Here’s the Real Science: How many Doctors Have to Say It Before They’re Believed? The Injection is the Disease

Dr. Ryan Cole: “We need to stop the insanity immediately! This is a poisonous attack on our population and it needs to stop now.”

“The spike protein IS the toxin” – Dr. Ryan Cole, MD”

Forced euthanasia in the UK:

They are depopulating the planet:

The PCR tests collect genetic information? Karen Kingston is a researcher not a doctor but she shares valuable knowledge. Are we living in a science fiction world?


    1. I’d go so far to say the vax is the virus, the plandemic lockdown was a lockdown of fear of the flu, 99% survival rate and everyone panicked because CNN said so. Now the real bio weapon is here in the vaxxed and they’re persecuting the intelligent dissents because we can’t be controlled.

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  1. Thank you so much for the videos Judy. They are very informative, particulary the one with Del Bigtree and Dr. Mike Yeadon. It’s criminal that toxicology tests weren’t done before clinical trails of the Covid vaccine and that the pharmokinetics and pharmodynamics of it weren’t studied at all.
    It’s horrifying what Dr. Yeadon says about the boosters not containing any vaccine, and his theories about them possibly being a sequence to death.

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    1. You’re welcome Sue, I’m glad you liked the videos, thank you for watching them. I Del Bigtree’s interviews are consistently good and I like Dr. Yeadon’s humble intelligence. Here’s another video of him
      I dislike all vaccines/big pharma that’s where I differ from him but I’m definitely against gene therapy. It shouldn’t be called a vaccine, it’s Transhumanism. My mom had gene therapy to treat cancer and I think it made her more sick. It would make sense if the boosters were a placebo for profit because now they say it’s ok to mix and match different brands. Makes no sense. None of their science adds up but people don’t question their “authority”.

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  2. Thankyou for that video. Dr. Mike Yeadon is so passionate and courageous. We’re seeing a lot of heroes because of this horrible agenda, and he is one of them, among many, including yourself.

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    1. You’re very welcome. It’s good to know there are still doctors we can trust. I feel like truthers are swimming upstream, being ignored, but it’s worth the ridicule to get the information out. Thank you for also sharing information, your support is invaluable and helps to neutralize the apathy. ❤️

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