Poem: Awakening is a Shift in Perspective

Tell me again how this is all a coincidence: Olympics 2012, I’ve posted about this several times and will continue to until everyone’s seen it, this clip has highlights of the event interspersed with current events, which adds to the drama.

An obituary letter from a man who was killed by the vaccine, it was his last wish that people know the vaccines are not safe:

The corporate media is starting to cover the injuries and deaths because they know we know the truth already. The inhumane way they treat the vaccine injured might turn the tide?

The “opportunity to sell gene therapy”:

Godfather Fauci:

Death to corporate media: I admire Michelle Malkin very much, she called all corporate media controlled opposition (including Fox News and Newsmax)

The people that are awake
are our last chance out of this fate
Because of them, others will survive
True leaders give up their lives
Sacrificed willingly
deja vu murdered

But every time we choose
this path it’s worth it
our collective strength is growing
incrementally miraculously knowing
everyone who hears their true calling
Shine your light on this damnation
society cloaked in false benevolence

It might feel like we’re ambushed by zombies
but perhaps they’re slowly awakening
If and when we’re joined United in truth
we’re unstoppably fierce and bright
sharper than a Ginzu knife
elites spliced like butter run for cover
to their underground luxury bunkers
licking their blood wounds like ghouls.

Sorry to be so gross
Guantanamo Bay
for the: Clintons, Trumps, Gates, Faucis,
Rockefeller’s and the creepy Rothchilds
Depopulate the 2%!
Turn their game on them
Off with their slithering heads!

But it might not happen that way
The coin of fate’s tossed in the air
in slow motion our actions
and non-actions affect the landing
Why aren’t we demanding our rights back?
Because we’re fear-mongering dullards
lined up in a cluster-fuck
of covid booster shots
They might start rounding us up like cattle
The Holocaust was just a few decades away
but we’re short-term memory stupids
One single generation
could destroy entire civilizations
It’s happened and happening today

Covid prison camps and re-education
“wellness centers”, prison towers,
check points, ID badges
thousands of black coffins stacked in rows
what and who are they for?
“Give me liberty or give me death”
Life isn’t worth living as a slave
we’ve got nothing to lose
but the pain they gave
we’ll never choose slavery
Break our bodies but not our souls

Jesus solved the mystery
Sticks and stones
the body is just a temporary home
Don’t cling to or worship it
Life is just the appetizer
God is our ultimate source of forever.
Don’t fear corporal death here
there are much worse things then dying.
We’re light speed travelers
on a mission from God is Good
We’re not afraid to leave
this sad bruised brilliant world
that we inherited and we remade
into the shape of greed.

Our time here is so brief
with crystalline tears we leave
all of this ruinous misery
lasts just a milli-split-second in Heaven
believe me this time
here is just a micro-blip in space.

This last chapter is the hardest miracle
but we all signed up for this
just remember and believe in the Creator
that gave us Life
Free will to choose
is true freedom
and there are repercussions
for every action is a result
You reap what you sow

God has already won
Time will tell the details
Don’t be afraid
Fear is a slave
You are a child of God
Our home is Paradise
Brace yourself for victory
revelation of mysteries
We’re more than ready to return home
as one again
to Thy Kingdom Come rejoicing
it’s been a long time
for this Reunion.


  1. We talked about the 2012 Olympic opening and how the media tried to dismiss the coronavirus theory. Seeing it with the recent footage (the dancing hospital workers) is overwhelming. You can only fool a fool so many times. Who in their right mind and in good health would participate in a clinical trial..From the moment this man’s wife was jabbed she was doomed and it comes as no surprise they got the runaround while her body continued to shut down. I wonder who has been protecting Fauci all these years and if things go really sour, will he be thrown to the wolves as some sort of consolation prize. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and all local media outlets are just corporate shills that will not give us the truth. Only an occasional mini bite size of reality. There are real reporters out there telling the real story. Your poem 💪😤❤️‼️

