Fear will Never Set Us Free:

“Do not remain silent during this dire time at the crossroads of human history.”

Greg Reese
This is what was under the microscope of sealed Covid-19 vaccine vials, (except the upper right corner image is of blood clotting as a result of the vax)
This octopus-like thing was found in 2 different covid vaccine vials, it moved itself off of the microscope slide

You have Nothing to lose by watching this short video clip. Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Zander Botha both discovered usual organisms in the vaccine vials. They both cried after seeing what was being injected into unsuspecting people. The vaccine vials of Moderna and Johnson & Johnson under a compound microscope contained self-assembling organisms (graphene), metallic shards that changed color, morgellons-like moving fibers and a octopus-like organism was found in two different vaccine vials. Please watch and share these videos:

The truth will set us Free:

We can’t fight this alone. We need your help. Divided we fall. Please wake up and wake up your friends and family. What they’re doing is intentional. Their cure is worse than the illness. This was their intention all along, transhumanism. What else could be the explanation?! Depopulation and Transhumanism, the vaccine is a bio-weapon.


      1. Just finished watching the last video.

        The first two videos with the women doctors Carrie Madej and Zandre Botha remind me of the work of Tom Horn and L.A. Marzulli who investigated U.F.O. abduction stories where the abductees did have surgical implants in them.

        Implants that were actually removed by doctors.

        The implants seemd to have something metallic to them and were changing the abductees’ DNA.

        Plus different coloured lights kept flashing on and off in the abductees’ bloodstreams.

        And various weird looking organisms were also floating around in them.

        Earlier this year the U.S. Navy admitted its pilots had seen UFOs which they now call UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena).

        At one time this would have been the biggest news story of any given year.

        But not 2021.

        The mainstream media were too busy yacking about the virus and the vaccine.

        Of course if what’s going into these “vaccines” is what they swiped from reverse engineering the implants found in UFO abductees’ bodies, naturally Big Government, Big Pharma and the mainstream media are not going to start talking about UFOs and ETs if, like the Nazis and the Communists, they swiped their technological know how from them.

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      2. That’s very interesting! I wondered why They were finally disclosing UFOs after decades of coverup. I’ve heard of theories that the “men in black” work for the government, it’s not just a Hollywood movie. I didn’t understand why they’d want to abduct people to experiment on but it would make sense for them to either pretend it’s an alien abduction or a real one that they’re working alongside, because the abductees wouldn’t be believed either way. The crazy label works very effectively to discredit people.

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    1. I agree, I’m disgusted and very alarmed. I really hope this information is wrong but so many doctors are finding the same things. I’m so creeped out! 🤯😳!


      1. I worry for the whistleblowers, I’ve heard that many doctors who spoke the truth were “suicided”. I’m going to do a post on that. They’re now saying the metallic particles were “accidentally” in the vax, because they were caught!


      2. You know that’s usually the case. They try and disgrace the whistleblowers, making them look either disgruntled or irrational. I would not be surprised at all.

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      3. For a while, Judy, I am not surprised by fake news, fake whistleblowers and the fake government. So much misdirection is thrown at us, it is hard to find the truth in there.

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      4. Yes, the truth is hidden and then sometimes they even reveal it, just to laugh at our reaction or non-reaction. Amazing times we’re living in.


  1. Very informative post. So many people I know have had strokes very soon after having the vaccine, a couple of good friends, and some relatives, including my mother. She is recovering but she said her quality of life has gone right down as she can’t taste her food anymore.

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    1. Thank you, Sue. I’m so sorry to hear about your friends and mom. It’s making me so angry that this is happening and so many don’t realize and are blaming the unvaccinated. My son’s dad got the jab and now my son seems sick with covid. I too feel slightly ill, short-winded and slightly coughing and I think it’s from my vaxxed coworkers. I sound paranoid but I think they’re making us all sick including themselves. I heard of a chef who lost her sense of taste, she said everything tasted literally like garbage. What a nightmare. I’ve heard that there’s holistic/naturopathic healing that may help the vaxxed. This is getting really scary.

