Brainwashed Lyrics, Video + a haiku for Tom

Tom’s brilliant rhymes shine
independently fearless
a raw truth poet.
Tom MacDonald and his girlfriend, Nova Rockafeller.

I think it’s cool that Tom and Nova work together, (she shoots his videos and she’s also a musician). I searched for images of them and found these. I have to admit that Tom’s eyelid tattoos and black alien contacts creep me out and Nova doing the horned sign with Miley Cyrus-esque tongue kind of bothers me. I think my newly acquired paranoia is a direct result of living in Clown World. In any case his “Brainwashed” lyrics impressed me. I think his controversial outspokenness is unusually timely and brave.

An excerpt of the Lyrics:

“Half the country fell asleep but they scream woke
We’re distracted by vaccines and TV shows
Politics, celebrity, gossip, popular neat quotes
Black lives, white lives, which lives mean most?…
Heard ’em claiming if a white man braids his hair
And likes rap, he’s appropriating culture
But if a white man acts too white he’s white trash
He’s a racist, he’s a bigot, he’s a monster

Let’s just have the conversation
Not every liberal is dumb, not all Republicans are racist
The government wants everybody fighting with their neighbors
‘Cause they know that if we get along, we’ll probably go against ’em”…”

Bonus video “Snowflakes” with Blair White as the background model. Blair White is a transgender woman who’s controversial within the transgender community because of the stance she takes on issues. I admire Blair White’s bravery to stand against the woke crowd.


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