Poem: Andrew Cuomo’s Going Down :)! (haiku in 7 variations)

Conspiracy Nope!
Andrew Cuomo’s going down!
Knew he was a Perv!

Like the priests and popes
Andrew Cuomo what a dope!
Gargoyle, nipple ring!

I was losing hope
Losing faith in government
This is a small step.

You know what they say
Rome wasn’t built in a day
One down, more to come!

He won an Emmy!
I knew he was a phoney!
He shames Italians

Claiming they’re like him.
He ogled the Emmy’s chest!
He grabbed butts and breasts!

Red Devil Groper
He reminds me of Biden
A younger version.




I experienced sexual harassment when I was in my twenties by two different male bosses. Unwanted touch in the form of neck massages, comments about my body shape looking good in a skirt, etc was a commonplace occurrence. I mentioned sexual harassment “This could be interpreted as sexual harassment” I said and my boss’s jaw dropped in shock. He never tried to massage my neck again.


    1. That’s unfortunately true, so many have gotten away with their crimes. Cuomo should, I hope he does! I think the Dems are getting rid of Biden as soon as he’s done enough damage as possible. I believe Tara Reid, sad how she wasn’t supported.

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