Proof of Hydra Vulgaris Use in Nano/Artificial Intelligence, DARPA’s Involved

From mainstream corporate media, The Economist this again verifies the usage of hydra vulgaris in AI technology:

Reminds me of the face-hugger from “Aliens”🤮
“DARPA is also at the forefront of this technology”😵‍💫

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  1. That’s interesting that The Economist Magazine mentions the role of the Hydra Vulgaris in AI research and connecting minds to the Internet.

    I remember in one of the early 2000s Spiderman movies, there was a scientist who connected what looked like a giant Hydra with metallic tentancles to his backbone and spinal cord.

    Eventually the Hydra locked itself into him and began to control him.

    More predictive programming of what was to happen in the future.

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  2. Robo Cop, Universal Soldier but what comes to mind most is Transcendence with Johnny Depp. Science just doesn’t get it, as human beings we are flawed so even the most important breakthroughs will have some flaws. Could you imagine an AI implant eventually taking control of your mind thinking it knows what’s best for you.

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    1. Exactly, what a frightening world if AI were in charge. AI are basically indestructible, immortal, we humans would be defenseless. Transcendence was a very creepy film, and they way it ended was the worst part because they were saying the mad scientist/Depp character saved the world. I would watch it again. Robocop too, it was a way for them to program us to like the cybercop vs the total machine cop. Remember the “6 million dollar man”? Ha! That one started it!


      1. It is the same story in some cases, the creation overtaking the creator. Depp had good intentions in the beginning but tried to created a better enhanced human and of course he could only be stopped by uploading a virus into his AI 🤯😵. Yes, the “6 million dollar man” 😁

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      2. Yes that theme of crater being destroyed by its creation keeps coming up. That sounds like AI killing humans, humans trying to become God-like was what started the biblical fall. Very interesting point.


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