Proof of Fauci’s Treason

I hope this criminal gets imprisoned for crimes against humanity. Don’t trust Rand Paul btw, looks like he’s controlled opposition too, they probably all are with the exception of Marjorie Taylor Greene ❤️

Dr. David Martin has the receipts. Fauci’s treason began way before 2019 (and Trump’s not innocent of ignorance about the toxic ingredients in the injection). No surprise. Please watch this amazing video:

Trump signed this executive order in 2019, red highlights show the ingredients in the bio weapon

We are in a war unlike any other in the history of humanity. Please share this information

An interesting link I found from the Activate Humanity website within the comments section 🙂 :

Robert Kennedy Jr speaks the truth ❤️:


    1. Haha! Biden did say, “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black!” 😂 I still don’t understand how Trudeau got away with wearing Blackface! 😵‍💫


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