Bombshell Videos: Apocalypse means Revealing, the Veil is Lifting

A thoroughly informative video of Dr. Carrie Madej: It’s part scientific lecture and part theological sermon. Which reminds me—

From a role playing card game, “Hail hydra”

No wonder ivermectin and hydrocloriquine are banned they’re anti-parasitic. parasites are in the vax, the vax is the Corona virus. PCR tests don’t work, they were never designed for that

I’m not sure if this matters but I think that Madej is part of Q. Why? Because she’s using their exact rhetoric, whether accidentally or intentionally. She said what Issac Kappy said before he was “suicided” (or is he in witness protection? so many questions, so much cloak and dagger). I’m in intrigue overwhelm.

Dr. Madej said “in the blink of an eye”, which would be a wink, is that code for Illuminati? She also said “symbolism would be their downfall” which is what Q often said. Can Q be trusted or are they controlled opposition? My tiny brain is tired. I want there to be a resistance, white hats to fight alongside, the question is—among the leaders of the truth movements, who can be trusted?

Her message resonated with me on many levels, validated what I’ve been researching, so I’m choosing to trust her until I’m proven otherwise. Yes I’m aware that I sound paranoid but it’s clown world we’re fighting and everything is inverted and confusing. The curtain behind the Wizard of Oz has dropped, but what do we now do with that knowledge? How to wake up others?

CCP has the antidote? I don’t know the source of this video, but allegedly Google translate can confirm the captions are accurate: there has to be an antidote to cure the vaxxed. 🙏. My extended family is vaxxed. My son’s dad too. I feel like I should’ve tried to wake them up but I’m almost certain I wouldn’t have changed their minds.

I’m sensitive, I easily catch colds and flus. I think I’m getting sick from my coworkers who are shedding. They look very tired, with dark circles under their eyes. I want to cough when they’re around me as if I’m allergic to them. I’ve been getting stomach aches, eczema rashes and had the most terrible lower back pain related to my cycle that I’d not experienced since pregnancy. It’s not normal. I think something is going on with my body just from being near my 100% vaccinated coworkers. The worker next to my cubicle has been sitting there next to me for months maskless, talking and coughing. She recently had a booster shot. Maybe it’s a blessing for them to terminate me for not complying.

Divide and Conquer. Destroy the military first, is this what’s happening? Does Biden work for the CCP? Is his ineptitude intentional? Fuck Joe Biden!

Instant karma for judges that mandated vaccination, they’re now dead:


  1. Great post! I’ve been thinking she might be part of Q as well, controlled opposition. They always give a large amount of truth then betray at the last possible moment. I think the main thing to watch out for will be if anyone suggests taking the jabs then using a cure. That would be a bad idea, I think. Better to just never take it.

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    1. Thank you. Well said, controlled opposition is the worse because it sets up trust and ends in betrayal, they leak just enough to gain our trust. Depressing. I want there to be an actual resistance. Watching the CCP video (whether fake or real) made me think (as you mentioned) that there could be an “antidote to protect the unvaxxed from the unvaxxed” but it’s just another poison. I don’t trust any of these governments or biolabs. No jabs, no pills, nothing from them is good.

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  2. The Beast in the Book of Revelation Chapter 13 that rose out of the sea had 10 heads and seven horns.

    But it suddenly hit me that in the ancient world, those monsters who had several heads and several horns were called Hydras.

    I remember Hercules battled one in one of the 12 Labours of Hercules tales in Greek mythology.

    So I wonder if it’s more than coincidence that they’re calling one of these replicating synthetic creatures Hydra.

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    1. Yes! Great point! The “immortal hydra” cut one tentacle and two more sprout. The human body is known as the Temple of God, many say that our DNA says the name of god, I’ll post that video. To alter it is to cut off the scared connection, that we are holy, made in the image of God. To mutilate it and hybridize it is anti-God. The Freemasons are satanic, they think they are the new gods, able to create AI life via us.

