Predictive Programming: Squid Game

Spoiler Alert: Please watch the series before reading this post or watching the videos below, unless you don’t mind plot spoilers.

I couldn’t resist writing about Squid Game, the most watched series ever, I love that South Korean creators are being acknowledged worldwide, I am Seoul Sister after all. The series is violent but it’s not done in a glorified or torturous way. I think the series is a sociological statement that’s worth watching.

(Images of characters wearing uniforms from Squid Game, Hunger Games and Downtown Abbey), Are Elites the only ones that are allowed to have individuality or uniqueness? Is this the purpose of a uniform to distinguish peasants as being a faceless commodity?

The characters in Squid Game are interesting, sympathetic, and memorable. If you’re familiar with South Korean dramas they’re characteristically tragic and sentimental. This is a reason why many fans like KDrama, it’s heartfelt and unapologetically emotional. I think this reflects the traumas within Korean history. The resilience of korean people shine through in the stories they tell, Squid Games has a moral compass that reveals the cruelty of the decadent elite overlords and the opportunism or compassion that common people have to make in order to survive both inside and outside of the game’s arena.

Hunger Games Parallel:

Top two images are Avox slaves from the “Hunger Games” the bottom left is a “Squid Games” actor giving the “Eye of Horus” sign, the bottom right is the masked winner of the games. Similar to “Hunger Games” the winners end up as slaves, there are no actual winners.

The contestants of Squid Game are working-class people in massive debt who are initially tricked, kidnapped by an elite group of voyeurs that derive entertainment from viewing the life or death consequences of the game. The cruel irony is that they’re forced to play kid’s games like Red light green light and tug of war.

Initially players form alliances but those teams are broken by the game and by the nature of survivalism, it’s brutal to see likable characters being betrayed by their fellow allies. Even likable characters resort to cheating because of the game’s design to pit players against each other. Squid Game reveals the cut-throat nature of the world, set-up by hidden (masked) elite controllers, the silent puppeteers that begin wars and disasters. The message of both Squid Games and the Hunger Games is that we are the gladiator players that are forced to eliminate each other but it’s the choices we make under these circumstances that retains our sense of goodness and humanity.

In “Squid Games” VIP Elites wear luxurious golden animal masks while watching the contestants. They’re served by naked slaves frozen in position, painted in animalistic body paint. The slaves are used as furniture, (footstools, pillows, decoration) while the Elites indulge in food, libations and sexual pleasure. It reminds me of the Rothschild’s MK Ultra ball and the countless hypocrisies of the elites during a “pandemic”

Major spoilers here but interesting analysis:

We are their masked peasants:

2021 Emmys reveals the true reality; masks are for the peasants, not for the elites

“Los Angeles County health officials responded Monday after the Emmys ceremony held Sunday evening was blasted for hypocrisy after allowing stars to appear in a crowded venue maskless while support staff at the venue were still forced to wear masks.”
Rules only apply to us, the worker slaves, in California the covid vax poison will be mandated for school children

My post about the “Hunger Games” as Nazi propaganda:

The Hunger Games: Propaganda works best when you don’t notice it

Propaganda is powerful, sneaky. It can turn the Nazi salut into a false sign of democracy. The only way we can defeat propaganda is to see through it.

“Five university students who used the signature three-fingered salute from “The Hunger Games” in front of Thailand’s Prime Minister were detained…

Hollywood has played a role in part of this movement, thanks in part to protest leader Sombat Boonngamanong. On Twitter and elsewhere, Sombat has often used pop-culture references to spread his messages.
It’s a popular theme, everyday people being forced to fight like gladiators in order to entertain the Elites, the movies portray this symbolically but perhaps it’s also literal. Clown World doesn’t surprise me anymore.


  1. They’ve been talking about Squid Game a lot on Canadian television the past werk.

    I was wondering what it was about.

    I thought maybe an advertising promotion to sell more calamari in restaurants.

    But now I know. 🙂

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  2. My husband has watched it, liked it and said I should watch it, as I would like it. I don’t always listen to him, Lol, but after all the recommendations piling up from reputable sources, I think I’ll watch it this weekend!

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    1. Haha! I like that you have your own mind, independence is healthy for relationships :). I watched it in 2 days, couldn’t stop watching! The characters’ struggles reflects our lives, many sad and beautiful moments in the series.

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