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      1. Thank you Judy. The only good thing was, I got back into contact with my family due to Covid concerns, and I think we both needed that, on some level. It’s interesting that the chef you heard of has taste problems too. And that’s exactly how my mum described it, like a disgusting taste or no taste, and no taste was one of the symptoms of getting Covid. It’s horrible seeing friends and family suffer like this. I feel that now is the time, for us to forgive people, and ask forgiveness if we have hurt others. We need to make peace with people because things are happening very fast now. I’ll look into that holistic healing for the vaxxed.

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      2. I’m glad there was at least a good reunion with your family. I think one of the doctors on the video I posted has remedies, she said she became ill just from contact with the vials and patients. I think they said information is on links in Bitchute by the comments section? I think you’re right, the future is very uncertain and it’s important to forgive and be forgiven. I’ve forgiven my brother but am afraid to contact him. I will, but I don’t feel ready right now. I know that’s awful, but his potential rejection really affects me badly. I reconnected with my sister but I’m afraid to talk to her too about what’s going on in the world because I think she and her family are all voluntarily vaxxed. What has happened to us that we’re so divided on everything?! The puppeteers are pure evil.

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  2. Hi Judy,

    I just came across a disturbing article.

    I’d copy and paste the link for you but I’ve lost the copy and paste function on my ancient Samsung galaxy tablet.

    I can copy and paste on my ancient iPhone 4 but I can’t log in to WordPress on my ancient iPhone 4 (I accidentally logged out back in 2018 and haven’t been able to log back in ever since).

    But the article says and shows the Opposition Turkish Welfare Party holding up photos of Turkish babies recently born from vaccinated mothers.

    Some babies have been born with one eye and an animal tail.

    Other babies are covered with animal hair and have animal skin.

    Other babies have multiple arms and legs.

    The web site I came across with this always have long winded urls so I can’t write it out.

    It’s abyssum.org and it would be today’s date but he always has multiple stories each day so you’d have to search for it.

    The title is “This is not a vaccine, this is an experiment to change the genes of humanity.”

    But this is the first I’ve heard it of it.

    But with this happening, it’s no wonder why the mainstream media isn’t reporting what’s happening to babies to Turkey.

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    1. Hi Christopher, thanks for the link. I didn’t see your comment until now but I also saw that video this morning. It’s horrifying and I don’t know what to make of it. If it’s real, we are for Hell in earth but if it’s fake it would be used as more excuse to discredit truth seekers. That’s how they created cognitive dissonance, even if when we show shocking revelations, it’s all dismissed as conspiracy or CGI. Here’s a link to the video I saw

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      1. Yes, those were the photos I saw.

        I was planning to investigate and look into it further today.

        I don’t know if you’ve read my latest blog post from last night, I’m just going through my latest email notifications now having been held up by my community housing association Gestapo.

        In my blog post last night, I explained what the people who forced me to move houses this past March were now up to.

        Wanting me to move again.

        Today they came to the house and gave me an ultimatum either I move into the community housing association Tower immediately (rest assured the Tower is a good name for the place- I’d be in a bunk bed with 20 other people in a very small room) while I wait for them to move me to another agency or I can go somewhere on my own.

        I chose to stay in an inexpensive hotel where I stayed back in February 2017 for a few days.

        At least they have WiFi here.

        I’d have no WiFi in the tower.

        I’d be completely cut off from the world.

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      2. I’m so sorry to hear about this, I haven’t read your post yet. The Tower sounds awful, I don’t think it sounds safe, sounds like a prison. Why do they keep moving you, it’s a power trip. I’m so sorry you’re going through this right now. I realized that the government doesn’t serve us they rule over us. Life is so hellish because of them!!!

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      3. My free wifi connection is over, so I’m using a free wifi hotspot which I borrowed from the library. I think maybe they’re available in Calgary too, just in case. Don’t go to the tower!

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  3. A free WiFi hotspot?

    Is that something you can download?

    Because Calgary’s Neo-Bolshevik Communist Mayor Naheed Nenshi has decreed that only fully vaccinated people can enter public libraries.


    1. The hotspot is a phone sized device for a portable wifi signal. That’s awful to hear they’re doing that where you live, even in commie CA, unvaxxed people can still go to the library.


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