America’s Frontline Doctor’s Lawsuit against Mandates: “Trust the Science” I Dare You to Watch This! (Of all the videos I’ve posted, this one is a must see!) Thank you to those that did 🙏🌸

Amazing, credible information from America’s Frontline Doctors, they filed several lawsuits against DeBlasio’s mandate and others in California. Why isn’t this story on main stream news? They love to say, “Follow the science” so here’s the (censored) science that msm doesn’t want you to know. If you can watch this entire 30 minute video clip and still support the vaccine mandate, with all due respect, I can’t help you to understand this any further:

Ignorance is bliss.

“This is for your own Protection” 🤡🌎

The research shows that there are usually no symptoms for myocarditis (enlargement of the heart) and the same is true for blood clotting. The effect seems cumulative, just because you don’t show symptoms yet, doesn’t mean you haven’t been injured.

Stop watching mainstream media: I’ve probably posted this msm collated clip before but here it is again, current mainstream media is pure theater.

“This is extremely dangerous to our democracy” MSM is a continuation of Project Mockingbird. They’re all reading from the same script, the same narrative.
I’m not pro-Trump, he’s part of this too as controlled opposition. Their strategy is “good cop, bad cop” but they’re all on the same side.


  1. Australia seems to be ahead of the U.S. and Canada in terms of the Plannedemic game sheet.

    They’re already at Step 5: Martial law and checkpoints.

    Although in Orwellian fashion, they’re not called martial law and checkpoints.

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    1. Exactly, they’re called, “for your protection…” and “…because we care about you”. I heard an Australian official had to resign recently, she was one of the covid enforcers, can’t remember her name. I think Australia perhaps pushed too hard, too fast because there’s a revolt. I wish it would happen here, (the massive protests, not the martial law). All the triggers are lined up, just need the domino effect the crash it all? Evil Gavin Newsom has now mandated the stab for children as a requirement to go to school. Asshole. Homeschooling is my reply to that.

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      1. I’m angry at the sheeple, it’s worse than I thought WG. We can’t fight this alone but the sheeple are also what we have to contend with. They’re so stupid WG, they’re walking off of a cliff voluntarily.

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      2. Yes, they are. I am amazed at not only how they have swallowed the propaganda hook, line and sinker but are so rabid in their beliefs they insist we follow their idiocy. It is a great battle for our personal sovereignty but one well worth fighting for.

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      3. I’m amazed too, if this was the Nazis they would’ve been the ones that helped them. I’m sure they’re laughing at us or ready to attack us, but the misguided opinions of fools doesn’t hold any weight.

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