The Time to Suffer Fools is Over

Build Back Better = bionic slaves?

The hospitalizations were higher post vaccinations not lower, the number got cut off. These statistics are consistent in all countries, the vaccines are causing the spread, hospitalizations and death

Build Back Better is the Singularity:

Sorry, not sorry for “suffering no fools”: there’s no time for foolishness. Fools are actually in the way. The time to get angry at the stupidity of others who are giving away our freedoms is NOW.

“…to become angry with people you think are stupid”.

This should happen at every vaccination center, serve them with lawsuit papers, ignorance is no excuse for criminal medical negligence and murder:

This clip is slow to get to the point 😴, but I think it’s interesting that some of the vaccine vials contained saline, (not the vax, why?) but even then another tentacled 3-legged organism was found twice. This doctor thinks it lays eggs and that it lies dormant until it’s triggered. Trolls will troll but I’m just a messenger:

Fight for your Freedom: “Get mad dog mean”


    1. Gates is so creepy, there’s a video of him talking about a new medical way to eliminate religious “fanaticism” (targeting terrorists), I think the vax is what he was talking about, this was during the 1990s. AI are soulless, I think that’s the end goal for humans, to remove the ability to believe in God.


      1. If you look at how AI technology has progressed and the human like robots, movies like Blade Runner, IRobot, and The Matrix don’t seem so far fetched. Here is Bill Gates thoughts on population growth

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      2. Gates is such an elite snob. Allegedly he didn’t have his children vaccinated but he wants especially the poor children to be, I wonder why?


  1. Those charts showing the Covid-19 statistics with the vaccine and without the vaccine say it all.

    No more can be said.

    But people no longer think logically anymore.

    I think the “vaccine” is a more instantaneous way of dumbing down the masses.

    The globalist elitists found that 12 years of modern public schooling and 4 years of modern college/university education produced massively good results (what British essayist and satirist Malcolm Muggeridge referred to as “being overeducated into imbecility”) and was effective but not fast enough for the globalist elitists’ liking.

    These vaccines could be described as “instant stupidity” in a bottle.

    I found in attending Church (after the lockdown in Alberta was briefly ended over the summer and now of course is back with a vengeance so I’ve stopped attending) that some people who said they had taken the vaccine, I could not have the same level of conversation with them that I had prior to lockdown and the massive vaccination propaganda campaign.

    I love the image of the fried skull saying, “This is just the vaccine working”. 😅😂🤣

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    1. I’m compiling a list of films that describe what’s currently happening, many films forewarned of a lab leak outbreak and that the vaccines caused global deaths or zombie/vampire mutations. I guess it’s my way of showing proof of their long-standing agendas. Reminds me of old sci-fi films, like the body snatchers…sad that so many are asleep. 5G sounds like Skynet from the “Terminator”.

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      1. Yes, there were many such films and they seem to be coming true.

        The only thing we need to see now is zombies with decaying flesh wandering the streets.

        We’re currently seeing plenty of zombies without brains.

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