Christmas 2021 Tidings: “There is hope” (haiku & truth videos)

I’m not taking a break from posting resistance to tyranny videos just because it’s Christmas. Jesus was the original revolutionary—Merry Christmas!

So I’m sorry not sorry to disrupt the holiday feed with hard to swallow red pills, but They’re continuing to amp up their programming so I’m here to throw my tiny boots into their machines. The word sabotage comes from the story of abused workers throwing their shoes (sabos) secretly into the factory machines to break them, (sabotage from within). This is what is needed on a massive scale, we need more than passive resistance. I’m not suggesting violence but I am suggesting that you get your boots ready for action.

Thank you to the handful of readers who still like my posts and support my efforts. No one’s paying me to write, I’m not a shill, I’m a single mom who’s getting fired for not obeying unlawful medical tyranny. I’m not shutting up on Christmas Day or any day for as long as this shit is still happening.

12 Days of Christmas parody:

The Pharmacist gets red-pilled:

The infamous hydra vulgaris found once again in the blood of a vaxxed patient suffering heart injuries:

Interesting how the United Nations building looks like the Tower of Babel, Tom and Jerry met the Illuminati (notice how Satan looks like graphene/nano)! and the infamous hydra vulgaris once again found in vaxxed blood of a heart injured patient

Interesting links to scientific articles regarding hydras and magnetism:

How much coincidental/circumstantial evidence is needed to make a formal citizen’s arrest?:

Nuremberg 2.0, time for the guillotine

Dr. Sam Bailey:

Wembly Stadium Jab center in UK is EMPTY: People have woken up, “There is Hope”

All is not yet lost
The tide is slowly turning
We’re stronger than Them.

We can’t just hold the line, we need to push back and move forward. Protest everyday, all day, is what is needed until this madness is over:


    1. Thank you Brothers Campfire! I just now found your comment was put in spam by WP, sorry for the late reply. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friend! 🤠🔥🎄💝☃️❄️🙏❤️


      1. You may be right! Diamonds 💎 in the rough!

        I used to get in my feelings if things went to spam. Now I get that it is part of how it all works.

        I appreciate you Seoul Sister! You keep doing what you are doing! 🤠🔥

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  1. ‘I’m not taking a break from posting resistance to tyranny videos just because it’s Christmas. Jesus was the original revolutionary—Merry Christmas!
    -Judy Kim
    Excellent post Judy and very informative videos. This all reminds me of :
    ‘The Greek army led by Leonidas, who was estimated to have had around 7,000 men. Xerxes, on the other hand, had anywhere from 70,000 to 300,000. Despite the disparity in numbers, the Greeks were able to maintain their position.’
    And i’m thinking, hoping, estimating, the odds are better here, maybe, I don’t know but there is a great deal of hope here. Merry Christmas and Peace to you and your family Judy, God Bless.

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    1. I appreciate your wonderful encouragement Sue ❤️. The legend of Leonidas is awesome, quality over quantity always is best. I think of how under the right leadership brave people will fight harder and smarter than paid mercenaries, (paid profiteer’s/big Pharma sell outs). We’re fighting for our freedom, our health, our sense of humanity, we can’t lose! I loved seeing the empty vax lines at Wembly stadium :)! Merry Christmas, Sue ❤️, peace and love to you and your family. God bless you.

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  2. We have to continue to bang the drum to awaken the sheep. The tentacles of this injustice/deception are spread across the globe 🌎😈😵💫 Praying that you don’t lose your job, Judy 🙏🏽

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    1. Yes the more we keep awakening people the momentum will be in our favor. They’re starting to get caught in their lies, thank you Sylvester! I hope so to but I’d be shocked if I wasn’t fired.


  3. Great post (as always)! I agree that we need to keep pushing forward. I’m trying to figure out what that push needs to be, what can help our side move the needle more. Your work, your posts are invaluable!

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    1. Thank you Crandew! Your blog is also invaluable. This is war time and we can boost morale. I think there’s some cool methods that are peaceful that can help to frustrate Them, I think worldwide resistance and peaceful sabotage is a step forward, plus constant truth bombs counterbalance msm. The more they push endless boosters their narrative gets more sketchy. I heard that 30% are awake, 30% hypnotized (can’t wake them), but the 40% remaining can still be convinced either way. It’s like a runaway train that needs awhile to stop even after the brakes are pulled, or maybe it’s coming off the tracks is a better metaphor!

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