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    1. Thank you Sylvester ❤️🙏 I’m glad you liked my poem! I think whenever I see the 2012 Olympic ceremonies I still get a renewed shock of how They present their “plans” in advance, so dramatically, as if they want to be caught. I agree the dancing compilations side by side are so similar and even mocking? Why did the nurses dance at all during a “pandemic”? The man seemed almost aware of his partial responsibility in her decision to be in that test group because he was a scientist. I’m finding that that title, along with doctor, doesn’t impress me anymore. Her injuries weren’t included in the data so what’s the purpose of the clinical trials? I think she’s like a sacrifice, the more that people speak out things might change. I think Fauci is a high ranking Freemason with a license to kill beginning with AIDS. I do Project Veritas/James O’Keefe and others in alternative media, Del Bigtree is great too.


      1. You’re welcome, Judy, always! 🙏🏽❤️ That was the first time I saw the Olympic opening with the new footage. It was a blatant presentation of what’s to come. I don’t know if the nurses were dancing to boost morale or they couldn’t handle the charade. You’re right here basically sacrifice her in the name of so called science. I read in Austria they are locking down again for ten days. They have plenty of sheep to sacrifice before they get to Fauci. AIDS spreaded so rapidly just like corona. I’m fed up with mainstream news/media, all they talk about is the latest shooting/assault in the city. I need to check those out. Have a good weekend, Judy 🙏🏽💖🤗

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      2. I was always suspicious of the dancing nurses, when they they have time to choreograph dance routines if hospitals were overloaded with dying people? They seemed like paid dancers,
        they seemed so happy, the “heroes of the pandemic”. The news was even faking lines of cars waiting for covid tests/shots but the drivers were nurses and staff, all faked for the local news.
        Poor Australia, the people are protesting but still nothing’s improving. The lockdowns are just punishment for protesting. They have “wellness camps” which are covid prisons. Fauci patented an aspect of the AIDS virus (can’t remember what it’s called) but it’s in the covid vaccines! he makes a profit from making us sick. Corporate media is the producer of mental illness I think they’re dangerously hypnotic. I hope you have a good weekend too, Sylvester 🙏❤️🤗


      3. That is so true, what is there to dance about if the hospitals were overcrowded with patients and no one knew how to handle the flood of incoming Covid patients. The protests and protesters are definitely being shutdown, it’s like suppressing the noise makers. Wellness camps equal reprogramming. There’s a YouTube channel title “We are change” that has some interesting topics. Thank you, Judy 🙏🏽❤️🤗

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      4. Difficult to sift through reality. I think I’ve heard of that channel, I’ll check it out, thanks. There’s an animated show on Netflix that I just started watching called “Inside Job” I think it’s a way for them to make fun of conspiracy theories while also revealing things in a creepy way. 😵‍💫🤔


      5. It’s a strange animation that’s supposed to be funny but it’s not. I’m not sure what to make of it, I e only seen the first 2 episodes 🤔🧐🤔


  2. Love this poem Judy. I love that line, ‘fear-mongering dullards’.
    They said, about the Holocaust, let’s make sure this never happens again, but things like that are starting to happen again and people are exactly the same this time round!
    I love your line ‘Life is just the appetizer’ and ‘God is our ultimate source of forever’ and
    ‘There are much worse things than dying. Fear is a slave.
    You are a child of God, we’re more than ready to return home.’
    Would we die for our priniciples/truth regarding this? The answer is yes! A thousand times yes. They can’t take that away from us.
    Faith, hope, and especially truth, is very powerful. Truth will out.

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    1. Thank you Sue! It’s an amazing lesson we’re going through, seeing firsthand how some people panic and obey, while others would die for our principals. It’s comforting to know we’d do that, or at least we’re trying until the end. We’re in good company Sue, I’m proud to be standing with you. We have the ultimate victory, we’re standing in truth.

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