We Are the Real News: Plandemic Fauci, Magnetism Compilation and Awake Youth is Our Hope

10 year old leader ❤️ (she gives me hope for future generations):

The same father from the US Senate hearings:

Nurse speaks the truth, it’s the vaccinated that are hospitalized:

Arrest Fauci and every co-conspirator: a detailed interview with analysis of the war crime genocide that’s still being perpetrated, going back to Reagan’s administration. The audio isn’t good (sorry), and it takes awhile to get into the information but it picks up if you stay with it. https://www.bitchute.com/video/0IwqGK5ByGoF/

Fauci’s Plandemic, he’s caught on video predicting everything that has happened in 2019:

He predicted a surprise outbreak during Trump’s time in office, January 2017
Pushing for a universal flu vaccine in 2019

Here’s the entire footage of the conference (I haven’t watched this but just in case you’re interested) https://www.bitchute.com/video/lTajng8dcLR1/

Compilation of vaccine injuries (magnetism caused by the stab):


    1. He’s such a rat, he’s made so much profit from death and suffering. He says what’s he’s planning without any repercussions after he’s committed his crimes. Insane world.

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    1. Thanks, I was impressed with the 10 yr old activist, you can tell she wasn’t coached, she understands what’s really going on (I like her so much vs Greta T who’s a controlled opposition hypocrite). I wish people could hear her speak along with the vaccine injured on a worldwide platform. Corruption and misinformation is the only thing holding this scamdemic together. I like OAN news they cover this issue but no one’s able to see it!

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      1. I was thinking about Greta as well, and how this girl outshines Greta in every way because she’s telling the truth, not just spouting catch phrases pre-written by someone else.

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      2. Totally! Greta is a puppet pulled by Soros and the rest. She faked mistreatment on a train saying she had to sit on the floor just for the photo op. I think she loves drama and attention. I’m relieved that there are intelligent young people still in our world like this 10 yr old activist.

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