Another Bombshell: Fight For Your life 🙏

Italy❤️!: we are at WAR but only some of us know this:

Don’t go to the hospitals for covid treatment, unless you want to die alone. They will kill you in the most cruel, isolated way. What they’re doing is completely inhumane. They leave patients to die alone, people that could easily have recovered if given ivermectin or hydrocloriquine. This is why the death count even exists! They’re killing people on purpose. This woman’s story of losing her father due to criminal hospital negligence is heartbreaking;

I found it! Please watch this before it’s censored, I thought the speaker was Bill Gates, sounds like him but doesn’t exactly look like him. Whoever this is, he’s talking about removing spiritual beliefs via vaccination!:

There has to be a way out of this mess and I’m not giving up until I’m dead. I’ve always felt this way, I always knew that compliance might save your life but it’s not a life worth living if you’re someone’s slave.

Please watch this, this man predicted what’s currently happening:

I’m praying for us all. Every moment of life is precious.


  1. Indeed it is.

    Life and freedom are precious.

    I was moved downstairs to another room in the shelter I’m in.

    The WiFi is so slow on this floor.

    Yours is the first blog post out of dozens I tried to read where the page actually loaded and I could read it.

    I couldn’t even read my own blog post last night after I clicked Publish.

    I still can’t read it.

    It won’t load.

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    1. I’m sorry you were moved again with slow wifi. I don’t know if this is true in Calgary but the wifi at libraries is usually always on and is accessible from outside the bdlg, if it’s good weather might be better to get wifi that way?

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  2. Mind blowing. We knew this was a war of good versus evil but…this is so over the top. I’ve forwarded to others. So grateful you are not giving up; you and your excellent research are desperately needed!

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    1. Thank you WG. I know this information is incredible and hard to believe but the more I research, the more different sources reveal the same things. I honestly wish I was wrong. Thank you for sharing the information, I don’t know what else to do but keep looking for truth. I feel helpless because my posts often fall on deaf ears.

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      1. I don’t think your posts are necessarily falling on dear ears, but speaking for myself, I seem to be on overload with current issues and in slow speed…like a time warp in a way. I don’t know how to explain it but then again, I can’t explain the bizarre current events either. 😮

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      2. Yes, I think it’s intentional. Just one more reason to tune out (from the propaganda).

        I’ve just finished reading one of Dr. Michael Savage’s older books (2005) entitled, “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.” This man is amazing…he tried alerting us to all of the forthcoming nonsense. we are enduring today…his insight and wisdom are astounding. If they haven’t banned his books in CA, I suggest you read this one. Keep marching on. We cannot give up.

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      3. Operation Mockingbird is the CIA propaganda system still functioning from Nazi training. I believe that 100%. The libraries in CA don’t carry conservative books, they only purchase 50 copies of Obama’s latest memoir that like only 5 people have read, they waste taxpayer money on liberal propaganda only. I won’t give up my friend, I know you won’t also! Thank you for your comment.


  3. I deleted the Rudolf Steiner meme do to a troll who wanted to ignore the entire post with the exception of his expertise on Steiner. The blind will forever be blind to the truth, they “can’t see the forest for the trees”.

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  4. Great post and videos Judy. Anthony Patch makes a lot of sense talking about a personality change in people who get the vaccine, creating a serf class, and creating a worker bee mentality.
    I’m seeing a change in friends and family already.
    People are getting sick on an unprecedented level.
    I attended a drama group this evening and it was seriously depleted of people. Just in our little group alone, over the last few weeks, there have been people who have dropped out due to physical illness and have been hospitalised, but also mental illness! It was admitted that there have been sudden mental illnesses in the group, resulting in absenteeism. Several people who were present complained of fuzziness, dizziness and confusion. Some people who were there said it had taken all their strength to get there, as they were feeling ‘fuzzy’ or ‘dizzy’
    The organised chaos begins.

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    1. Thanks Sue. I think you’re right, I was noticing a personality change too in my sister. She used to be very emotional, almost excessively but the last time I spoke with her she was very detached and calm. It almost reminded me of the film, “Stepford Wives” the original version. Maybe I’m just imagining things? She said she was short of breath, me too I can barely go up a few flights of stairs without feeling breathless, panting for air in my mask. I’ve noticed that some coworkers seem confused with simple things, it’s like they can’t think clearly. They have dark circles under their eyes and seem very sleepy. I feel tired too more than usual, I feel paranoid now of shedding. I’m about to get fired for not complying so it would be sadly ironic for me to get the bad side effects just as if I’d gotten the jab. Something’s definitely going on. What will happen in winter?

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