Look what’s happened in Europe!❤️:

Europeans (unlike the brainwashed Americans) have been protesting the green pass (vaccine) for months. Their persistence WON!!!!🤗💖🙏❣️

A Tiny glimmer of hope in NYC Protests: Americans pride themselves on being the leaders of the free world, but we don’t deserve that honor anymore. Unless we fight back NOW, we are lost. We can win this battle with solidarity. We are not each other’s enemy. THEY are our only enemy. We outnumber the 2%, why are we afraid of Them? Reclaim your power!

Don’t give up hope, don’t comply, don’t give up your freedom, hold the line,🙏”Don’t be no yellow bellied son of a bitch!” I ❤️this guy🤗:

I think this protest was in Australia or in Europe, millions are awake while the USA sleeps

“If you’re reading this, you are the resistance” ❤️


  1. This is wonderful news that the EU Parliament has rejected vaccine mandates.

    The EU was the first to bring them in right after Israel had done so.

    Israel hasn’t revoked that which is why so many of their citizens (and it’s all the fully vaccinated) who are dying.

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  2. Judy, thanks for sharing this. This is hope indeed. I listened to most of the first video and the speakers speak my own feelings as they’ve been since the beginning of all this. Can you share the source link for it please?

    I wrote a letter to the local school trustees in an attempt to help teachers who risk losing their jobs due to this issue. Would be good if I could forward that video. Thanks so much, and all the best :))

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    1. Hi Lia, your welcome, I’m glad you liked the video. It made me feel like change is still possible. I don’t know the original source of the video I saw it on a channel on Bitchute called Son of Enos
      Also there’s helpful advice on a YouTube channel and site for invoking Title VII religious protection the site is called the Healthy American (teachers don’t have to belong to a formal church or religion to invoke their rights, it’s based on personal belief not institutions).
      I’m so glad you’re fighting for our freedom!!! 🙂

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      1. Thanks for the links Judy; I’d tried looking for it on the European Parliament website but could not find it, same on youtube… I was hoping for the original date of the talk. It would help lend credibility… I don’t think a link to that site, though it helps me greatly in terms of morale, will help the teachers’ cause.

        I hope my letter helped a little. They actually cancelled the prospective meeting just after I emailed it… with the statement of wanting to give people more time to think on it. That wasn’t my intended outcome, and who knows what the result will be when they cast their votes, but it did show me immediately that one way or another, our individual voices can and do make a difference. And I’d written that letter in a huge hurry and in the midst of having to do many other things, as they’d called this sudden meeting and I and other parents I knew would not be able to make it on such short notice, as there was another event happening at the same time.

        In the letter, I kept my terminology neutral and just stated the facts as I saw them… and also stated that I am not “anti-vax” but pro-choice, and pro democracy. Educators here generally vote NDP, so not only was my statement the truth for me but I figured it would also resonate with their political sensibilities.

        The crazy thing to me is that the universities here are now asking for vaccination documentation for staff, and those are run by educated people.

        But governments fund the universities, and the governments are run by the people, and the majority of people (subconsciously) want to be absolved of human responsibility, instead isolated and hooked up to their screens, while collecting government money for staying home. Meanwhile the least privileged are out of luck. They do not have access to the same services anymore without up to date technology. I saw it firsthand (at a government “nonprofit” job I was inexplicably and suddenly fired from; and since no other reason was given, other than “not a good fit for the team,”) I can only assume it was because I was trying to make a difference, ironically completely in line with their stated mission, and while adhering to all stated policy (humanist policies regarding access and social equality, which it seemed many there had conveniently forgotten in their quest for comfort, behind locked-to-public doors).

        Thank you SO MUCH for your encouragement. It means a lot. And likewise. :)) Much love and persistence to you, in peace and gratitude and happiness 🙏💖

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      2. You’re welcome Lia. I think the video is purposely being hidden, so much censorship. The only way I find truth is on alt media, which they love to discredit without real cause.

        I think everyone that stands up to the institutions and policies, they would buckle under pressure. It’s the only reason why they ever concede. I’m finding that “intelligence” has little to do with academics, often they lack common sense and what I think are universal morals of honesty/integrity. Bravery is so greatly needed, thank you for being a fighter for freedom. ❤️ I compare this time to fighting the Nazis, you would’ve fought them then (and now) :).

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    1. Thanks for the link, I feel badly for the people of Australia they’re getting brutalized, despite their massive protests while the US sleeps in a Covid misinformation coma. There was so much support for George Floyd (who wasn’t a hero but was a victim), but nothing for our right to freedom, right to work, travel, shop and our god-given right to bodily autonomy? 🥺


      1. When the government decides to put their foot down it almost a done deal without compromise, unless there is some hidden agenda behind the change. Australia, remember the situation in India (horrible). The are pulling the wool over US citizens eyes and doing it in layers. It is amazing what gets the concern of protesters and what they deem insignificant. Our bodies are sacred…but unfortunately we have been scientific guinea pigs for decades.😰


  3. Wow! The end of that first video is pure gold! I want that guy standing up for all of us. I love that he keeps calling all of this ‘absurd’. This really does inspire hope. Great share!

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    1. Thank you! Watching that video made me elated, finally people within the government saying the truth and standing up for our freedoms. Then I went to msm looking for mention of this incredible news and Nothing. The hardest aspect is defeating the propaganda machine.

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  4. A revolution for the entire world, all the corruption needs to end, this plandemic might be the chance for change, if only we’d all fight together.


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