Whistleblower Martyrdom

I was feeling discouraged by the lack of courage of doctors, nurses and scientists in exposing the pandemic fraud; I assumed they were motivated by greed but now I think they may fear for their lives. Dr. Andreas Noack was an expert in graphene oxide, he specialized in this field of science. He said that the vaccines contained it and he warned that any doctor who promoted it was liable as a murderer. He knew the potential consequence for speaking the truth was execution, but he bravely spoke out. He was allegedly brutally murdered recently. I couldn’t find any information about his death on msm but that doesn’t surprise me.

RIP Dr. Noack

Dr. Andreas Noack’s speech, graphene oxide in the vax are like razor blades, getting injected near a vein is like playing Russian roulette:

Dr. Noack’s pregnant partner shares how he was murdered:

Police violently raided his house without a search warrant just last year during a live stream podcast: https://gatesofvienna.net/2020/11/the-mysterious-crime-of-andreas-noack/

I haven’t been posting lately because I’ve been feeling stressed about losing my job. I’m still in an appeals process, trying to fight the City of Oakland’s unlawful mandate but I think they’ve already decided to terminate me for not complying. I feel depressed and lost. I dread going to work and I dread unemployment. All that I’ve worked for to gain a semblance of mid-life security is being radically erased and there’s very little I can do to fight back; but still I won’t comply, Dr. Noack lost his life over this, the least I can do is to Hold the Line.


  1. I couldn’t find any information on Noack’s death. That raid on his house was like the stormtroopers coming down on him. I truly hope that you win your appeal and break this obligatory mandate threat. Praying for you, Judy 🙏🏽

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    1. It’s very strange, msm doesn’t report on real events so who knows if he’s been killed or not. The crazy shouting of the storm troopers reminded me of Hitler’s rants, seemed so excessive. Thank you, Sylvester I’m grateful for your prayers. I’m hoping for the best outcome. Life feels surreal. ❤️🙏


      1. Truth is stranger than fiction, we may never fully know about Dr. Noack. There is a definite aim to silence the opposition. You’re welcome, Judy. I know God will provide for you whatever the outcome. Thank you for your courageousness. 🙏🏽❤️

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  2. In New York the Gov enacted emergency measures because of the new strain, yet we don’t have it here yet. One thing is they can suspend elective procedures. Meanwhile they just fired a lot of healthcare workers statewide a couple of weeks ago because she blocked religious and I assume other exemptions. A friend shared their healthcares system had over three hundred openings they could not fill before the people refusing the vax were fired. Ad 100 more just to her local health system, The real issue is all the workers fired. I know of people locally being paid 100 dollars an hour to work weekends. They are so short employees that they want people to work high paid overtime.

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    1. It’s so illogical, wasteful to fire people when there’s already a shortage. My work said they offered religious exemption but doesn’t seem that way which is against the law.

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      1. Losing massive amounts of: military, fire, police, medical, transportation makes our country vulnerable to being attacked; I think this is a silent war with many casualties via suicide, injuries, loss of income. It seems intentional. The US states and countries that never shut down are fine. Fear is the real killer.

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  3. I left a comment and it did not post. In NY emergency measures put in place because of the new strain, with no cases of it. The real issue is all the healthcare workers fired a couple of weeks ago. Healthcare systems with 100s of job openings they can not fill paying people tons of money to work overtime and weekends.

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  4. I’m so sorry, Judy.

    I’m praying for you and your son.

    Very suspicious about Dr. Noack’s death.

    I remember about 2014 or 2015, there were about a dozen molecular biologists who had died under mysterious circumstances around the world that was reported on MSM.

    I wonder if it was those who found out about the planned plandemic for 2020 and were bumped off for refusing to go along with it.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what did in Epstein.

    He knew about the plandemic and when he was arrested for his sex crimes, he threatened to spill the beans unless he was released.

    So they bumped him off.

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    1. Thank you, Christopher. I appreciate your prayers. I’m living day by day. I know your situation isn’t good too, I’m sorry that’s happening. They’re destroying society on purpose and we’re getting the direct hit. I don’t know what news is trustworthy, it’s all become one big show. Epstein was also trying to create a master race ? who knows what’s true anymore. I think that people were waking up too fast after he was suicided and it triggered the plandemic, but all the foundations were ready for awhile. The world’s diseases were eradicated by sanitation and diet, (not vaccines, they were always a slow killing toxin).

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      1. Yes, I became familiar with the work of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the Children’s Defense Fund shortly after they came out with these so-called vaccines.

        They’ve certainly shown vaccines to be a slow killing toxin.

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      2. Through doing this research I finally understand that most humans want to follow/want directions and they will follow idiocy to the slaughterhouse. I used to think that we were so independent-minded and heroic. RFK Jr has been trying to warn us for decades to no avail. We’re such simple minded fools, shooting ourselves up with “preventative” poison.

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    1. Thank you River. I feel alone in the fight, all my coworkers voluntarily complied, only one was coerced. I wish the best for you too. All of this is unlawful. What country are we living in?

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