Corporate Media Blackout: Agenda 2030, FDA Said Pfizer Lied + Biden’s “Dark Winter”

This woman predicted current events:

A sudden increase in deaths among 17-50 yr olds has nothing to do with the vaccines?:

They’ve killed our elderly, now they’re coming for our children:

Agenda 2030: They love to “spell” it out for us, they think as long as we’re warned, they’re no longer responsible for our ignorance. Our compliance allows our present and future slavery.

Ad from the World Economic Forum, “You will own nothing and you’ll be happy”! Yes Master! Right away, Master!

Please watch the FDA zoom meeting from September 2021:

FDA in their virtual meeting: “we were falsely mislead by (Pfizer) about the safety of the vaccine…Heart attacks are 71x higher than other vaccines…the vaccines are killing two people for every one life saved”.”
The FDA zoom call is a video from the link of the above

Media blackout: They don’t want you to know that there’s great resistance to the death jab: the entire world is protesting, but the asleep don’t realize this, it makes me feel so frustrated. Everyone who values freedom, please join us!:

California protest on October 18th against vaccine mandates for teachers, children and parents.

The corporate media hid how large the crowd was, they only showed the image on top but look at the aerial view! This is a good turnout considering it’s in commie Ca! I kept my son home from school in solidarity to this protest, I wish we could’ve attended the event.

Another example of msm lying about crowd size:

The corporate henchmen of Pfizer: it’s no accident that msm is sponsored by Pfizer, Sponsorship + propaganda = Mainstream Media:

We will not be divided, United we stand! Defund the Media:

(Reposting this link)—Why are FDA regulators resigning? Are they afraid they’re going to get caught?:

Pfizer whistleblower: This story was originally covered by Project Veritas (I love James OKeefe!), I don’t trust CNN or Fox, it’s just the same pretend game of blue vs red in politics and corporate media. I only trust a very few news sources, Project Veritas is at the top of that list. Citizen journalists are the real news now.

“Dark Winter”: Biden announced that we were going to have a dark winter. “Dark Winter” was also the name of a pandemic “simulation” (sounds a lot like “Event 201” which preceded the 2020 plandemic). “Dark Winter” simulated a smallpox outbreak that resulted in massive deaths! Sorry if I already posted this, my brain is overwhelmed and very tired lately.

WTF do They have planned for Us this winter?!

“If you’re reading this, you’re the resistance.”

God bless you❤️🙏


  1. In reference to Dark Winter, I remember a really brief news clip of Bill Gates appearing on the mainstream media normally Neo-Bolshevik Communist Global News Canada saying, “If people thought Covid-19 was bad, just wait until they get their first look at Covid-21.”

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      1. It’s going to be a rough time ahead, worse than we’ve seen before but we’ll get through it. If they flipflop on the green pass, so be it. Hopefully the protests will grow and the dictators will be overturned.

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