Poem: I do want to cry (tanka + videos)

I do want to cry
When I see toddlers in masks
Mom, dad and baby muzzled.
Can’t you see, IT’s already
Here…Zombie Apocalypse.


Why did they have to add a clip of Alex Jones at the end of this otherwise informative video? He is an instant way to discredit truth. Anyway here’s more black goo/nano comparison with a Billie Eilish parallel. I think she’s talented on a level of genius but she has such dark energy. She seems possessed.

My post about Black Goo:

The Mandate: Part Three : Poem: Black Goo

Rules only apply to the peasants, elites are above the law:

Predictive Programming: Madonna is wearing a crown (a Corona), the dancers are also wearing flower coronas, wearing gas masks, bio-warfare, the background props look like viruses, she sings, “Not everyone is coming to the future, not everyone is coming from the past.”

“The storm isn’t in the air, IT’s inside of us”

How many occult references can she pack into her show? The Satanic witch herself, Madonna, I’m going to write an entire post about her, so creepy she is! This concert was in 2019 🤡🌎!

Madonna’s predictive programming is pure evil, witchcraft is crafting the future, at 5:05 the plandemic song begins. It’s a joke for them to present this ahead of schedule, to see how much they can flaunt the truth, it’s a power trip spell to them:


  1. Some people wear masks because because they feel it is for the greater good
    Others do not wear them for the same reason. Stereotypes are usually not one size fits all.


    1. I see that you didn’t watch any of the videos I posted, Pat. This post wasn’t about masks. Why bother commenting when you’re not open to the message of the post? Please Stop trolling me. You seem to like my poetry, please stick with that.


      1. I realize that my brief tanka poem was about masks and that’s what what chose to react to but the videos are about much more. I understand that you don’t watch any of the videos; they contain information that’s beyond what I can write about here with enough clarity. I think it’s pointless to comment without reading or watching videos that are part of a post. It’s like a half-read book, how can you critique what you haven’t bothered to understand? It makes me think that you enjoy poking fun at me and I dislike that kind of bullying interaction with you because other times you leave sincere, kind comments about my poetry. I no longer read your political posts, Pat because they make me roll back my eyes in frustration, so I suggest that you do the same for my controversial posts. There’s nothing that I can teach you about that you’re open to learning, I’ve given up thinking that you’d wake up to the knowledge that I’m sharing. Ricdicule is an easy attack and when it’s done with subtlety it’s is the most poisonous. Please stop. No need to be sarcastic. I value sincerity, Pat.


  2. Excellently written and spot on tanka, Judy.

    That’s so fascinating about the 2019 concert where Madonna presented the plandemic/scamdemic on stage ahead of time.

    Looking forward to watching it once I get my tablet fully charged again.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I remember seeing images of Madonna’s plandemic concert in 2019 but I didn’t see the performance until yesterday. She’s so blatant, they get off on presenting their plans, getting away with murder because the majority don’t seem to care, even if they’re being genocided. 🤡🌎. But when I think back on Madame X’s career I’m embarrassed that I didn’t realize she was such a demon, it was always so obvious. I was a sheep too for most of my life so I should have more compassion for the sheep.

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  3. Creepy ass video both.. Madonna..like a prayer/future. So much symbolism…woke culture messages.😱Those exempt from being vaccinated… Pfizer employees 🤯 I wonder how much of the truth went over people’s heads because the music had a good beat (almost hypnotic).

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    1. Yes so creepy and blatant. How can they explain their exemptions unless something’s perhaps wrong with their product. I agree, the music has to be good/hypnotic as a distraction. Was she warning of or mocking the future?


      1. I put my money on the something wrong with the product. After Trump supposedly caught COVID last year, then all of a sudden a they had a vaccine possible.
        Music has been used as a tool for delivering messages to the mass public either overtly or sublimely. I think Madonna was doing both.. a warning and then mocking. Perhaps, she’s of elite status.

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      2. I agree, there’s something very suspicious about how they’re forcing this on everyone. Overkill. Music is so powerful, even knowing that Madonna promotes the occult and Masonic, I still got pulled into the music. I can still remember lyrics from songs from decades ago, music has power, how it becomes ingrained in our brains. I think her lyrics for “Like a prayer” sounds religious because it’s a love song to her “god”.


      3. Now Pfizer seems to be in the lead of three vaccinations recommend/forced on the public. I love music and it is has a element that connects to us internally. I believe that’s why some songs stick with us. Madonna isn’t the only artist with occult ties. There is so much darkness in the music industry and we are caught up in the sounds and songs.

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  4. Just watched the first video entitled Transhumanism, Judy.

    That graphene oxide explains why they want everyone (not just 70% of the population, not just 80% of the population, not just 90% of the population -they keep changing the goal posts for the level they say “Herd Immunity” can be achieved) but everyone.

    With graphene oxide in everyone’s body and everyone’s brain, AI will be able to monitor and control everyone on the planet.

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    1. Exactly. It’s what Elon Musk admitted to that his AI tech could be injected too. The most nefarious is that it’s bioluminescent and called “Luciferase”. I don’t know if it’s in all brands or just certain ones, but the nano/graphene is self replicating and forms chains. I think the Matrix was predictive programming for transhumanism, the spider like machines and octopus machines from the movie are echoed in the vial microscope images. Right now I think half of the world is vaxxed. The truth can’t reach the masses even now, later they’ll be completely unreachable, robotic, asleep like in the Matrix film.

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  5. That Madonna video definitely showed the future all right.

    Predictive programming.

    When they showed the pair of coronaviruses rising about half-way through the video looking exactly like coronaviruses, that gave the whole game away.

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    1. I thought so too, there’s another costume change from this same performance where she’s dressed as a cheerleader in red and white colors and her pompoms look like Corona virus. I think they derive a sense of power to “predict the future” play with our obliviousness. The lyrics too are about death.


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