The Real Statistics of Vax Injuries and Deaths

I’m feeling charged up with righteous anger today. Underneath the anger is a deep sadness; if I start crying, I’ll have a hard time stopping. My heart is heavy with worry for my vaccinated family, friends, even my silly coworkers who annoy me with their Biden worship, I like them too. Who wants to live in a world that’s devastated by massive death? Not me.

If you can watch this and feel nothing, I guess the vaccination worked: (yes I’m in quite a mood today)!:

Truth to power! Despite msm trying to shut him up he reported the vaccine injuries on live TV ❤️:

Guess who votes for and profits from these vaccinations: (from an old News broadcast when the news was still credible):

Spiritual warfare, I’m currently battling 3 legal cases: jab mandate at work (and soon to be jab mandate for my son at school), rent increase from my slum landlord during a “pandemic” and a $1300 credit card scam, please pray for me🙏❤️!

Please don’t vaccinate your children! It’s the equivalent of child sacrifice:


    1. Thanks for the encouragement :), I admire your bravery! I’m so glad you’re fighting back! I hope this insanity stops asap, I think the more we resist we have a chance to win back our freedom.


      1. What strange times we’re in my friend, we’re digital soldiers by pen in an invisible war, haha! Why am I laughing? Shakespeare says, “oh dear!” I’m no Shakespeare.


  1. Watched all the videos. These are sinister times. You are certainly under demonic attack, to isolate and silence you. Praying for you to have a breakthrough soon. Take good care 🙏🏽❤️

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    1. Thank you 🙏❤️, I will keep posting until I can’t. They want to silent truth but I will keep witnessing by sharing research. God will protect us, they want to disconnect us from God, they will fail. 🙏❤️They underestimated us. They’ve already lost, they’re just sore losers.


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