Brave New Plandemic: “What the hell is happening here?”

Discs have a payload:

Moving particulates in Pfizer:

“I feel like swearing…what the hell is happening here?”

Gates and Zuckerberg admit the vax alters DNA:

Another toxic scam: the covid pill:

Patriot Karma:

Future plandemic to coverup the upcoming massive vax deaths or another bio-weapon was released?:

These evil ones are releasing a new bio-weapon? or is this to coverup the vaccine related deaths? We’re at war with a hiddden enemy, our enemies were supposed to protect us.


  1. I’ve never heard of the Marburg virus before so I had to google it.

    I will watch all these videos when I have time.

    It would be no surprise if the globalists do release another “virus” which is actually a bioweapon on the world.

    Recalling the mainstream media propaganda build-up to the declared Covid plandemic last year and examining the current mainstream media propaganda build-up, I’m led to deduce in Sherlock Holmesian fashion that there won’t be much food or goods left on store shelves in North America and the United Kingdom come Christmas.

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    1. That should read “food or goods available on store shelves come Christmas” not left.

      “Left” might imply sold out.

      No, they won’t be putting any food or goods out on the shelves to begin with for people to buy.

      They’re all mysteriously being held up at container ship ports for some reason.

      And there’s some mysterious shortage of truck drivers to drive the food and goods across the country for some reason (perhaps they’ve all died after receiving the vaccine or died after picking up shedded spike protein pathogens being spread by infected “vaccinated” people).

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    2. It would be devious for Them to release a real, or more lethal bioweapon after prepping us with covid paranoia and mandates which make us get the shot, which weakens the immune system theoretically by 75% at full vaccination. We’re in their land of Oz, they’re not letting us return to normal. Coverup after coverup, a tyrant is toppled and a worse one replaces them. Yes the ports are jammed up at sea on purpose, if the excuse is covid related, (truckers getting sick or more likely fired) than the national guard should’ve been called in to help. They want a good shortage disaster, the emergency food companies have run out of food too. I imagine lawlessness, panic, zombie apocalypse is around the corner. Sheep freak out over toilet paper they’ll go into beast mode if food runs out. Is this the “dark winter” Biden boasted about?

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