Poem: Godspeed


Everything is shortening

concentration, patience

short fuses and extension cords

I used to judge us as ADD

or lazy distracted airhead dumb

but now I see it’s representative

of our place in history.

Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube shorts

the One sentence story

no time or attention to spend

no reading books, lighting candles

or writing longhand cursive with a pen

I miss those elements of romantic silence.

Will they ever return?

Last round, final lap, Time is speeding up and away

take souvenir photographs of our current world

before it turns to blood gray red

before They place the capstone of evil

on their pyramid scheme’s head.

Agenda 21, 2030, the Great Reset, NWO…

The life I thought I lived was a dream

like Phillip K. Dick’s replicant theme

dreaming I was someone else

inserted memories, programmed thoughts

I was a Social Justice Warrior before it was a label

“California or bust” with 2 suitcases, $70 dollars

and romanesque sandals bound by strings.

I Rip Van Winkled my life away for 30 yrs

in a shithole called California

the rare asian hippie wannabe

tricked by loving losers

that always promised

and never married me.

Never date musicians

they’ll take your lunch money

and skip out on rent.

Never date a liberal man child

Peter Pan asshole moochers

they’ll watch you grow old and alone

after you’ve spent your youth, beauty and trust in them

Don’t be a liberal fool like me with midlife crisis regrets.

Warp throttle drive ride

we’ve left the past behind in a landfill

bulldozed away our classic treasures

everything old is racist to millennials.

Text vs speaking

emojis vs words

race to the finish line first.

Brevity—because it’s almost over.

We’re in the last round

the final stretching hour

last battle time to flower

soon birth will be over

thanks for the death stab

Pfizer Moderna Jansson Astra Zeneca

the mutant monster makers aren’t jabbed

that potion’s only for us disposables.

Frankenstein time, real life “Walking Dead”

Is that what’s ahead?

Bees warned us earlier but we ignored their deaths

Nanobot bees are the wrong answer!

You fucking idiots!

Burn down those AI bio-warfare labs!

Too late too late too late!

The monster’s breeched the gate

our fate is sealed with disasters.

We locked our keys in the ignition

slow-motion engine running.

Were you alive during those days?

I miss them so much, our days of innocence.

This is the last chapter of the final book

Go to the beach and memorize it

God’s beauty heals your soul

Sit under trees listen to the leaves breathing

birds gliding, squirrels climbing, butterflies drinking nectar.

Hug your child don’t let go until we reach forever

I hope when we go

we leave soundlessly at the speed of light

Godspeed to us war-torn travelers

the lost generation of followers

the last children of God, of goodness.


  1. I can feel the intense passion in your words, Judy. It’s like sticks of dynamite truths exploding with each line. A deep apprection for your writing, my friend.

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  2. Wow.

    You’ve summed up exactly the way I feel.

    Each emotion you’ve described is exactly the same way I am now feeling.

    Except I never followed my Inner Hippy and moved to California (although I did visit there a couple of times).

    I too miss the world of 2019 and prior – now viewing it as a long lost dream.

    Now we live in a dystopia.

    And what’s most frightening of all is the vast majority of people do not know we are all living in a dystopia.

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    1. Thank you my friend. I’ve come full circle. I was raised as a Christian, ran away to CA be a misguided liberal and now I’m a conservative :). Life is such a trip. I’m in a constant state of shock that no matter what truth comes out, it doesn’t seem to matter. Logic has been eradicated. Maybe the Nazis won after all, it feels like deja vu almost.

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      1. The more I recall what I’ve read and studied about the Third Reich, it does seem that today’s Covid plandemic clown world 🤡is indeed the Fourth Reich.

        The Nazis won after all.

        Just like Operation Paperclip brought over Nazi rocket scientists and engineers to lay the foundations of NASA, so Nazi psychiatrists and behavioural scientists were brought in to lay the foundations of the CIA with MK-Ultra and its many other forms of mind control.

        Those who got in the way like Jack and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King were shot.

        The CIA and the military-industrial complex (that President Eisenhower warned about in one of his final speeches before he left office) are the basis of the Deep State (that went beserk when would-be Caesar Trump won office in 2016 namely because he wouldn’t be a puppet with his Julius Caesar like ego) that has now fully taken control of America in 2021.

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      2. You’ve summed it up so perfectly. I agree also that Trump was probably too narcissistic to obey, I think he’s still on their side though, he gives the patriots who nearly worship him false hope. I wish he wouldn’t run again, so much drama will happen if he does. I think all the Nazi techniques of propaganda have been operating in stealth, we thought we were free, thought our votes counted, now it’s all in question. I watched a sci-fi film years ago that was based on a Philip K Dick novel, the premise was that the Nazis had secretly won. It was very trippy and religious but with a creepy alien deity that lays an egg in your forehead (third eye). The film revealed that rock/pop music was a propaganda tool also, Alanis Morrisette portrayed a musician who planted a message in a song. The book was written in 1976 and published in 1985 after his death. The film was called “Radio Free Albemuth” released in 2010.

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  3. That sounds like a very prophetic book and film.

    Amazon just announced a new program called Amazon One.

    By which Amazon will scan your fingerprints and your veins in your right hand after scanning your credit or debit card.

    And from then on you can use your right hand to buy products from Amazon in their stores (quite literally the Mark of the Beast as prophecied in the Book of Revelation Chapter 13).

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      1. Probably to find the nanobots.

        Remember me in your prayers, Judy. 🙏🏻

        I thought I had enough money in my bank account to pay for this inexpensive hotel room I’m in until tomorrow Thursday.

        But I never was very good in math.

        When I went down with my debit card to pay for a room for another night, the transaction wasn’t approved.

        So I don’t know where I’ll be staying tonight.

        If whatever place it is doesn’t have WiFi, I won’t be blogging for awhile.

        I’m currently still in my hotel room.

        Official checkout time is another 20 minutes.

        I don’t know when they’ll actually be by to kick me out.

        I don’t know if you read the blog post I wrote last night called J’Accuse- The Calgary Dream Center- There’s Something Rotten In The State of Denmark (Calgary) .

        The housing agency finally did a really dirty deal on me yesterday (which I mention in that blog post).

        I was so ticked off I’m finally naming names.

        I name the name of this obnoxious social housing agency that’s supposed to help the vulnerable but treats them like dirt- the Calgary Dream Center.


      2. I’m so sorry this is happening to you, Christopher. I have been praying again and I will pray for you. Is there a good church you can go to for help? I guess they’re all closed. I feel awful for you. Can you try to fight the Calgary dream center to temporarily stay at the tower? Things are so bad lately, battles everywhere just for our rights.

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  4. I loved your poem Judy. You encompass the terror of right now, and the yearning for the beauty and peace of more innocent times. I really enjoyed the humour too, where you talk about loser guys and midlife crisis. It had the aura of a book, right from the onset. I felt a chill when I got to the last chapter, with the distinct apocalyptic feel, tempered with some real comfort at the end. It ran the gamut of emotions.

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    1. Thank you Sue! I love how you see the poem, like a book with chapters, so cool! I worried a bit that the loser boyfriends part would diminish the serious effect 🙂 but I’m glad you liked it’s inclusion.

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      1. Thank you. I think our generation was raised to be co-dependent, the female role was nurturing, strong, forgiving (Wonder Woman emotional savior) and the male role was to be a bad boy/playboy needing rescue (like a fairytale role reversal almost) to prove we were independent? I’m so glad to done with that nonsense :)!

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