Poem: Funding the Taliban (haiku + videos)

Plagiarized again
Biden said, “the buck stops here”
(while he kept blaming).

85 billion dollars worth of military equipment now belongs to the Taliban:

  • 75,000 vehicles
  • 200 airplanes, helicopters
  • 600,000 small arms/weapons
  • night vision goggles, body armor, medical supplies
  • biometric devices (finger prints & eye scans of Afghani translators/allies)
  • Taliban now have 85% more Black Hawk helicopters worldwide


Executed by hanging off a Blackhawk:

The goal is an Endless War:


Laughter is medicine: Biden can’t blame Trump for leaving behind billions of dollars worth of weapons, he’s beyond being a complete buffoon:

“Fee-dom” vs “Fweefom” : Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have a Plagiarism Problem


      1. I just watched the harmonica video. 😅😂🤣

        I’ve never seen anything so hilarious in my life. 😅😂🤣

        Is that real?

        Or was that photoshopped or videoshopped or something?

        Because if that was real, America will end not with a bang but with a total farce. 🤡🤡🤡

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      2. I’m glad you liked the harmonica video 😅I think Biden isn’t intelligent enough to play it but it would’ve been a better response than clasping his hands together like that 🥲!

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