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      1. Yes, the human body was regarded as the Temple of God, the indwelling place of the Holy Spirit.

        And the Freemasons want to change all that by altering our DNA.

        Jesus said the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost won’t be forgiven.

        I wonder if accepting the Mark of the Beast isn’t the ultimate change and alteration in human DNA changing it to something totally different which amounts to blasphemy against the “Holy Ghost, the Lord, the Giver of Life” as the old Apostles’ Creed put it.

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      2. I’ve been thinking that too, and worrying because my extended family got the vax, they are Christians, much more devout than me (I’m the prodigal child in my family). I worry that the vax might alter their ability to think, or be themselves. I know that sounds nuts but the level of cognitive dissonance is so strong that it makes me question if jabbed people are already brain dead.

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  3. A few people I know who got double vaccinated, I thought it was just me but I’ve noticed confusion in their thinking.

    It makes me seriously wonder if the purpose of these vaccines isn’t to turn everyone into a brain dead zombie.

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    1. I’ve noticed that too, brain fog in vaxxed people, I assumed it was just the fluoride as usual but they seem like they can’t understand basic things. Today I got mad at my coworker because she always sits next to me in her cubicle without a mask and she’s sneezing and coughing! I had to ask her to wear a mask 2 times today, she didn’t seem to understand. She thought she could be maskless while on the phone or in the cubicle, which is completely open. 😵‍💫. I know masks don’t work very well but she was coughing up a storm. I think the vaxxed are shedding spike proteins and it’s making me sick. I don’t want to turn into a zombie! 😵‍💫

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      1. Thank you my friend! I feel like I have no choice to but share what I’m finding, couldn’t live with myself otherwise. I really wish I had a better voice to reach more people but I’m grateful for your support, Christopher. Your feedback is invaluable! 🙏❤️


  4. Dr. Madej would be the ideal misinformation tool. She has gained the trusted of anti vaxxers, by seeming completely legitimate, so imagine how it would confuse us and demoralise us, if she’s working for the other side, and how it could discredit us for believing what she’s said,
    We need to be on our guard, always use our discernment and intuition and take everything with a pinch of salt.
    I met my friend for coffee last week and he’d just had the ‘flu jab’ and he was very symptomatic, . sneezing everywhere, and I thought, I’m going to get this, and lo and behold, 48 hours later, I felt like shit, with a painful sore throat, for three days. I’m okay now but it was like I’d had the flu jab too!

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    1. You’re so right Sue! I was getting worried and suspicious when Dr. Madej said those creepy Q sayings. It would be so cruel for her to sabotage real whistleblowers. Everything needs to be questioned nowadays! So true!
      I’m so glad you’re feeling better! Your immune system is working perfectly! I’m surrounded by jabbed coworkers, one was sitting next to my cubicle for months without wearing a mask. Masks aren’t so great but she was sneezing and coughing (after saying she got her booster shot), it freaked me out. I had the worse menstrual pain ever in my life and I feel like coughing when I’m around coworkers.

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      1. Thanks Judy. I’m so sorry that you are feeling unwell after exposure to your colleagues. Hopefully, it’s going to be a little while before their next booster shot! It’s so ironic and hypocritical that they don’t wear masks when they are clearly symptomatic. The mini pill (desogestral) could help considerably with menstrual pain, if it’s on going. It does seem like a direct response to these vaccines. It’s like they’re using the sheeple, through the jabs, to get to us, and everything in their environment, to poison it. I’ve just started taking Spirulina to help with immunity.

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      2. Thank you Sue. Before I was anti-mask now I’m afraid to not wear it for minimal protection because of shedding. How ironic that they’re villanizing the unjabbed. I heard that vitamin D is good and there’s a natural way to make hydrocloriquine with lemon and orange peels. I’m going to post that recipe soon. Spirulina sounds like a good idea, we have to take care of our own health and avoid the hospitals.

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