid the generational concussion
of abandoned, fatherless children.
Welfare is a political scheme
It re-creates a slave system theme
of inter-generationally seperated
broken families.

Unsupervised, unguided, neglected
children vulnerable to gangs
as a replacement family
a tribe of violence
for a sense of belonging
look who’s doing the carjackings
it’s not the white supremacists
they just burn crosses
and run the US Government.

A minimum wage paycheck
is laughable to drug dealers
I blame the CIA
for smuggling in cocaine
the crack epidemic
was intentionally caused by them.
Now it’s happening again
with Fentanyl flooding
Biden’s open borders.

Public assistance is designed
to imprison not empower.
Dumbing down the nation
with cookie-cutter education
is why snowflakes
of this narcissistic generation
can’t think for themselves.

Some can’t read or do basic math
they’re set up to settle for less
struggle their whole lives
to shop at the dollar store
survive through mediocrity.
Because a liberal teacher
once gave them the handout
of a passing grade
instead of actually teaching them.
Liberals cripple their future
with so-called good intentions.

Critical race theory
says people of color
deserve better than anyone else
(excluding Asians
those model minority chinks
ruin the victim narrative
so just ignore them
while pretending to care).

Liberals are triggering a race war
they’re finishing
what Charles Manson envisioned
make those white honkies suffer
for what their great-grand-crackers did
kneel and salute with a Black Power fist
or be pummeled and canceled.
Manson was a racist who thought
like an opportunist.

Trick the sheeple to burn down cities
shatter glass, steal flat-screen TVs
and Gucci handbags
because they’re starving?
Alexandria the Airhead Cortez
referred to the looting
as reparations, she called it bread
but this isn’t a production
of “Les Miserables”
George Floyd is no Jean Valjean.


  1. An excellent poem that tells it like it is, Judy.

    I love that line about “who’s doing the carjackings not white supremacists they just burn crosses and run the U.S. government”.

    And I’ve had the same thought as you over what’s been happening the past year – that liberals are producing the race war that Charles Manson envisioned.

    “Helter skelter” shouts Maxine Waters as she crosses the finish line.

    I also love your description of AOC as Alexandra the Airhead Cortez. 😂

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I’ve heard that Manson was possibly a CIA created disrupter. The 60s ushered in so much that destroyed the framework of families, I think it was intentional. Maxine Waters is insane, I wonder how she gets away with inciting riots? AOC is so clueless, she’s now receiving therapy for PTSD because of the Capital “riots”, 🤪 because a cop tried to rescue her!

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      1. LOL ! 😂

        I see AOC is now getting into a spitting contest with fellow airhead Kamala Harris because Harris in Guatemala told potential Guatemalan immigrants to the U.S. to stay home.

        I wonder if it was all the signs Guatemalans were holding at the airport as her plane came in that said things like You Stole The Election From Trump that inspired her to make that statement.

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      2. I think some of the signs also said Go home Kamala 😄. The gossip is that Biden and Harris don’t like each other, Obama is the glue between them. I think Biden wants Harris to look inept and vice versa, Dumb and Dumber.

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    1. Thank you, Dan. It seems like the connections are becoming more clear. I attended a lecture by the person who wrote “White Fragility” last year at a work training. It was such an awful, shallow workshop, everything was blamed on white privilege. It was a celebration of virtue signaling and profiting from white liberal guilt. I think Critical Race Theory is racist, BLM is Marxist, Antifa is fascist; they’re not even original concepts, just recycled/rebranded failed ideologies.

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      1. This is so true, Judy. I see such a miserable outcome to all this nonsense. I don’t object to kindness and noble purpose. But, what we have is just mass hysteria with evil intent and half the population in the US can’t see or don’t want to see that all we achieve is misery. We must like misery or we’d spend more time avoiding it.

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      1. When I was looking at fish swimming and birds flying together, it made me think they do it for safety, just like people flow each other for the same reasons I think.


    1. I agree, it seems like there’s many coverups, lots of profit at the expense of people through drug trade, lots of government sponsored intentional division and essentially genocide. I was a democrat before, thinking they were compassionate but I don’t trust them anymore, I don’t trust the republicans either.


      1. I’m with you. I’m not for one or the other. I grew up thinking democrats were like the light side but I don’t see any difference now that I’m older. I’m just for a better world. Hopefully one day many others will be for compassion and peace. It would be nice if corruption could fall away, but not sure if/when that might happen. Just keep hoping, I think. Have a great day!

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      2. Politics seems like a game that benefits a few and not much really changes, just the surface. I have a huge dislike of the Democrats because I feel lied to and misled by them. I try to expose the corruption but I think they’ll never be punished. I guess it was always like this but I never noticed before.


      3. Yes, I understand what you mean. Yeah, it was always like this. You just don’t realize it until you reach a certain point in your life. And the chances much of anything happening or changing seems slim. But we just hold onto faith that’s there is a chance. Politics is definitely the rule of the few for the few. Unfortunate. It’s a worldwide problem.

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