Poem: Blogging is so Strange aka Au Revoir, Troll


What does trolling mean?

Posting offensive comments

A term that stands for the act of posting offensive or inflammatory comments to invoke some kind of reaction; often includes statements that are false yet sneaky so that people believe them.”

(haiku in 11 variations)

Blogging is so strange
Everyone has their limits
Blogging is deranged

Anonymous game
Feel superior, poke fun
Type your smug comments

Then run, laugh alone
Just like a door-bell prankster
Blue-lit by a screen

Was it all worth it?
You’ve wasted mine the last time
I’m burning bridges.

You’re a Know-it-all
There’s nothing for you to earn
Our this-for-that’s done

You’ve succeeded, won—-
I’ve unfollowed your blog, Pat
Please unfollow mine.

I’ll miss your quizzes
That prove your intelligence
But words are just words

Vocabulary wisdom
Isn’t deep knowledge.

Critical thinking
Isn’t about ridicule
That’s why you’re a troll

You’re a “frenemy”
A pseudo-friend, a bully
Whether you know it

I’m telling you now
Since you liked my poetry
This one’s for you, Pat.


  1. I was followed by a troll on and off for a couple of years.

    She really went beserk when I wrote a blog post saying “that it isn’t racist to demand that people have photo ID when they vote”.

    She then said that I was a racist and followed Q-Anon conspiracy theories.

    When I gave her the raspberry she so richly deserved, she really lost her marbles.

    So I just blocked her.

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    1. Clown World is really bringing out the best of us, myself included. I just don’t have the patience anymore to “suffer fools”, why bother commenting just to start a debate (especially about something unrelated) which shows they never read the post they’re trolling. They must be lonely but it’s only negative attention they’re asking for. The old saying, “If you can’t say something nice, especially when you don’t know what you’re talking about, than shut up.” (pardon the paraphrasing).

      They do tend to lose their marbles, they tend to be shocked when they’re called out on their snarky behavior. I blocked my troll too. It’s sad, I thought she was a WP friend, but after too many trolling comments I realized that I don’t want a toxic friendship like that with her.

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    1. 😄 I wanted to be nice and kept trying to work with them but after awhile they have to get the boot, Spartan style. I’m too old and grumpy to play the snarky online comments game.


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