The Occult is Not a Game: The World is Lost But You Aren’t

Preview of my next post on Dark Matter, oops I think I misspelled her name haha she’s not as famous as she wishes

Halloween is a perfect example of how programmed we are in the occult, we think the occult is innocent, fantastical fun. It’s a game of frivolous entertainment, until it isn’t. (Warning the videos contain disturbing paranormal activity):

The first clip says so much. Here’s a grown man playing with a ouija board, you can see that he’s afraid but he continues playing despite objects crashing around him. What an idiot. He thinks he can call out to God for help at the last minute while using the ouija board as a shield?

Then there’s the father who freaks out and leaves his family to fend off a murderous entity, while he cries and cowers in fear in another room. What a completely cowardly fool. Don’t mess with the occult!

It’s not by accident that the Ouija board is marketed as a game for children. When we engage with supernatural things that we don’t understand, we make ourselves vulnerable to nefarious energy.

Please be wise, hold the love of God in your heart. 🙏

I think this guy, Styxhexenhammer666 is an Illuminati wannabe asshole:

His logo is the ourobos, an occult symbol of a snake biting it’s own tail, inside the dragon/snake is the female sign of the crescent moon, another pagan symbol. Names reveal who we are; he choose Styx (the river that leads to hell/the underworld), Hex (a curse) and 666 as his name. I tried to play this video clip but it was unplayable. The occult is not rock n roll cool, it’s satanic. Don’t fall for this creepy bullshit.

He acts like a truth researcher but he’s a shill that most likely works as controlled opposition, there’s so many fake truthers out there. They’ll often give clues of their true allegiance via symbolism and hand signs/mudras, (the eye of Horus, the 666/ok, the devil’s horns); it’s a deliberate nod of association. Their true purpose is to confuse, discredit and sabotage the truth movement from within. Don’t be fooled by them. I’m going to do a post outing controlled opposition soon.

It’s not a joke, not a conspiracy; real life monsters exist as satanists:

Wayfair trafficking was never debunked: Howie Mandel wasn’t talking about shoes:


    1. They’re done a good job convincing the masses that Halloween is about candy, vs sacrifice, harvest time. I’ve been having dreams, can’t remember clearly but, not good. I fell for new age, tarot and psychic meditation, loved the beautiful crystals, loved sci-fi fantasy films, it’s been a huge wake up call for me, awakening to reality.

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