Poem: The Age of Plandemics + “1984” and “Brave New World”

Gabrielle Marino, unsplash.com

The quiet gratitude of nostalgia

Don’t think about too late

Live beautifully close to nature until it’s over.

Leave the cities I wish I had that option.

2021 we’re living in the Age of Space

The age of plandemics

Information is power and they’re making it

Indiscernible from science fantasy fiction

Everything man-made artifice plastic toxic replaceable junk

All the real the unique the spark of God inside of us removed.

The Matrix inside a vial

Pandora’s pandemic plague of artificial zombies?

Horror show what will we do?

California is Sodom and Gomorrah

I feel like Lot’s wife and Cassandra all-in-one.


    1. Wonderful question 💖. I’ve never been to Hawaii, think I’d like to be somewhere beautiful by the water and trees. So many places I’ve never seen. I’ve also always wanted to visit South Korea again which I haven’t been to since I was a toddler. I like the peaceful countryside villages in South Korea.

      How about you?


      1. Hawaii would be wonderful. So much beautiful scenery. I would like to be in a warmer climate and like you, a bit more connected to nature. I do hope you get to visit South Korea once again.

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  1. This poem sums up everything that is happening in our world so eloquently, Judy.

    Every line in this poem is a great quotation in itself.

    I wish I could go somewhere to party like it’s 2019 (to paraphrase the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince).

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I wish somehow events could’ve been stopped. Prince gave some warnings before he died, I think he was a puppet that later rebelled. How innocent we were in 2019, I still remember posting a Happy New Year post for 2020 hoping for clarity. I guess I got my wish. 🥲

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  2. Wonderful poem. I like what you say about Pandora, the box is opened. It’s been planned for decades, more? I’m really starting to appreciate ‘the quiet gratitude of nostalgia’ you talk about, and it brings unexpected joy.
    ‘The spark of God inside of us removed’. is frighteningly true and very poignant.
    There’s a lot we can’t/haven’t been able to stop but there’s still a few of us with God’s spark still in us.
    I find myself saying lately that I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.

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    1. I’m glad that you liked my poem, thank you very much! Your positive critique and perception graces the poem. I feel like life is a chance for us to remember that we are sacred, and are naturally connected to God, Love, Beauty, I think it’s what we’re made of. The lie of the world is that we’re inadequate, ugly or unloveable. I see God’s spark shines brightly in you, Sue ❤️ I see your courage very clearly. I agree 100%, a slave life isn’t worth living, much better to leave this planet with your soul intact.

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