Poem: What was it all for?


Rest In Peace brave U. S soldiers, 🙏I published this post a few hours ago, not realizing that American soldiers and Afghanis have been killed. None of this had to happen.


Military jets 
will not protect
Americans, Allies and Afghani.
For 20 years:
we built schools
dug water wells
trained soldiers.

Women and girls
unveiled themselves
in Westernized freedom
but now we’re abandoning them.
Why did we invest taxpayers’ money
to sponsor the Taliban army?!
What was it all for?

I don’t understand
why we went
just to betray them?
In their moment of need
Was it all about greed?
What was the secret trade off?

Why pull our troops out first
before rescuing
U.S. and Afghani civilians?
Why leave a storehouse of weapons
to an inept army of deserters?
“No one left behind”
doesn’t apply to civilians?

Why train Afghani fighters
to be dependent on U.S. troops
then pull their life support?
It makes no sense
unless they wanted failure
from the start.

The U.S. claims to care
virtue signaling
about women’s rights
but not when it’s time to fight
They pose only
when they’re camera-ready.

Babies passed over barbed fences
Women shot for not wearing burkas
Heads busted open like watermelons
Bodies falling off of airplanes
through the sky like
Superman on Kryptonite.
911 traumas revisited in Kabul.

Remember the World Trade Towers
demolished into dust?
Our allies are dumbstruck
left holding Biden’s buck
but at least they’re rescuing
their citizens not like us
North American brain dead fucks
that’s how the entire world sees US.

Biden wants our citizens
to fend for themselves?
He washes his hands in the blood
of faceless victims who trusted us
now their hopes are crushed.

Impeachment for Biden,
Harris, Pelosi and the rest
Rotten egos and apples bruised
Throw them all out.
Start it all over.
Before they destroy
this broken world
that still remains our future.


The Biden Administration is at fault:

“I’m an Australian citizen. They hit me,” said the man with blood streaming down his face. Bearded fighters menacingly brandished semiautomatic rifles nearby and one appeared to object to being filmed.

It’s embarrassing on an international scale that we are even in this situation,” Rogers said. “It’s insulting to not even have a number of Americans left to get out.”…

Out of approximately 7,000 Afghans evacuated who are listed as potential recipients of Special Immigrant Visas, 100 reportedly have been flagged as potential matches to federal watch lists…

Rogers said his former interpreter told him last week that three former Afghan National Army officers were hanged by the Taliban after militants found them hiding. ‘They are still searching for us and government officials,’ the ex-interpreter warned.”


Incredible video footage of Afghanistan during the 1970’s:

How women are treated In Afghanistan:

Why the Afghanis army failed:

When you have this much trouble learning how to do jumping jacks, how can you protect your country?

Clown World meets the Taliban: Bumpercars, Weightlifting, and Twitter:

How many more failures does this clown have to do before he gets removed from office?


  1. I don’t disagree with what you are saying. Biden is following Trump’s exit strategy. We were there for 20 years, which is an entire generation. How long is long enough? Alexander the Great, the British Empire, the Soviets, and now the Americans have all failed when fighting in Afghanistan. When it was the 1980s and the Soviets were still in Afghanistan, we helped fund the Taliban against the Soviets. We exited Viet Nam in a similar fashion. Good or bad, we have been in S. Korea for over 70 years.


    1. My issue is not that we’re leaving, (there’s only so much nation building that the US can afford to do), but how we’re leaving Americans and Afghani translators to fend for themselves. Biden’s Not following Trump’s exit strategy actually, he dismissed it and ignored the advice of the military. Trumps exit plan was common sense: get Americans and allies out first, get military equip out, then get the troop out, (simple common sense). Biden always tries to fix what isn’t broken just because it was a Trump policy just like how he revoked the stay in Mexico policy on our southern border. Pat, I don’t love Trump I think he’s a narcissist with a huge ego but his policies were good; he wasn’t an idiot like Joe Biden is. I’m grateful that troops are still stationed in South Korea, they need the support against the worst dictatorship in the world in North Korea.

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      1. South Korea is a success story. North Korea is a disaster–even if we rule out dislike for the system of government, the people are starving and brainwashed. We occasionally do something right. I agree with you about Trump’s narcissism.


      2. My heart breaks for North Koreans, they are literally concentration camp prisoners. The innocent people are beaten, tortured, women are gang raped and murdered all for speaking against the dictator, they are punished by association (generations of families are punished). The South Koreans are spoiled and don’t understand that US troops need to remain there. Narcissism isn’t a crime and it doesn’t prevent someone from being a strong leader, historically most leaders were narcissists, it was seen as a sign of strength. A weak puppet like Biden weakens the entire country. I’m ashamed of him.


  2. Super supurb poem, Judy.

    Your questions, “What was it all for?”, “Was it all about greed?” and “What was the secret payoff?” reminded me of something my dad said on the day of the original 9/11.

    My dad used to have the habit when he read the newspapers some 20 to 30 years ago of reading the news stories buried in the very back pages of the papers and often in very short articles first because he said that’s where the most important stories always were.

    He also had an excellent memory when it came to news stories and what was mentioned in them (he didn’t have such an excellent memory when it came to what he went to the grocery store for but I’m like him in both those aspects so I can’t criticize).

    But I remember he said on the day of 9/11 that he had read a short news item earlier in the year buried in the back pages on how an anymous White House mentioned that “Bush and Cheney were discussing how an oil and gas pipeline from one of the ex-Soviet Central Asian republics was vital to American interests. The pipeline would have to go through Afghanistan and Pakistan down to a port on the Indian Ocean. Pakistan had agreed to let the pipeline go through their territory but the Taliban government of Afghanistan hadn’t. So Bush and Cheney were discussing on how to convince the American people of the necessity of going to war with Afghanistan so the pipeline could be built

    My dad noted that 9/11 seemed to give Bush/Cheney the excuse they needed.

    He also wondered how when the attacks were happening, the Administration determined that al-Qaeda were behind it on the same day.

    I wonder if they ever did get that pipeline built and if the oil and gas keep flowing, no problem as far as the global elites who actually run America care.

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    1. So many pieces of the puzzle all pointing to the truth but will it ever be publicly disclosed? It sounds like Bush/Cheney had a plan for Afghanistan and Iraq, those two were pure evil. Did you know that Donald Rumsfeld gave a speech the day before 911 admitting that trillions of dollars were missing? How convenient that the accounting dept at the pentagon was destroyed during the attack and Osama Bin Laden’s family were flown to safety while all other flights were grounded?! “Fahrenheit 911” and other documentaries have revealed this but no one seems to care. Here’s a link to the Rumsfeld speech

      (the comments section is actually better than the boring YouTube clip).

      Your dad was a very intelligent man 🙏. 911 was the beginning of my eyes opening to all of the political cover ups.

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      1. Yes, my dad was a very intelligent man, thanks, Judy.🙏🏻

        Thanks for the link to the Rumsfeld speech.

        A friend of mine from University that I still keep in touch with has also often noted that the comments on YouTube videos are a lot more interesting than some of the actual videos themselves 😅

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      2. You’re welcome, Christopher. The comments section is the Wild West, many hilarious fights, there was a comment I took a screenshot of to post here but I can’t figure out how to 🙂, anyway it mentioned that one of the bldgs that fell (was probably demolished) had incriminating evidence about Enron, I think it was a multi-tiered false flag event.

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