Poem: Blood Comparisons video + tanka

Why won’t the CEO take their own medicine? Why are we being forced to?

Perfect cells versus

Mothra under microscope

Help us God save us

If this is reality

We are in apocalypse.

Very informative video about why blood clotting occurs in vaccinated people, (most probably don’t show symptoms yet):

“Due to jabs’ waning immunity”, They say this and the sheeple believe it


  1. That’s a very interesting video about the vaxxed and the unvaxxed blood.

    There was a medical doctor in Lytton B.C. who was studying the effects of Covid vaccines on his patients I was reading about earlier this summer.

    He was examining clotting that was occurring at a micro-level in his patients.

    It was happening in all of them.

    Of course clots that were happening in any vaccine recipient at a macro level was causing heart attacks or aneurysms.

    This was being reported somewhat in the media but medical “experts” were assurring the public this was rare.

    But this doctor in Lytton said if these micro-clots continued to happen in a lot of his patients, there was the possibility of a macro-clot happening.

    Conveniently (for the global elites) this doctor’s research went up along with his medical office and the entire village of Lytton B.C. back in July of this year in the most devastating wildfire in B.C.

    It’s said the fire was most likely human caused but investigators aren’t sure exactly what or how it happened.

    In these times in which we live it wouldn’t surprise me if someone deliberately burnt down an entire town in order this doctor’s research wouldn’t get out.

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    1. Yes, I think that the possibility of arson to erase the doctor’s findings is very plausible. I’ve heard of doctors that spoke out with evidence against the jab, being suicided. It seems like a survival of the fittest, quick or slow genocide plan.

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  2. Thanks for sharing these! With the amount of people already jabbed and soon to be booster jabbed more, bad times are on the horizon for sure.

    I’ve heard more about lawyers trying to fight against mandatory jabs in the workplace but I have my doubts. It amazes me still the amount of people who still can’t see any of this. Mind blowing.

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    1. Thanks for appreciating the information, it’s amazing to me too how oblivious so many are, I’m surrounded at my work by them. They’ve nice but it reminds me of the “stepford wives” the original version. I’m going to get fired soon but I’m not complying.

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      1. Thank you. Waiting for the ax to fall is another layer of stress. It’s triggering an autoimmune reaction/eczema in me so I’ve been staying home sick. I think what’s happening is illegal, it’s harassment to get constant emails from work and health insurance to get the shot. I can’t believe it’s come to this point so fast. Half the world have probably destroyed their immune system. I know you won’t comply, you’re wide awake.

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    1. Thank you Sue. I’ve been so sad, I keep trying to half-deny what’s happening but everyday confirms that we’ve entered into this crazy, self-fulling prophecy zone. The vax mandates/passports are either the start or a test run of a NWO system. I grew up Christian and I remember thinking it would happen but I’m still in denial. Life feels like it’s in slow motion. Midlife crisis coincided with current events feels painfully synchronous.

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      1. I know, it’s awful. We’ve talked about going off the grid if things get really bad. fleeing into the courtyside, living wild or something. It would be a hard life, but anything’s better than what they want to do to us. I remember as a teenager being terrified in case there was a nuclear war, as that was the big fear of the day. I wonder if today’s teenagers are as frightened. I think they’re mostly indoctrinated.

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      2. I’d love to live off grid, I wanted to buy cheap land and buy a tiny house, use solar and rainwater. I’ve been feeling unsafe and depressed in urban settings, living in nature sounds ideal to me. People get crazy over TP, what will happen if there’s a food shortage? I remember how nuclear war fear and AIDS made our generation very depressed. I think teens are being cheated, and are depressed and some are brainwashed. Sad.

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      3. I’ve heard of interesting off-grid communities that live in self-sustaining homes that produce food, water, cool temperature in the desert. I wish I lived there, the homes are called “earth ships”.

        Elites has their underground luxury bunkers with swimming pools etc. they’ve been prepped for awhile I’m sure.

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