Poem: The Evidence is Astounding (haiku in 8 variations) + videos

This makes sense only in Clown World
Truth’s everywhere, the
evidence is astounding
but nothing changes.

Welcome to Clown World
Big Brother’s coming for you
ready to stab you

Mental hospital
Third eye temperature shot
Pick brains through the nose

For your protection
They normalize killing us
Blood clot heart attack

Children getting strokes
Distract us with disasters
Floods and tornadoes

Land of free loaders
Unvaccinated migrants
Fired freethinkers

Trump was a puppet
Who betrayed the patriots
and Biden’s a fool

There are no White Hats
There is no rescue coming
We must save ourselves.

The videos today are all short but they pack a powerful dose of reality, thank you for visiting my blog 🙏❤️!

Yes! This woman is a truth warrior, the world is not a hospital:

HIV is in the vax, I’ll keep posting these videos and they’ll keep getting ignored 😴😴😔😵‍💫, I guess I’m a fool with good intentions:

Carbon dioxide poisoning via masks: just 2 weeks to slow the spread…2 years later we’re still muzzled. A carbon monoxide detector sent a warning alarm within minutes of wearing a mask, what do you think the effect of wearing a mask for a whole day at school or work is? I can’t even go up a few flights of steps with my mask on at work without gasping for air. I can’t walk a few blocks uphill with a mask on either. What have we done to ourselves?

Fear of lawsuits:

Athletes and children dying of heart attacks after the stab. Since August 2021, 9 out of 10 covid deaths were in the vaccinated:

Childhood vaccines have always hurt children. Please look at this study, this pediatrician, Dr. Paul Thomas risked his career to get this information out. It’s a comparison of unvaccinated vs vaccinated childhood health. It’s better to not get any! I fought with my child’s father and the pediatrician but I finally compromised by having the shots delayed. Immediately after the vaccines my child developed severe eczema. I also developed eczema because of over-prescribed antibiotics. Pharmakeia (Pharmacy, pharmaceutical) translates to sorcery/witchcraft in Greek.

Why does Pfizer have so much power and zero liability?:

Stop holding the line, it’s time to advance:


  1. That woman certainly let the San Diego Board of Supervisors have it. 👍🏻👏🏻

    And I definitely heard that woman in the video say, “We put in a tiny bit of HIV.”

    A news bulletin from Tucker Carlson showed up in one of my news feeds earlier today.

    There was an outbreak of tuberculosis at the offices of Goldman Sachs in New York today.

    I wonder if this is the Covid-21 surprise that Bill Gates warned was coming in 2021.

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    1. HIV is in the vax, and Fauci owns the patent! He stole it from another scientist, he and Bill Gates are both profiteering theives. Tubercolis? sounds about right, just in time for Christmas.

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