Pineapple Express!

“What is the Pineapple Express?

The group of special ops veterans were driven by deep frustration “that our own government didn’t do this,” former Navy SEAL Jason Redman told ABC. “We did what we should do, as Americans,” he said.

As per the report in the publication, they initially formed to rescue an ex-Afghan commando who was getting death threats from the Taliban for having worked with US special forces and elite SEAL Team Six. Following the successful evacuation of the Taliban’s target and his family of six, the task force decided to continue rescuing Afghan allies and, as per reports, has helped at least 630 get through to the other side.

‘That is an astounding number for an organization that was only assembled days before the start of operations and most of its members had never met each other in person,’ former Green Beret Capt Zac Lois told ABC.”

Excellent information in this video:

Despite Biden’s inept leadership, (which includes giving essentially a “kill list” of Americans and Afghani allies to the Taliban), Operation Pineapple Express is doing what we should! God bless these brave rogue soldiers!


    1. I’m glad too, unfortunately some of the Operation Pineapple soldiers and those they were rescuing were injured during the recent suicide bombing. I used to be semi-anti military person, but now I realize with gratitude what our armed forces do, (even after their service to our country!) these heroes are doing what needs to be done.

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    1. They’re amazing heroes, saved 6,000! They represent the best of Americans what we stand for is honor vs cowardly and idiotic Biden admin.


    1. I think you’re right, most Americans do care, we have an abundance of compassion and want to do the right thing but I think the Biden admin/State dept have no honor and no sense of shame. They boast when they should apologize. Even now they’re trying to take credit for a recent independent rescue mission of 4 Americans by ex-vets, (that they tried to thwart, not help), so infuriating!

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