Predictive Programming: “Vexille 2077”+ French Vax Commercial & “Pfizer Struck!”/CGI Newsom

Wake up friends, all of this isn’t an illusion. Can it get more obvious than this? Predictive programming from 2007 in a Japanese anime film called, “Vexille 2077”

“In 2067, an unknown disease struck the Japanese populace, and was countered by an experimental vaccine. In truth, the disease was created by Daiwa and the “vaccine” was merely an excuse for Daiwa to begin mass testing of experimental nanotechnology. Every Japanese citizen was thus converted into a form of synthetic life. And like any experimental technology, there were unforeseen side effects.

The conversion is imperfect, ultimately resulting in the infected humans entirely losing their free will and becoming merely lifelike machines. In addition, some of the nanotech went amok, resulting in the “Jags”, giant whirling constructs of semisentient metal that prowl the wilderness like metallic sandworms. The Jags have destroyed all of Japan save Tokyo, which is protected by an inedible wall of ceramic.

French creepy zombie predictive programming: the truth reversed. This commercial went “viral” in France how ironic that they’re saying the unvaccinated will become zombies:

According to VAERS data specific regions were given deadlier jabs than others. Dr. Jane Ruby reads the lot numbers aloud:

Pfizer Struck! I’ve never been an AC/DC fan but I think this parody is hilarious:

Gruesome Newsom:

Sorry not sorry! Newsom mandated the death jab, fired loyal employees and is now harming school children. If this ghoul had any conscience he would stop the mandate immediately. Bell’s palsy is a light punishment considering his crimes. He recently attended a fancy, elite Getty wedding lorded over by a maskless Nancy Pelosi, (his ex-aunt by marriage) but he was one of the rare few who wore a mask. Was he trying to hide something? Also he left immediately after the ceremony while the rest attended the reception. A combination of steroids and Botox can temporarily give the appearance of normalcy, is that what Gavin took in order to make his brief public appearance?

How the elites live, they disgust me with their elaborate show of wealth and privilege. Look around where are the people of color? They’re probably around somewhere masked, serving cocktails and champagne.

California Governor Gavin Newsom makes an appearance at Ivy Getty’s wedding


  1. That Japanese anime film Vexville 2077 says it all.

    That’s exactly what’s happening.

    Nanobots and Hydra Vulgaris are now entering people.

    And at that Getty wedding presided over by Moloch’s High Priestess Pelosi, I read that a woman dressed as Pachamama showed up at the reception to bless the couple (Pachamama was the same demon that the Pope welcomed into the Vatican in October 2019).

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    1. I haven’t seen the anime but I agree, what’s strangest is Vexille is the name of the heroine of course. Pachamama must be their deity, they celebrate her above Jesus or God. Their Christmas included alien astronauts too they’re totally pagan. Pelosi has been muttering nonsense at press conferences lately, she ate too many brains like Hillary. Nano goo and 5G, I think that people are getting more angry/violent or tired/brain fogged. Maybe due to shedding, I also feel tired and angry too. 😟

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      1. I’ve noticed I’ve been feeling tired and angry a lot too.

        Pharmakeia was both the ancient Greek word for sorcery and also use of pharmaceuticals (drugs).

        2020 and 2021 has once again united the practice of sorcery and the use of pharmaceuticals into one.

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    1. I was amazed by the clip but people seem numb to the evidence. They’ve shut down, don’t want to hear that they’ve been lied to and manipulated. I keep thinking if I presented enough truth they’d wake up but instead they choose to ignore. Sad. I’m not looking forward to the Dark Winter.

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      1. I wish we could wake people up too, but there really seems to be no way to do so. It is sad and I’m not looking forward to the Dark Winter either, or what comes after it.

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      2. I guess we can only help people that want to be helped, the rest can’t be convinced. I’ve noticed tons of survival/prepper YouTube channels, people know something’s up.

