Poem: Stand Up + videos

The Texas Hearing: All animals died in the vaccine trials so the study was cancelled, humans are the test group. We are not lab rats why are people lining up for this poison?:

Even when it’s obvious, there’s no response, no public reaction. The asleep will die without realizing anything:

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the MRNA technology that’s used in the gene therapy “vaccine” is against the death jab:

Whistleblower UK doctor, all the whistleblowers say the same things throughout the world but apparently no one cares:

Dr. Rina Laibow’s excellent video, so much common sense truth here; it’s long but very essential information. I’ve been listening to lectures while working, doing chores. I feel like is a deprogramming tool to replace the medical lies with the whistleblower truth. Our world is not right on so many levels there’s corruption: the pharmaceutical companies, GMO agriculture, toxic vaccines…it all has to stop. And for the record, the measles was Not eradicated, all the measles outbreaks came from the measles vaccinations:

Fuck you Trump, I’m sure he knew it was a bio-weapon, they can’t help but use their occult symbolism, notice the corona (crown virus) is on top of a cube. The cube represents Saturn, which represents Satan/Lucifer. I will post about Saturn worship soon.

Stand up stand tall

Regardless if you fall

It happens to us all

Every kingdom crumbles.

The fool stumbles forward

The egg of the womb is born

Birth starts and ends with pain

We’re imperfectly here

Coming so far so near so close

then disappear apocalypse reverse

as if you never existed

recycled into the collective.

If you’re conscious of your worth

Reclaiming a role in the universe

You’re aware of what your existence does

Artists are bridges

are rivers of remembrance

unconscious map of lucid dreamers

returning home to God.


      1. My thoughts exactly. Blackouts, shortages and the eventual total collapse of the dollar. And that’s not even taking into account the massive jab deaths that’ll happen.

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      2. Yes and of course they’ll blame the vax deaths on covid, lock the unjabbed out of their bank accounts…best to leave the cities. Maybe none of that will happen but everyday it gets worse.

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  1. With the mandates and media brainwashing you get the masses running to get jab (not once or twice but three times). They silence the whistleblowers mainstream news outlets but they get the message out anyway. Your poetry is fiery and mind opening as always. Have a very nice weekend, Judy 🙏🏽❤️!

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    1. Thank you, Sylvester 🙏❤️! I think the brainwashed are stuck, today I admitted to some coworkers that I was most likely getting fired over the mandate, I explained how I’ll lose my benefits due to paperwork not being processed on time because the HR staff is on vacation until March 2022, and all my coworker could say to me was “yes it’s too keep us safe”. People have become psychopathic, no ability to empathize, they just want to be “safe”😵‍💫 but the vax has the opposite effect. 🤡🌎


      1. You’re welcome, Judy 🙏🏽❤️! I still hope you don’t lose your job..yes, they are so brainwashed…even people who are vaccinated can still get COVID and pass it on. I know someone who has the two shots and booster and still got COVID. No empathy, just selfish thinking 😠😵🤡🌎

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      2. Thank you, Sylvester 🙏❤️! None of this makes sense but it’s still being allowed, the vaccinated are the majority in the hospitals too so it doesn’t even help to lessen symptoms. “The emperor wears no clothes!” 🧐😵‍💫🤡🌎!


      3. It will continue until there is some major occurrence to really turn the tide. Some think because they are vaccinated they are invunerable. The emperor is showing his ass no one is saying again!! 😵🙈🙉🙊🧐🤡💫🌎!

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      4. So true! Ha! This farce needs to end. Yes because that’s the false narrative, twitter is banning people who say the vaxed can spread covid. 😵🤡🌎😷


      5. If they said being naked protects you from omicron some fools would go around naked I bet! I think the social media sites were designed as extensions of propaganda and to mine our private data, there are some sites like Bitchute that allow free speech but I’m sure they monitor those sites too. 🧐😤🤡🌎


      6. Haha, you are right, especially how society determines what is trendy and in the now. 😵 Yes, Bitchute seems to have a free forum for now, we’ll have to see just how free they are or how long is the leash before it gets yanked! 🧐🤡🤥😤🌎

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      7. HR and City workers have been working “remotely” since last year’s shelter in place, they’ll be returning to work beginning in January 2022 😤, while I’ve been working since last year along with my coworkers. We’re the grunts, the disposable staff I suppose. Social security has also been closed since last year. “Rules for thee not me”, while I’m getting fired and getting my retirement stolen away! 😢😤🤬!


      8. Oh, they are still working remotely. Some of the people working remotely have made noise about not returning to in person work. I agree, the controllers throw us on the frontline and cater to a certain category of employee.😠 As if our health and wellbeing is not important. I hope that your retirement is not snatched from you!!.😡🤬 It’s very sad our government has its head stuck up its elitest ass and not taking care of the working class!🤡😵🤥

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      9. Thank you, Sylvester. The working class used to be the middle class but I think they want us all to eventually be the muzzled slave class. 😷😵‍💫🤪, we let them rule us by our obedience. We give our trust to greedy criminals called the government. 😟😕😔


      10. You’re welcome, Judy. I think over the course of the past 4 – 6 years the middle class has been slowly getting eliminated.. they throw stimulus package bones at us to keep us loyal but as you said the traces of slavery are there 😷😵💫🤪. As long as the elitist are ruling any grass roots thinkers will not get that far😶😑😔😶

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    1. Thank you Sue. I’ve lost most of my audience but I don’t care about popularity. No matter how much evidence and proof is revealed still the brainwashed can’t be reached. Blessings to you too <3.


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