We are the News: the Real Medical Information

Dr. Yeagan:

I disagree with their end point, we can’t just hug and go back to normal. They’ve forced us into two different classes, the vaxxed can’t donate blood anymore. They were tricked and they need medical help, not the unvaccinated. The persecution must end of all people on either side.

The sick need support, they are shedding and must be kept in containment. It’s sad but true. They need good care and compassion, they will be our disabled population and we the remaining healthy, will have to take care of them. They are still our family, but we need to wear hazmat suits I’m being totally serious, masks are not enough. This is a bio weapon, we have to stop pretending. Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, all of them have to be arrested.


  1. The normal we lived before the Corona/pandemic is gone and there will be no new normal because the game/agenda is constantly changing. Only those who have given up completely will accept hopelessness as their new normal. We are all human vaxxed or not.

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    1. I agree and we can’t let them divide us further. The truth has to come out that’s the only way this will end and all of us need to fight back. I feel guilty that I haven’t alerted my coworkers to what’s going on, but I know they wouldn’t believe me anyway and I’d probably get in trouble at work but I keep over hearing coworkers talking about their side effects and it makes me sad. This is the craziest time on the planet, I keep wanting to pinch myself. Is this really happening? Yes. 🥺


      1. I believe the truth will come out. I don’t believe that this will go on for. years(I refuse to accept it). Where I work it is very divided and the ivory tower people are being strict about mandated vaccinations and weekly testing. We just have to keep the truth alive and not be silenced. Unfortunately the world is in crazy mode.🥺😳

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      2. I hope it happens soon! Can you get a religious exemption? That’s what I’m going to do, you can get help from Healthy American, an online church that helps people to understand the Title VII law which protects our religious freedom. I’m going to refuse the PCR testing and will only allow a saliva or breath test (they should pay for testing). They want to trick people into thinking they have to get the jab but it’s not true. They’re breaking the law. If everyone didn’t comply we’d have our freedom. People are fighting and getting exemptions from Southwest, Kaiser, etc.


      3. Unfortunately I was pushed to vaccinate. I held out as long as possible before the governor mandated it. I had both jabs back in September and to this day no side affects but what does that really mean. I wish I had known about Healthy American sooner but I can spread the word. Keep fighting the good fight, Judy. When it comes to our overall well-being, we have the right to decide what goes/doesn’t goes inside of our bodies

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      4. I’m sorry to hear that, Sylvester. I believe that some people (luckily) received a harmless saline not the vax, I hope you are one of those people. My sister and her family got the vax too and I’m just hoping they’re ok. God is on your side my friend! 🙏❤️


      5. I didn’t feel any side effects as of yet and that’s since thr end of September when I got the second shot 😮 I pray that your sister and her family are fine 🙏🏽 God is definitely on our side my friend 💯🙏🏽❤️

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      6. I’m glad to hear that, I think you would have felt some symptoms by now, I’m praying for your good health too. Thank you my friend! 🙏🤗❣️


      7. You’re very welcome 🙏❤️. Peggy has very practical advice, you can watch her videos and have enough information for free but she also does consultations and will provide signed letter from a pastor (her husband) for a small fee. I’m going to sign up with her soon, my deadline is Nov 15th to respond to the mandate.


      8. That is very good that her and her husband provides this kind of service. A lot of people are in the dark about their rights because they are being intimidated. So, you still have time…you are covered by God’s grace and favor, I will keep praying for that for you🙏🏽❤️

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  2. Gates and Fauci also require the death penalty.

    At one point in my life, I was anti-capital punishment.

    That changed when I wound up in a homeless shelter in Calgary in 2016.

    There were some people there who were so evil, there was no chance of redemption for them.

    They were of no benefit to society and never would be.

    Budding Charles Mansons and Dr. Anthony Faucis.

    Norway as a country has a long history of no death penalty.

    That changed after World War II when Norwegians temporarily disbanded the law just so they could give themselves the pleasure of executing the pro-Nazi traitor/collaborator Quisling by firing squad.

    They reverted back to the no death penalty law after Quisling had been shot.

    The post-Communist government of Romania likewise did not abolish capital punishment until after the former Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his equally malevolent wife Elena had been shot by firing squad (there was apparently no shortage of volunteers of people wanting to line up to join the squad).

    Soros and Gates and Fauci need to be executed for their involvement in this plandemic.

    Likewise many politicians and police commissioners across this planet for acting like totalitarian tyrants.

    Most definitely Australia’s Victoria state Premier Daniel Andrews and Victoria state Chief Commissioner of Police Shane Patton.

    No doubt many others as well.

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    1. I agree 100%, death to all of those mass murderers. I have a feeling they would all escape into their bunkers, and would have stand ins for the executions (if they happened at all). I guess we still have the problem that the majority don’t understand that we’re at war with globalists. They own the media, the courts, the police, politicians etc, who in power is honest? Not one. Possibly a rare few aren’t in the one eyed club (yet), but they’re all compromised. The truth is apparent but we can’t deliver the message. 🤡🌎

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      1. Yes, it’s an unusual war.

        Other wars in history involved wars between villages, towns, cities, countries.

        Occasionally wars within countries where one group of people fought another group of people (American Civil War, Spanish Civil War etc).

        But this is the first time in history that all the people of the planet are in a war with a transnational global elite who desire the deaths of most people at the bottom.

        And most of the planet’s population are unaware of the war we’re in.

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