Our Illusionary World 🤡🌎

Deception is evil👿 This changes everything.

“If you’re listening to this, you are the resistance.”

This video is very intense:

The illusions are realistic

I think we’re only shown the less advanced technology, I bet the hyper-realistic masks aren’t revealed to the public. https://youtu.be/_e-aH9DJLtc

Let’s Go Brandon!:

The Neck never lies? 🤡🌎

What’s that line on his neck, makeup? Is he wearing a mask? JO-bama?! Shadows on top of deeper shadows?

Truman Show Presidency, Fake White House sets:

They’re admitting to using CGI and sets, why is it necessary?
The fakest President we’ve ever had, are they playing on a literal gameshow set?

Biden’s face often looks strange with a rectangular tab at his ear and with one nostril much larger than the other. If this isn’t faked, Biden is a biological freak of nature: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8FJFMyY/

I think faking the neck is their Achilles heel! Haha! 🤡🌎 Seriously, what’s going on here?

Pfizer CEO’s neck: Python man?


Fauci’s neck: His neck does this in most interviews but he forgot to tuck it in this time?


Kamala Harris’ neck and pitch black eyes looks suspicious: They blame it all on plastic surgery, how convenient.

Who’s under there? Obama? 🤣😂🤡🌎

“During her eight-minute interview, viewers at home noticed that her neck appeared to be swollen on the left side, leaving many concerned about her health.

The Democratic vice presidential nominee regularly shares images from her public appearances and her neck looks fine on her previous social media posts. It remains unconfirmed if something is wrong with her neck or if it was an illusion on camera.”


My previous post on this topic covers much of this:

Virtual White House: CGI, Deep Fakes, CIA Masks


    1. Thank you. It’s amazing how they left clues the whole time, the original Mission Impossible show, I forgot about that, so true! You’re right only those with eyes to see, will see.

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