Are we actually slaves?

Do we have rights anymore? We no longer have bodily autonomy. The government can take away our health, our jobs, can inject our children without our permission. We are no longer free. This was the point of the plandemic. They have succeeded.

Free Krispy Kreme doughnuts and parasites with each Covid-19 vaccine 🤡🌎


  1. We have become slaves with no rights.

    In the old days they used to brand slaves with visible marks like cattle.

    Today they brand everyone inside with “vaccines” that will no doubt become luminous with luciferase that Bill Gates’ technical team is now working on.

    And just as in 19th Century America, the U.S. Democrats were all gung ho for slavery (forming a Confederacy in a last ditched effort to preserve it), so in 21st Century America, the U.S. Democrats are all gung ho for the new mRNA slavery.

    Sadly today’s Republican Party has no Abe Lincoln capable of defeating thrm.

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    1. Great points, Christopher. The vax is like a slave’s branding! They can tell by black light if you’ve been shot by the glowing luciferase, I’ve heard they’ve installed some on street lights. Democrats are leading the satanic charge, and the Republicans I think are part of it because they’re so inept. It’s like a rigged fight with designated winners while the sheep trust in rescue by Trump or some other controlled opposition, make us passively wait for help that will never arrive. Maybe there’s a few good guys but not enough. Trump is pro-vax, he’s also allegedly a mason, part of the Golden dawn. Makes perfect sense to me. 🤡🌎

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      1. They’re all inbred and inbed together, politicians, royalty, celebrities, judges etc. Epstein’s sex slave, Virginia Dufre worked at Mar a lago as a teen, Trump maybe step out of line out of narcissism but he’s still on board with the agenda.

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  2. Hey. Catching up on all your posts. WP doesn’t allow them in my feed anymore apparently. Thanks for carrying on the fight! I think you’re right though, the battles over. Zombies have won, if you can call this winning.

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    1. Hi Crandew, well that would explain a lot, I think WP censors my posts now because it goes again their agenda. The zombies have over run the humans, but we still have the advantage of Intelligence. Hope lies with the awake surviving

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      1. I think they censor mine too, at least as far as reach. I would imagine there’s going to be a lot of interesting battles ahead. Still hard to believe how crazy things already are.

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      2. Everyday it gets stranger and more unbelievable. I hope you keep posting because people that are sharing truth are a beacon of light, your post gives comfort to others that are awake, the hardest part is feeling like we’re isolated and alone.

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      3. I’ve always thought it’s best to be surprised with death, otherwise you spend your life depressed knowing when it’ll end. I know I’m being dramatic, but the train we’re on is getting ready to hit the cliff, that’s what it seems like. I have a few brave followers who read my blog but I think the rest are too afraid.

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      4. It’s not really dramatic. I follow every statement with, ‘well, it is the end of the world.’ Fear sucks. I felt it a bit, early on last year but realized pretty quickly something was up. I figure I’ll just take things as they hapoen now.

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      5. I think the Matrix was a predictive programming documentary. I’m going to write about that soon. Events are speeding up. I kind of wish I could quit my job, (re-prioritize) but I guess I’ll be fired soon enough. Good to be with friends who understand what’s up.

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      6. I was wondering about how your job thing was going; didn’t want to seem rude and ask. For me, I’m going to just keep working until they pull the plug. I’ll never get the jab (obviously), so I work and save for now.

        I just watched the Matrix, not 2 days ago. Def predictive programming. I like the part where Morpheus tells Neo the machines lied about what year it really is. They recreated society and couldn’t help but change even the date. Great movie.

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      7. I’m still expecting to get fired. They extended the deadline a month, which just drags on my anxiety. I’d rather get this over with than drag it out. I’ve already been freaking out since Newsom’s September announcement. I kept hoping for a miracle, the recall was stolen. I’ve been missing work from calling out sick, the anxiety of losing my job is literally making me ill. Just knowing that I’m surrounded by jabbed people who are waiting to get booster shots makes me disgusted. When I’m at work I feel sick too, I think my coworkers are shedding the toxin, I get waves of coughing that won’t stop. Lucky that you work remotely, I hope they won’t fire you. The first Matrix was great, still so relevant. I have a feeling Matrix 4 will be dumb, full of elite symbolism but I’m curious to see it on dvd. I don’t care if I can’t go the theaters or even ride planes, but taking away my job is completely criminal. I work in a library where the unvaxxed are allowed in, patrons stay all day coughing etc. but I’m to be terminated…their system makes no sense.

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      8. It truly is insane how unfair the whole work thing is. Then again, almost everything in life/society is a upside-down, everything’s insane. I hope they let you keep your job. As far as Matrix 4, I think you’re probably right, but here’s hoping it’s as good as the 1st ones.

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