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  2. Vexville 2077 paints the most obvious perfect picture. Mandated vax, unknown side effects and even a little Matrix vibe with the “Jags”. That French commercial is basically The Walking Dead prequel. Nancy Pelosi looks like a ghoul 💀 Newsom is full of 💩 as is the majority of the government. Now I have to go back and research more predictive programming.🧐😵🤥🤡🐑

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    1. The nanotechnology seems to have been waiting to be released, the anime was from 2007 😳! The jags do seem like the sentinels, I don’t think it’s a coincidence either that they’re shaped like mechanical octopus/squid. The French commercial seems like it’s poking fun but also meant to scare, totally Waking Dead. Pelosi and Newsom 💩💩were born rich but stole so much from California tax payers. All the pomp and circumstance of the elites is so gross, the Getty bride even wore a crown. That’s how they see themselves. Yuck. Now I can’t watch a film without noticing the programming, very deeply woven in. 😵‍💫


      1. I remember watching an episode of The Outer Limits (the newer version) where a Dr invents these nanobots that can be injected into the human body and help cure all kinds of diseases but they begin to reconstruct the human body as they see fit to adjust to any abnormality within 🥺 also if you have time watch the opening to the 2012 Olympic games…another disputed prediction of the coronavirus. I need to watch Vexville 2077 completely 😳 Pelosi is bordering on vampire status (it feels like she’s been around forever). The elite honestly believe they are above the peasants with their wealth, arrogance and bloodlines. Once your curiousity has been piqued it is hard to turn away from seeking the truth. You get totally drawn in 😵💫

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      2. Wow I’d like to see the outer limits episode, it’s been on their agenda for awhile 😵‍💫, the Olympics was so creepy, they even had dementors from Harry Potter and featured children in hospital beds, they’re so evil. 😢 yesterday I got the nerve to say to a stranger. “Your daughter is beautiful, please don’t get her vaccinated.” I had tears in my eyes and I stuttered out of nervousness. The father smiled and said, “she already is.” It totally validated what you said to me, thank you Sylvester. Btw I didn’t see your comment because WP put it into spam. 🤔. Yes Pelosi is like Hilary now they’re like crypt keepers! Haha! Yes once you’ve decoded their symbolism it’s noticeable everywhere and the puzzle is deep, once you’re awake it’s nearly impossible to go back to sleep. 🤯😢🙏


      3. The title of the episode is “The New Breed” it was from 1995..😮💫. The media has tried to diffuse the COVID angle and emphasize it was a tribute the British health care workers. Strange they tied in Harry Potter to the tribute. Pure evil 🙈 You’re welcome, Judy. Finding the courage to speak up and share your concerns is a huge step, I’m glad you could do it and it should be a confidence booster for you. WP has a mind of its own at time 😄 Haha, crypt keepers with their ghoulish smiles! Remember when Neo/Mr. Anderson woke up he could literally see and decipher the Matrix coding. No more sleeping 🤯😲🙏🏽

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  3. For a long time I’ve seen people turned into zombies via their addiction to tech so those films (and a large population of sheeple) do not really surprise me. What we allow into our minds, we create. In this case, garbage in and garbage out.

    As far as Newsom, I don’t wish evil on anyone but Bells Palsy is indeed a small price for him to pay for his evil deeds. And these elites? Well, yes, they are so out of touch and so in love with themselves that it is sickening beyond belief. How easily they could ease the ills of the world (while mandating the rest of us to do it) if they were not so self-absorbed.

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    1. Well said, WG! I miss a time before tv, our imagination became passive not active. Culture is for the elites only, the workers get free porn and media distraction for the masses. The education level is so low, they let students graduate with inadequate english or math proficiency. They want empty brains to fill.


    2. I’m having tech issues, I thought I responded to your comment. The mind is powerful I agree. I sometimes wish I could stop ingesting any information but since we’re in an information war, I feel like I have to keep fighting. Yikes that hardly made sense. If Newsom had a side effect, it’s his duty to report it, I think of all the 5-11 yr olds getting injected and it makes me angry. Self-absorbed is exactly what they are, they’re not afraid of the “crown’s virus”.

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